A server designed to bring koreans and germans together for exchanging culture, language and history. Feel free to join! Note: If you aren't korean or german but still want to learn one of both languages we will aslo welcome you! Have a nice stay!
No Fear Serious RolePlay City
Rxcks Army
Nordisk Union (Nordic Union) is a server for everyone. You can talk about whatever you feel like since we approve of free speech.
Her planlegger WS Legends coc angrep :)
Un server facut pesntru cautarea unor membri de nivel bunicel in clanul nostru:)
This server is in need for teachers at the moment and this server is just like a school a bit.
Le serveur " Français avec Yassine " est un lieu où vous pourrez apprendre et pratiquer la langue française avec d'autres apprenants issus de la plupart des pays du Maghreb. Vous trouverez également des Français natifs à qui vous pourrez poser vos questions les plus épineuses. ----- serveur "Français avec Yassine" houwa makan youmkinoukoum min khilalih ta3aloum al lougha al ferançiya ma3a mouta3alimin akharin min mou3dam al bouldan al maghribiya wa sawfa tajidouna aydan achkhas frensiyin asli'yin youmkinoukoum an tatrahou 3alayhim al as2ila al lati takhtourou fi balikoum
Hey y'all, want to learn the truest and best Scandinavian language? Come join 'Svenskelever' and practice your Swedish! Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced come chill and practice or maintain your current level of Swedish! Native speakers are also encouraged and welcome to help the non-natives with their Swedish. We also allow other Nordic language speakers to come hang out here too. Looking forward to seeing you all there!
Clash of Clans global chat (multilang) Clash of Clans глобальный чат (мультиязычный) Clash of Clans 全局聊天(多语言) Clash of Clans الدردشة العالمية (متعدد اللغات) Clash of Clans 글로벌 채팅 (멀티 랭귀지) Clash of Clans chat global (multilang) Clash of Clans वैश्विक चैट (बहुभाषी)
a very cool server
Language Hippo is a server dedicated to learning and practicing other languages!
Serveur autour des mes différents site web : - Site de jeux et dessins : www.normalux.ch - Mon blog : wp.normalux.ch Le but principal est l'apprentissage du japonais en communauté.
We are a small community that allows you to chill and talk to each other.
FiveM pomoc służy do pomocy osobą początkującym w skryptowaniu na platformie FiveM. Na naszym serwerze możesz otrzymać darmowe paczki oraz darmowe Skrypty oraz pomoc od społeczności.
Just a chillzone for the homies
Gezellige minecraft server, Gezellige en actieve staff. Geen vriendjespolitiek. Leuke gamemodes
Olley ist ein Server mit normalen Chat-Möglichkeiten, außerdem besitzt er 5 Talking-Kanäle! Ja, 5!! Zudem hat er einen Musikkanal, denn auf dem Server Olley findest du auch unseren Musikbot Octave! Sag Hallo zu ihm, und komm auf unseren Server!
It’s a Server To Chat To People And Relax! ❤️❤️
Servidor dedicado a la discusión, práctica e investigación sobre lengua de signos en España.
This server is centered into the learning of the Bashkir language. Bashkir, or better Bashkort language, is a turkic language which belongs to the northern part of the kipchak branch of turkic languages. It is spoken by the Bashkir people, who live in Bashkortostan, a country which is currently under Russian control, they are tough a people on their own. - Bashkir is currently classified as endangered language and we would like to contribute to its salvation. https://discord.gg/YgWEu5t
here we are family together.. every night we are having a party .. just come and join the party
Hello everyone, My name is Joe and I have l recently launched a discord server to learn languages. We offer every language around the world and we want to connect people together so they can learn and help each other. We want to include members from every country to grow and expand and be a hub to help people. What we offer: A safe and moderated environment where members can learn and talk. A hub to find likeminded people who are passionate about learning languages. Hundreds of self assignable roles where you can show off your learning skills with others. A growing server where you can apply to be on our team and help users. Many different resources for different languages to boost your proficiency. We host different classes for each language, free of charge. We have music rooms, and fun channels to show off your interests with other users. Thank you for your time, hope you enjoy your stay https://discord.gg/az3efZz