5 INVITES - GIFT OF YOUR CHOICE WITH AGREEMENT We're a gaming community based on games like RuneScape, Fortnite, Roblox, Apex, Rainbow 6, etc. We can't promise you an active server but a server with lots of types of giveaways! What we offer: 150+ members & growing A gaming community Voicechats NSFW Giveaways Music Events
We are a close PC gaming community that loves playing Rainbow Six Siege. We have dedicated channels for memes, screenshots and more! What are you waiting for? Come join us!
We are a german based gaming server and are used to find players who can play with you. We also offer the opportunity to join our Esports team for Rainbow Six Siege. We would be happy if you and your friends would join our server. best regards
Hello! At Shaun's Gaming Shack you can ⚪Meet new friends! ⚪Talk in Voice channels! ⚪Apply for staff! ⚪Partner with us! ⚪And much more SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? JOIN NOW!
Hello there ! This is a gaming community that I have created for my active twitch Streaming and I’m trying to make it so everyone can enjoy the server ! 🔔We are a chill bunch of likeminded people, who enjoy gaming and having a laugh on Discord and having a hick of a time!. 👏🏼Don’t be shy and share your story with us, post your pics, comments and just get involved! 👏🏼 ☺️We want to Create an Active and Sociable Multi-Gaming Community to call home away from home. ☺️ 🙏🏼Our ‘door’ is always open to new members who can bring positive vibes into the community.🙏🏼 🤔We have🤔 👮🏼Very Friendly Developer Crew!👮🏼 📺Media-Section📺 🤖Bot-Section🤖 🎉Leveling ✅Active Growing 24/7 Community✅ 📜Event's📜 🎭Meme's🎭 🎮Gaming-Section🎮 ✅ Talk about any game you want ✅ Use the correct channels for intended purpose ❎Do not put any NSFW pictures or anime in server
We are a gaming server that shows you updates about games you play, allows you to find people to play with, etc!
Kings Realm is a multi-gaming community with an aim to provide a mature platform for players alike to congregate and enjoy what we all love to play. Established in 2015 as a focused gaming clan, we now strive to involve ourselves in a multitude of games. Valuing loyalty and sportsmanship - transparency and engagement with our members is a key factor for us to ensure our direction is led by the voices of our community. To sum it up briefly. Here are the main points to our clan: EU based Casual/Competitive Age: 16+ Opinions: Open Profanity: Open Microphone: Preferred
-join we got egirls 18+
Československý discord server převážně pro hráče R6 Siege!
Eine Kleine Freundliche und nette Community.
Firemongers is here to bring people together and have fun doing so. We are a growing community of fun and fine gamers and we hope youll have a great time here!
Team up with other players of Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, CS:GO, etc. We also arrange tournaments!
Console eSport Community
A Public Gaming Server.
Esports, Gaming, Fun, Casual, Meet others, competitive, tournaments, give-aways and more
A Serious Meme Themed Rainbow Six Siege Discord!
Gaming server with serious and casual gaming, perfect for new players looking for a team.
Rainbow six siege team based in Australia
FR : Ici, c'est le serveur de la communauté ZCore qui est une équipe eSport de Rainbow Six Siége crée par F4Mas ET Oihan Ps : Le serveur est ouvert a toute les personnes, même celle qui ne font pas partie de nôtre équipe :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EN : Here, is the ZCore community server which is a Rainbow Six Siege team, created by F4Mas AND Oihan Ps: The server is open to all people, even those who are not part of our team :)
Rainbow Six: Siège server.
au server looking to grow community and trying to build up for tournaments with cash prizes, also if u want to stop solo q'ing come join and make some new friends
Serveur français multigaming bonne ambiance
ABOUT: WolfamisGaming is a streaming channel dedicated to bringing rich, high-quality content for people to view, for free. Some examples are: Tutorials, lets plays, gameplays, commentary, reviews, and much more! The channel will always be improving. Milestones will come with special events and new
Here you can find rainbow six siege players that are looking to rank up. We are a clan that will help you if you would like to be ranked on PC.
One stop destination for anything related to Competitive Rainbow Six Siege in India! From ESL India Tournament updates to Community help Tournaments, from popular Indian R6 Streamers to Beginners!
We are a friendly server how wants to grow everyone is welcome aslonge as they follow the rules
My name is Benjy and some know me as the owner of this server, I recently made a completly new gaming server where we do events on games. There is no requirement of skill or anything like that! So just join than! So what is stopping you from joining the Competetive community!
Community for the twitch streamer BigBoyStitch. Join this server to meet new faces and to have a great time with other like minded people.
Welcome to the Evo Esports Rainbow Six Siege Tournament Discord! This Rainbow Six Siege Tournament will happen every Sunday at 2pm GMT!
Discord server for my Twitch and YouTube channel! Check out my Social Medias: Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/PrimeSlav101 Twitter: https://twitter.com/PrimeSlav Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/PrimeSlav101 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PrimeSlav101/ Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/PrimeSlav101
Крупнейший Discord-сервер по Rainbow Six: Siege в России и СНГ! Тут ты сможешь найти команду или напарников, чтобы поиграть в Осаду, ознакомиться с последними новостями или просто пообщаться с единомышленниками 💬 С нами уже более 22 000 игроков, онлайн свыше 7500 человек и более чем 130 одновременно играющих в пик человек. Если вы когда либо задавались вопросом: "Эээй, вот бы и мне в Радугу пострелять, но где же найти команду?" Вот он ответ! В Дискорде "Rainbow6-RUSSIA" 🌈
STRIKER Gaming Discord STRIKER is a German E-Sports Organisation with Teams in Fortnite Battle Royale, Apex Legends, Call of Duty and Rainbow Six Siege, You can talk to some of the Players of find new Friends to play your Favorite Games Together!
This is a brand new server based around rainbow six siege We offer LFG, Ranked voice chats, Teams, and once more people join we will offer private skrims, possibly with a prize pool We are in early days and have very few people Anyone is welcome and as we grow we will consider adding more games and making it a gaming server
oob Squad is a small, friendly, active server looking for new friends and teammates. We aim to build a vibrant community of all noobs alike! Whether you are an Xbox gamer, PC gamer, mobile gamer(?), you are welcome to join us. We plan to start hosting local events for server members and hopefully building it into a Noob Squad team! All are welcome to participate. Events are most likely to be PC side. Other things we offer: - Little to no moderation - Moderated as necessary - Server emotes (custom server emotes soon™) - Custom patch-notes - Integrated Youtube posts - Currently League of Legends Skin Spotlights - Any others can be requested and will be fulfilled, as appropriate - Weeb chats - Lewd chats - Memes - Music bots - Misc bots - Custom roles - Level ranks - Streaming advertisements - Can be automated upon request, or post custom ads yourself