Gin's Haven is a new discord channel for you who wants a social gaming experience or just a place to chat. The server is in it's building phase, this is why we want more people to join and help us build it up. Most of us are pc players, but we encourage every platform to join. We have bots, meme channels, music channels and streamer channels. Many of us are friends, but most of the users have joined after playing together in the variety of games we enjoy. We are currently playing alot of cod:warzone/destiny/warframe and rust - feel free to join :) We will be hosting a Nitro giveaway the 15th of April, everyone in the server is included - there will be 3 prizes given out. ( - use this link if doesn't work) - Laiout
Welcome to The Pub! This is a meeting place for mainly Dutch and Belgian players, but other nationalities are also welcome, both casual and competitive. It's all about gaming and having fun together. Can I join? Yes, if you can answer the following points with 'yes' you can also participate: You're 18+ and/or have a good amount of common sense, you need to have a headset/microphone and you bring a good dose of fun with you!
Discord server for
The Waiting Room, where all gamers, chads, and e-girls get together to share content, play together, connect, and wait on The Doctor.
Discord server for general programming. Everyone is accepted here.
As a growing community, our goal is to unite as many gamers as possible, covering a wide range of videogames so come and play with us anytime!
A multi-game hosted server, With a friendly community and staff!
Official Discord for "Brutal Island [3x harvest] [4x squad max]" Rust Server! With Contests, Giveaways and everything else you could ever need with a super Active Staff team!
We are a clan of Counterstrike Players who aims to have an active following for MM & Esea matches. NEWS: We are actively looking for guild members, please join and fill out the application @ the #requests channel!
Has A Lot Of Shit Come Check It Out
☣ XTREM RUST ☣ since july 2017 Powerful dedicated server Intel i7-6700K - 64GB DDR4 AntiDDos - Privates Plugins Network availability: 99.9% TS : Hit F1 in game and type into the console : ORIGIN X1000000000 client.connect Wipe every week ARENA X1000000000 client.connect Wipe every week DEATH X1000000000 client.connect Wipe every week FULL PVP | NO RULES NO BLUEPRINTS NO WORKBENCHES HORSE | CARS | BOAT | RHIB BRADLEY | HELICOPTER | CHINOOK FLYABLE GATHER X5000000 | DYNAMIC CUPSHARE | CODELOCK ALL SKINS | M249 & L96 | BGRADE | NODECAY | SMELT KITS | FRIENDS | SHOP | HOME | TP | CLANS++ | TURRET CUSTOM LOOT | MAGIC CRAFT | BUILDING BLOCKER | REMOVE FREE FACEBOOK & TWITTER @XTREMRUST
A Rust server community. Server-specific information can be found at Community missions, information on how to connect, donation information, and more miscellaneous information can all be discovered on our website at
HEY GUYS, Welcome to my channel, my name is Octagunner. I am a videogame commentator on youtube. If you like daily videos on videogames, for example happy wheels, undertale, gta 5 and more you have come to the right place!.HOPE YOU ENJOY MY VIDEOS
Arkosia est un hébergeur mélangeant haute qualité et petit prix !
Rust gaming community Rust map making and sales
This is a discord chat where u can stream and play with friends in privet chat just ask admin for the role by typing !admin or !moderator. the discord has around 100 people on it would like if it could get up too 500+ mabye ty for checking in and enjoy <3
RustyClan discord server !
Finnish Vanilla Rust Server. Weekly Map Wipes - Monthly BP Wipes Niskalaukaus Main steam://connect/ Niskalaukaus Solo / Duo / Trio steam://connect/
Rustcord development and support Discord server.
Official Discord server of ZEODE Gaming.
RustEst server's official discord.
A Rust community for players upon our servers!
Gaming and Rust
Ylilauta Rust
Welcome to RustFiends! General Game Rules - Play with respect for new players. Be helpful when possible. We were all new once. - Racism and bigotry aren't welcome here. We're all here to play Rust. - Personal threats (doxing, DDoS, etc.) will result in a permaban. No exceptions. - Player reports should be submitted with credible evidence (video, screenshots, etc). - Enjoy yourself! Reporting Players To report a player, use /report "playerName" "reason" in-game or contact @Styxxx Server Wipe The 50x server wipes weekly, on Fridays except for force wipes from Facepunch. Blueprints wipe bi-weekly. On wipe days, wipes generally occur between 12pm and 3pm PST. VIP Packages Donators can receive VIP-level packages and perks. See for more info Private Clan Channels Want private voice & chat channels for your clan? VIP members can request them by sending @Styxxx a PM.
OminousGaming is a gaming community based around dedicated servers for survival games such as ARK: Survival Evolved.
We're a gaming network based around MC, Rust, and RS. We host servers for these games and provide a non-p2w game for our players. As well as playing other games such as DayZ. We have a website for Minecraft for Rust
Bryceisanerd's official Discord server!
Hello, we're Yuubel Community, A gaming server for EU gamers and mainly for Arabic players, Tired and bored of playing alone Feel free to chat? play and VC with our members We play several games [League Of Legends, Rust, Fortnite,PUBG,apex] Be positive and our community will welcome you.
Welcome to Planet Games! We host game servers for currently the games called Rust and Minecraft. What can you do here in this discord? You can stay alerted for patches from the games Rust and Minecraft. You can chat from the discord to our minecraft/rust server and backwards. You can view all ingame commands from both our servers. You can have fun with bots. Level up by chatting! You can create tickets for questions and help for our servers. Create a ticket and wait till one of our support team members is going to help you. We also got a subreddit! Here you can post pictures of our servers report bugs or even post your favorite memes!
Развлекательно-информационное сообщество по игре Rust
Server-ul comunitatii de youtube Lukkys.
rust community for randos to meet up and play
Comunidad hispana rust
Rust FarmingSimulator19 Conan Eurotruck2 American Truck simulator VTC
Rustlantic community.