Making new friends.
ламповая прибалтийская компашка с мемасиками, актуальными новостями, скринами и музычкой
End of the world is a newly developed and perfectly crafted server that we believe offers a balance of high quality PvP while still keeping that ‘grind’ aspect in the game. Throughout the map you will find custom locations and traders that will help provide a new experience.
IOG’s New Era servers are modified servers including special events, modified building placements, amplified and custom loot spawns, and custom day and night experience, focused on a pvp base.
The Brothers ... James Roberts, Karl Mortimore and Robert decided to make a group, make some friends and continue the reign of terror and happiness on games. Since then, we've made some great friends will keep on into the future!
Advanced Warfare Gaming Community - Arma 3, DayZ Standalone & More
A multi language DayZ discord
Multinational Arma, DayZ and PC gaming community
Arma Series Epoch & Exile Mod Community
Arma 3 DayZ Mod Community - TOP 3 Worldwide
This is the discord server for Rmf Dayz servers
Wolves of Chernarus DayZ discord
Dayz Aftermath community
Gaming Network that is focused on a non toxic community environment.
NoLag Official discord
Small but lovely Gaming Group. Focus: CS:GO , DayZ , Overwatch , and sometime Minesweaper
Nós Jogamos desde 2008, Jogos de FPS como SWAT, CSGO, BATTLEFIELD Series, entre outros. Nossos membros são Honrados e nossa grandeza não consiste em receber honras, mas sim em merecê-las, poderia aqui descrever inúmeras de nossas histórias mas a verdade é que essa é a chance de você fazer parte de nosso pelotão, tudo que vc precisa para se juntar é querer fazer parte de um grupo de amigos que tem por finalidade a diversão, respeito e compartilhar bons momentos no campo de batalha, nossos membros são maiores de idade com objetivo em jogar de forma séria e coletiva sem falta de respeito ou imaturidade. Não Fazemos exigências absurdas nem iremos exigir que você tenha que cumprir algum requisito, tempo de jogo ou qualquer outro tipo de exigência, apenas o RESPEITO e a CAMARADAGEM.
Discord server pandemicZ
Welcome to New Division Studios! This is a friendly DayZ community that is here to bring the player base together and to play on a top notch server!
Games, marijuanas, maybe even some womens here and there. Please leave the squeakers at the door.
Hello and welcome to the official Maticha Network What is Maticha : Maticha is an idea, a dream we started our community 1 years ago in Ark, our first goal was to have a pvp community in our server, as you now every dream can became bigger, today we are focusing on making our community the most professional way and btter. Games: At the moment we are Hosting Ark and Atlas server, but we are planning to expand to other games, as Heat, Garry's mod, Rust, Minecraft and others We are not the kind of person that create a server in 2 days just to have a server so we always take our time and think before doing anything so we can give our community the best gaming experience.
Die Autobahn dayz mod server
Dynamite Dayz Official Discord
Want to join our server and chill out with people who actually care about role play? Join DayZ Factions SRP we are Anti-Duper's with a mission to make a really popular dayz community! Join us and have a good time.
Syntax Roleplay, a FiveM serious roleplay community and light roleplay DayZ community.
Heavily DayZ modded server, as well as Ark. Active admins, friendly community, and more!
Społeczność serwera DAYZ POLSKA.
This is the Community Server of ConquerDayZ
Loot+ Trader Cities at Devil's Castle and Green Mountain Airdrops Group System A lot of modded items and more!
Dayz Standalone Server.