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Making new friends.
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A server for PS4 gamers - Join, chat with others, party/squad-up, let us know when you're going LIVE or have created new content to view! We will be looking at hosting events in the near future. We DO NOT Gameshare!
Hello! We're a community that includes all gamers from all platforms such as PS4, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch and etc. All is welcome to join us!
Kanał dla polskiej społeczności Anthema! Zapraszam wszystkich mówiacych po polsku chętnych znalezienia kompanów do polatania swoimi Javelinami!
Hey everyone! Join my SW33T community, we support each other, whether you're a streamer or enjoy watching streams on Twitch. SW33T HAV3N is a place where you can make new friends, find someone you can team up with on games, promote your stream, and general chat etc. I also have Pokecord where you can catch Pokemon.
Warframe Dynasty is a community of Tenno on PC, Xbox One, Switch and PS4. Instant Price Checks, Weekly Giveaways, Free Promo Codes, Community Polls, Real-time Alerts & News, Plus More! We've got Warframe, Fashion Frame, Music, Anime, & Fun! Join us, Tenno! =)
A safe space for women! We accept all ages above 13.
The Stronggamers server is powered by www.stronggamers.com and its a place for our community to chill and chat all things bodybuilding and gaming/fitness! We have influencers, pro gamers, personal trainers, nutritionists and of course awesome staff & members!
Spiele jetzt auf dem Deutschem Roleplay Ps4 Server von Sunny ! Hier erlebst du Action, Drama und Comedy! Gestalte dein Eigenes Leben, werde Kriminell, Polizist oder Gründe deine eigene Firma. Dir stehen alle Türen offen!!
At LSCRP, you get to be you. Do you like to roleplay as a real life citizen? You can go and get a job and a property or you can start your own business and be the billionaire of Los Santos! What about driving around with a gun and kidnapping civilians? You can do that too, but of course also fleeing from the cops, all in LSCRP! Looking to become a cop or firefighter/EMS? Join our team. We are a brand new GTA 5 for PS4 roleplay community who has sessions regularly and does not tolerate any fail rp. We hope to become one of the best and biggest roleplays for PS4 on GTA 5. We have positions open for LSPD, LSFD, and our civilian department. Our AOP is downtown Los Santos. We have very friendly members which means a great time roleplaying due to the friendships that we value here. We encourage you to introduce yourself to each of our members and form those friendships because that means we become a special kind of family. One that enjoys roleplaying and having fun with each other.
Our aim for the crew is to stop griefers and help you guys make money in GTA Online. We do this by only letting crew members join certain sessions and to do so I would like you guys to follow some simple and easy rules. If you do not, you will be kicked from the crew!
- New uploads and live streams every week! - Level up by participating in chat! - Fortnite (PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch & Mobile); - Promote your YouTube, Twitch channel or Discord Server; - Dank Memes! - EasyFortniteStats & MORE! - Item shop, Weekly Challenges and Patch Notes updates;
A server dedicated to streamers by streamers! In the Sanitarium we focus on connectivity, self promotion, promotion of others and collaborations!
Kerupt Assassins, or kA! for short, is an established gaming organization that’s based in the United States. Created around the early 2010’s, kA! has quickly risen to stand out among'st it’s competition. Known for their quick, fluidic responses, kA!’s members dominate the field in any game they play. Search & Destroy, Warzone, you name it and kA! has taken it over. Spanning all platforms, kA! is on track to becoming the next best gaming organization.
Welcome to the Official Digital Games Hub Discord! Want to save money while buying awesome Digital Games? Then Digital Games Hub is a good place for you! We find the best deals and bargains for all Digital Games, Bundles as well as GameCards, Memberships and much more. 🎮 Game Deals 💰 Bargains 💸 Daily Giveaways 🎁 Games for FREE 🎮 Come hang out, meet gamers, play games, interact with the community! Our Giveaway Team run daily giveaways open for all to enter completely free! Check out the latest giveaways in giveaways channel. Want exclusive access to our Premium Giveaways? You can get it by buying Member+ rank for only 5$ or Invite 30 people to the server with your unique invite link and get it for FREE!!
Server español Muy activo Admins activos Gente activa multiples trabajos QUE MAS QUIERES!!!
A chill hangout for discussing video games, anime, manga, and whatever else you want. Come check it out!
PS4, Community, Gaming, Family, Friends. Best PS4 community, greatest members, hands down.
Orbital is an open-source virtualization-based PlayStation 4 emulator for Windows and Linux. It's goal is allowing the entire PlayStation 4 software stack to run on your PC. Join this server for discussions in the topic of emulation and following the progress of this project.
PS4 News and more,
Este é o canal OFICIAL da comunidade brasileira do Warframe. Seja muito bem-vindo, Tenno! Neste canal, você estará reunido com Tennos de todas as plataformas (PC, PS4, XB1 e Nintendo Switch) para participar de discussões, sorteios e aprender mais sobre o nosso universo. Aqui você terá acesso e contato com novos e veteranos jogadores do Warframe, além de parceiros oficiais, Moderadores, membros da DE e muito mais!
Server voltado para quem gosta de jogos eletrônicos em geral, é só chegar galera !!!
The Discord server for all of the Console Gaming League's (CGL) Apex Legends related events, announcements, and community. We host pro-style scrims, community tournaments and ones featuring prize pools. We are the largest console specific Apex Legends discord server as of right now, and are rapidly growing every day!
DreamsCanon is a Discord server for crowdsourced community Dreams game templates and worldbuilding! Basically we make the stuff that everyone else can use to make games and we even build worlds for people to set their games in. Come on in if that sounds good to you!
This server is a gaming server, for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox. All gamers are welcome into this server please join today.
Console eSport Community
RazoredGaming is a Discord channel for the Ps4 Conan Exiles server.
ANTHEM LFG server for PC, PS4 and XBOX players
The official server of the A Sniper's Oath team!
Welcome to Graphite Gaming.
A community of gamers n geeks. Feel free to join to talk about anything from games, tv, movies, collections and more.