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Hey everyone, Im looking for active people that want to grow in the Talent business. My main thing is TWITCH streaming. But if you have Art, music, digital media to promote thats cool too. Just make sure to support everyone in the stream so we can all grow together. Thank you for the interest.
Gaming | Community
The latest news on console drops. When and where. A chill community that helps each other find new drops.
Community | Gaming
The PlayStation Discord server is the community-run server for the PlayStation community. Here you can discuss gaming and the latest in PlayStation with fellow fans and gamers!
Gaming | Entertainment
Video Games Advance is the place to talk about Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and everything else besides!
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We are the only #1 GENUINE working PSN and Gamertag Checker on the market. We check usernames in real time, and provide you with the answer of Available or Taken! Our server/discord bot/website is designed to used the OFFICIAL Sony & Microsoft endpoints to provide you with In Real Time Results of your check. Come join over 100+ Members that have used our site/bot :)
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A Spoookie Server for the spookies of people. Hang out and have fun. Talk all things tech related like upcoming PS5 and xbox, or try and find pre-orders. Also talk about modding with each other and what everyone uses/does. Wanna play Among Us or some Call of Duty there is a channel for that. Love animal crossing? We got you covered there. Or if into TCG Game Yu-Gi-Oh! can talk about that to or any other game.
Entertainment | Gaming
This server REDIRECTS you to the team drug server.
Gaming | Streaming
Dit is een Gaming Community Discord voor mensen die spelers zoeken en geen vrienden hebben net als ik. Wij gaan ook mee doen aan toernooien dus join snel
Gaming | Gaming
The Toxic Boyz Community server is a south east london based server that is 18+, we are all hardcore gamers and love everything Call of duty Warzone and Fortnite with the odd random game sprinkled in. Check us out, come chill out and bitch in the general chat and roast me chats lol
Gaming | Social
We, at DCA Community Meets (DCACM), are a PS4/5 GTA V Online car community made up of like-minded players sharing a love for cars and the game. From our official meets to our photoshoots, racing playlists or cruises, we ensure that our members enjoy themselves in a relaxed and friendly environment.
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We are a Growing Gaming Community server with nice and active owners, beautiful discord channels, and awesome giveaways. We're currently doing a PS5 Gift card Giveaway, so come on and Join Now!
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We are the fastest way to get notified when stock of popular new gaming hardware is found. Instant notifications, 24/7 coverage, free to use! We track: ALL NVIDIA RTX Cards, PlayStation 5's, XBOX Series X|S , AMD Radeon 6000 Series Cards, and AMD RYZEN CPU's
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Join if you are going to buy a gaming console or already have one. We can assist you in buying a new console.
Technology | Community
If you want to get a PlayStation 5 or XBox Series X then this is the right server for you.