🎮 1000+ Members 🎮 Chatrooms 🎮 Over 95 Roles 🎮 NO Mass Pings 🎮 Events & Weekly Giveaways 🎮 Great Staff 🎮 Partnerships 🎮 LFG Channels 🎮 Official PS Blog Posts 🎮 Rich Presence Tips 🎮 Store Page 🎮 Currency System 🎮 10:5 M-to-F Ratio 🎮
In this server you'll get all new details about content for the Tanner McDaniel YouTube channel, including music, gameplays, livestreams and more! If you're a content creator (an artist, a musician etc.) then we welcome you! We hope you enjoy your time with us!
The Aurelius Project is a place for small and startup streamers and content creators to collaborate and help each other grow. It is also a place for PC and console gamers to gather and find other people to team up with and play. Talk to other gamers, streamers, and makers on advice, tips, how-to, and troubleshooting! We look forward to seeing you there.
Home of the Console Gaming League
Console eSport Community
Welcome to the xMr and xMs clan. A gaming clan with friendly and dedicated gamers who are experienced in a range of different games. The gaming platform for this clan is on XboxOne. Name changes are required as-well as tryouts before being accepted into the clan.
A Great community packed with memes, anime, music and all things Gaming!
Le plus gros événement esport du sud de la France est de retour pour une troisième édition en 2020
Gaming/Working out talk/Journey.
An active community of players where we can communicate, do customs, trades, and find a duo/squad partner at anytime! Join if you're active!
Modded Lobbies is a fun and safe place for anyone of all ages to hangout. This server is: - Safe! We have a great moderation team and staff who ensure the rules are followed. - Friendly! Unkind users are not appreciated. - Fun! With levelling system, music, experienced/veteran users along with beginner users just getting started. Categories? We mostly cater to Gaming, Hacking, Glitching, Lag Switching and General Discussions. The main Game that is discussed right now is Fortnite however all games are allowed and with enough demand we will add new channels for specific games. Our original server was over 800+ users before it was deleted. Our new one has 250+ users and counting! Invite: https://discord.me/FortniteMods
---100 Floors. 4 players. Get in the elevator and let out absolute carnage.--- Carnage Tower is an indie party game built for Xbox One and PC! Come hang out with us in our Discord server, where you can chat with the developers and ask questions. You can also talk with other Carnage Tower players to get tips and tricks or just share your high score! We look forward to seeing you in our great gaming community!
An Overwatch League Server for those looking to compete against teams of high level players and be a part of a non-toxic community.
Our server is small but looking to grow into something amazing! We emphasis inclusion, celebrating each others achievements and sharing our knowledge. You wont find any drama or toxic nonsense here! We aim to share our knowledge and bring back some of the social aspects of gaming. As the server grows in activity we can start adding things like events, voice chat parties and so much more! We have: All kinds of channels. Server currency. Fair staff. Exp levels with roles and perks. and an amazing community! Come check out the server and see if its a good fit for you!
Hello. This is a server made for gaming. We accept all! We hope you to see you join, as we are trying to grow. Also, we accept anybody, any console too!
Octane City is a global gaming brand that collaborates with pro leagues, provides casual and competitive tournaments, and supports streamers! With the focus on the community, it's a one-stop gaming experience. Octane City has evolved into more than just a streaming platform but has become a large community of casual and professional gamers. With a focus on Twitch’s most popular games, including Apex Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, and CS:GO, Octane City provides streamers and players with a prominent community built around some of their favorite games.
Gaming, Anime & More! A very social and fun server. Just redone and ready for you to call Home! Join us Today :)
Gaming Alliance - A game community -Streamers -Gaming teams -Tournaments -Friendly fun community Join us.
Place to chill, have fun, talk to people, friendly, play games, whatever you prefer. We welcome everyone! LGTBQ Friendly, Fun bots, Self assign roles & More!
New server about just wanting to chill and meet new people that happen to join, I made this server mainly for talking about things like anime, music, or even games. If any of this interests you why not join.
Un serveur communautaire Hardware basé sur la chaîne de ViiZiiX, un YouTubeur tenant une série "Une config pour un abonné", un concept où ses abonnés demande une config (PC) ou un setup et qui sera fait pour une prochaine vidéo ! Ce serveur à été créé par un abonné pour les abonné(e)s demandant une config, un salon est d’ailleurs spécialement conçu pour les demandes de cette série ! Vous n'êtes cependant pas obligé de connaitre le personnage pour rejoindre le serveur celui-ci à aussi été adapté pour parler d'Hardware en général !
An awesome place to make friends and share memes
- Cheap social media services to boost your growth. - Cheap GTA Recoveries (MORE GAMES SOON!) - Helpful and kind staff. - Paid Promos. - 24/7 Support. INVITE REWARDS NOW LIVE and dont worry, we actually give our rewards out :) ———————————————— https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/549368889482412033/551835328768507934/Logo_Test.jpg
Gaming based friend group doing movie nights, game nights, and a personal podcast. Come vibe :)
A server that is always having something fun to do. And always has something that 1 person will like.
Fun social-oriented server for adult gamers. We love gaming, meeting new people, and memes! Come join us and have a blast. All we ask is that you respect other members!
Quite a few of you know us already. But for those that don’t. Rising, KindredStark and Dreamersdie have been gaming buddies for a while. We love gaming and love meeting new friends to play old and new games with. We decided it would be a great opportunity to open our own gaming community that lets gamers from all sorts to get together and find both new and common interests. To break it down as simple as we can. This server is a warm and welcoming place for people to meet and make new friends they can share their love for gaming with. Have a new game you’re interested in and want to talk to others about it? Join us. Have a game you’re hardcore grinding already and want to find someone that’ll join you in the adventure. Join us. Just started a new game that’s overwhelming you working on solo. Join us.
Team Oasis is a gaming hub for all the players! We are a community run group, with people all around the globe and playing on different platforms! We have a wide range of games we like to play, so you'll be sure to find people to chat and have fun with. Come check us out!
Z4 is a Esport team, Based on Middle East. We are Looking for professional players for fortnite community, to fight as a team, learn as a team and play as a team.
- New uploads and live streams every week! - Level up by participating in chat! - Fortnite (PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch & Mobile); - Promote your YouTube, Twitch channel or Discord Server; - Dank Memes! - EasyFortniteStats & MORE! - Item shop, Weekly Challenges and Patch Notes updates;
◼️🟩◼️🟩◼️The Bunker◼️🟩◼️🟩◼️ The Bunker is a new Discord server created for gamers. In this server you will be able to make new friends and socialize in a safe environment. 🧬 All console and PC gamers are welcomed! Bring your friends over to hang out! ↳ Minecraft, GTA V, CSGO, R6 Siege and more! 🎮 ↳ Meet new people and socialize! 🔊 ↳ Level up, self roles, friendly staff, tons of emojis!🎉