Our Server Proudly Hosts MULTIPLE Drops EVERY DAY. We Also Offer Purchases Ranging From Just $5 Up To $20. For Just $20 You Would Get 3Bil + ANY Rank + Max Stats + ALL Unlocks Each Drops Lasts For At LEAST 20 Minutes, You Can Expect To Get ~5 Mil Every Drop.
Find players, complete heists, enjoy gaming.
if your looking for teams to join in, in your next wipe rust server, this server is the best with the most active rust players, we have over 1K hours +more!
A XBox One life community. We offer many jobs including an ad-free cad and active economy.
GameHub- Find a Squad! ● Request your favourite games and we will support it ● Recruiting Staff ● Role selection for games and platforms ● We support Apex Legends, Fortnite, Rocket League, GTA V and many more! ●Levelling system ● Features of chillout servers ● And much more https://discord.gg/FvCVNmh
this is a GTA V server that is used for RP recovery and free money drops this is a new server but is super reliable and am hoping for it to grow soon
Hey I'm Radium, I made a GTA5 roleplaying community on Fivem and Discord! We're looking for administration right now to help run our community! Such as Owners, Directors, Developers, Sr admins, Server staff, and Department heads ! Would you like to join?
Welcome to your local gaming cafe! Here, you will see many people much like yourself who enjoy playing games. As of now, we only have a couple of games on our list, but we plan to expand that list and more people come. You can see the list of games below, along with game we intend to add as more people show that they are interested in them. We also provide paid GTA V services, what are the services you might ask? Come join and we'll let you know along with pricing. Games we support: Black Ops 4 CS:GO Rainbow Six Siege Battlefield V GTA V Overwatch Games we might add: The Division 2 Apex Legends
Grand Theft Auto V Online (PC)
Server roleplay di GTA V su FiveM, completamente italiano. Entra nel Discord e scopri perchè siamo il server più promettente della community di FiveM IT. | www.lsc.wtf / discord.gg/VKBpJKu
[PT] 👑 Lusitano RP 👑 | 💰 25k INICIAIS 💰 | ✅ RP 100% Sério ✅ | 💼 PSP/GOE/INEM 💼 | Staff ONLINE 💯
Estás farto de jogar sozinho GTA ou de jogar com random players? Então entra no GTA Portugal para teres sempre com quem jogar e te divertires! Temos varias salas para todo o tipo de serviços e fazemos questão de te deixar sempre a par de todas as novidades e promoções dentro do jogo. Entra aqui: https://discord.gg/zG5QfUt
Discord do servidor MAGIC Roleplay [Plataforma FIVEM]
Serveur Discord de la communauté Eldorado RP.
Phantaboulous' Discord
Nós somos uma Comunidade de FiveM Roleplay . Qualquer tipo de Anti-RP feito irá ser visto pela a nossa Staff . Lê as nossas regras no nosso discord ! De Resto , espero que goste !
Discord du serveur GTA5RP EVOLVE 2.0
MileHighRP Official Discord
This is a FiveM server Discord server. It is named RushRP, you will join to read the rules , you MUST have a Microphone, if not, you will be kicked.
¡Somos un servidor de SAMP enfocado al roleplay, nuestra principal meta es satisfacer a los usuarios asi crear una buena comunidad y nos ayudemos entre todos! Esperamos que te diviertas jugando aqui, recuerda que tu opinion sea buena o mala pero siempre respetuosa es muy importante para nosotros
AllSkilledRP American role-play community for FiveM Custom cars Custom pads Custom map Custom cad And more
BRASIL SEGUNDA VIDA [RPG] >> IP: << ---------------------------------------- = Sistema Casas = = Sistema Vip = = Sistema Empresas = = Sistema de Eventos = = Orgs: Crime e Cop = = Veiculos Casas = = Veiculos Secundario V2 = = Concessionarias = = Inumeras Profissões = ---------------------------------------- ~~Servidor Aberto dia 30/04/19~~ Grupo Whatsapp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Ip3HAH4e3gm3RVJj4iInVi INFO: Chame seus amigos e venham jogar no BRASIL SEGUNDA VIDA [RPG]. A Equipe BSV agradece sua Compreensão!
a cool rp0 server you have to join
This is a FiveM based discord.
Servidor para reunir amigos para uma boa jogatina no xbox one X
We play fortnite ,Apex Legends ,Fortnite ,Gta ! Come on and join in.
Political discussion server and realistic presidential simulator/gamemode on GTA V.
[PT] Moonlight RP
Somos um servidor português de RP no FiveM.
Voici le discord pour ma communauté ! Vous êtes tous la bienvenue dessus ;)
Communauté de Grand Theft Auto RolePlay sur la plateform FiveM
Multi Purpose Gaming community. Join now! New features added regularly.
Revelate RP GTA RP Server
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