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this is a GTA V server that is used for RP recovery and free money drops this is a new server but is super reliable and am hoping for it to grow soon
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"This is a community server dedicated to those who participate in business and want to socialize with a community that shares similar interests in a relaxed, yet mature manner."
Welcome to the /r/Beermoney Discord! /r/beermoney is a community for people to discuss mostly online money-making opportunities. You shouldn't expect to make a living, but it's possible to make extra cash on the side for your habits/needs.
A Server where you can buy GTA V recoveries and wait for money drops.
Marketplace for The dark side of discord.
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memes, fun gaming and if u look hard enough e girls.
Serveur qui regroupe les giveaways Français.
Expanse is a smart contract platform based on ethereum.
Earn free paypal !
Earn money, By doing simple tasks!
Earn bitcoin by using Crypto browser! Its that easy.
★★Community of coffee heads.★★ Teaching and learning about coffee! Looking to recruit new and old Baristas, Roasters, and Enthusiasts! = ABOUT US = - we support and teach SPECIALTY COFFEE -- specialty coffee is NOT gas station, Starbucks, McDonalds coffee! - we do coffee give aways, i make a CUSTOM coffee for you to brew -- which is higher than grade 85's This server is unlike any other servers. k thnx. if u cant join
$1DSP is a server with over 1300 members trading together and winning together every single day. Day Trades. Swings. Options. Overnight. All levels of traders. NOOBS are welcome here. 1 on 1 coaching available. Take control of your future.
Here we host daily free GTA V PC Money Lobbies, and we also offer account recoveries and unlocks!
Royalty Lounge. A server for listening to music - chatting - making friends - playing games and loads more exiting features around the corner. Do not be shy to start talking or asking for certain roles that'll allow you to do certain entertainment features. This is the start of a soon to be amazing Community! Currently ran by: Chairman, CJ60 and President, Lex.
Trivia Dimension is a friendly community of trivia app fans, that strives to give you all the perks you'd like in ONE discord server! We're also the home of the official Discord trivia game, Quiz King! We host many giveaways too c:
Upgrade.Chat is a STRIPE VERIFIED Partner Bot that allows server owners to sell roles and subscriptions via discord. -Sell one time roles or subscriptions -Bot can speak in 12+ languages -One Week, One Month Subs & More -Custom Server Terms of Service -Remove user if they stop paying -Coupons for Roles (One time / Forever) -Much More!
Join if you enjoy receiving free games,money and merch just for being active,all you have to do is enjoy yourself, make friends and be yourself. This server consists of everything you want it to be from Anime to Kpop to gaming :)
Want guaranteed legal money? Join this server. Members also share links on the hottest deals, offers, and referral goodies, all while enjoying giveaways.
The best server there is for cracking, hacking, and fraud. Who else gives away $1,000 worth of bitcoin to one person?!
This is a server to gain free cryptocurrency
we host free GTA V money drops and sell really cheap GTA V recoveries. Our server hosts money drops daily. Our prices range from 7.50 USD to 35 USD. For 7.50 USD you can get yourself 300 million GTA V money, 120 ingame levels and max stats! Our client that we use is undetected so the chance of you getting banned is 0% !
The best server there is for making money online. Who else gives away $1,000 worth of bitcoin to one person?!
Art | Art
We need the following ; GFX DESIGNERS CUSTOMERS Social Media Stars
Do you know what it really takes to become a successful trader? Aspire for financial freedom? Learn from dozens of experienced active traders, know the ins and outs of the market. The market is no joke and it's a special niche that only the best can achieve consistent success.. is that you? Are you competitive, Gamer, Entrepreneur? Test your skills and dedication here! We are a small community focused on self improvement and working towards financial freedom!
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