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What are you waiting for? Join the fastest growing Trading Community on Discord today!
Community | Crypto | Financial
What are you waiting for? Join the fastest growing Trading Community on Discord today!
Community | Crypto | Financial
What are you waiting for? Join the fastest growing Trading Community on Discord today!
Community | Financial
Money Gurus is the go-to Discord for people looking for ways to earn money online. The server includes passive income methods, high-tier giveaways, ways to get free money, beermoney to PayPal, cryptocurrency and stocks trading, advertising and more.
Community | Financial
Active traders focused on technical analysis and algo trading. Stocks, options, futures, Forex and cryptocurrency, we look at them all. We are a team of analysts and developers working in collaboration to do one thing, make money! 💰💰💰
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Diamond Hands 𝕎𝕙𝕠 𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝕨𝕖? This server is a community for people interested in stocks and trading, intended for informational purposes only. This server is for people who want access to more in depth analysis and access to premium alerts on the stock market.
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👑Trading Alphas - Kings of the Market™ #1 Trading Team on Discord Stock Market | Options Trading | Trading Education
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Our mission with the Discord Society is to create a trading community that will provide endless knowledge and profitable trades. A community where we can all Win together, Fail together, and Learn together! Here we offer lots for free such as Live Pre-Market Trading Room, Small Account Challenge, Daily watchlist of stocks about to breakout, and Trade ideas during intra day hours. We are having FREE SIGNALS until our course releases. Take advantage, look at our #signalresults channel when you join!! Hope to see you
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Welcome to our welcoming/friendly GTA V Recovery server! •MONEY DROPS MORE THAN DAILY• •VERY CHEAP RECOVERY• •CHEAP GTA V ACCOUNTS• •Join us and have a good time:)•
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Learn how to make money for free and earn a passive income in crypto.
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yeah, shut up bitch.
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"This is a community server dedicated to those who participate in business and want to socialize with a community that shares similar interests in a relaxed, yet mature manner."
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Welcome to the /r/Beermoney Discord! /r/beermoney is a community for people to discuss mostly online money-making opportunities. You shouldn't expect to make a living, but it's possible to make extra cash on the side for your habits/needs.
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Marketplace for The dark side of discord.
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The largest and most profitable trading groups in the world. Join our server today and be another proud member of the CTG.
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GTA V Mods / Modded Lobbies / Paid Services -You can buy gta money for low prices -Join Modded lobbies -Join giveways
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Get free money by invite your friends to this discord.
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Make Money From Your Device
Financial | Business
[Discord Servers for Freelancers (r/forhire, r/slavelabour etc.) Designed for easy communication!] This server is to provide easier communication between Redditors in r/forhire, r/slavelabour and other Freelancing Subreddits! On Reddit Freelancers. We have a bot on our server that notify users on reddit posts! All users are treated with love :)
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Look, we all know the fake "free reward servers". So, I decided to make a real one, offering prizes instantly! For proof, we provide thousands of free giftcards everyday! Suspicious? Well check it out for yourself. If you don't like the vibe of it, just leave it then! Try it at no cost.
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Servere contra-cost la un pret super ieftin facute de SkyDeN_
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Nitro, Nitro Classic and money
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Gaming | Social
more invites = more reward.Giveaways starting in 100 members.(nitro,gaame accountss etc)
Financial | Business
We are a FREE US-based reselling group surrounded around sneakers, collectibles, lowkey flips, in-store arbitrage flips, and more! These are some of the things we provide: - Sneaker Flips - Trending Product Flips - Disney Flips - Starbuck Flips - Trading Card Flips - Home Depot Flips - Target Flips - Walmart Flips - Brickseek Flips - Lowkey Flips - Early Links - Guides - 1 On 1 Support AND MORE!!
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Trusted community of gamers who want to wager a little bit and play some competitive games
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Supreme Boost is a service provided to GTA5 Online players (PC only)! We provide boosting services such as level boosts, cash boosts, max stats unlocking, max unlocks for everything. Our services is affordable and trusted by 100% everyone (formerly known at JT's mod shop).
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Blue events is a well-established event server. We host daily events for Cash Prizes! I'm looking for new staff. If you'd like to become a mod/developer/builder/event host, please DM me! -BGP
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rL (real Life) team. You all guys can try to join on the Team, and even get paid for winning tournements! Games the team plays: > Fortnite (PC, PS4, Xbox, include tournements) > Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (TeknoGods Client, includes Tournements with moneys) > Valorant (includes Tournements) > Rainbow Six Siege (PC) > CS:GO for fun matches!
Gaming | eSports
Exin Scrims Is One Of The Biggest NA East Scrims Servers. We Offer: ❂Offers Money Prizes ❂Offers Pro Scrims ❂Offers active community ❂Offers roles for people who are good ❂Offers Proffesionalism ❂Pros ❂Non Toxic Community
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Welcome to the ABC123Trader NinjaTrader Indicator Discord Group. This discord group is designed for all traders in the Futures, Forex, Stocks, Crytpo etc. The objective for this discord group has 3 Main Objectives. A. An introduction to ABC123Traders indicators and see if there are any indicators that can make you a better or more consistent trader. B. Education: I will be giving out education in where to pin point trades. C. Exchange Ideas: To share wisdom with other traders. I alone may see one thing while you may see something else. Some of my indicators that were developed were methodologies from other traders within my community.
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The Payout Club - for the best gambling experience
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We offer recoveries for down to 3$! Recoveries are a service that gives you money & RP in GTA Online so you can fulfill all your dreams.
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A community of traders led by Quantitative Finance professionals offering up advice and help for traders new or old. We are a 100% FREE options trading server that is specifically designed for beginners. Come learn to invest in options with like minded people. The Big Board Investment is a distinguished trading community for Stocks and Options. Our server and diverse array of chatrooms are monitored and curated by our esteemed team of moderators. Our verified traders give you the real strategies that have a proven track record of success. What we offer: - Stock Analysis - Day Trading - Swing Trading - Watchlists - Education - Daily option alerts and swings
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Expanse is a smart contract platform based on ethereum.