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Omega Options Trading is a stock and options based company designed to build consistent traders through proven strategies and education. Join now for free!
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Dreampoint is a stock-based server that specializes in swing trading and wants one goal for all traders who join – financial freedom. Join the community now and receive daily watchlists and alerts!
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Crypto Hub is a space for everyone interested in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in general.
Investing | Financial
Our mission with the Discord Society is to create a trading community that will provide endless knowledge and profitable trades. A community where we can all Win together, Fail together, and Learn together! Here we offer lots for free such as Live Pre-Market Trading Room, Small Account Challenge, Daily watchlist of stocks about to breakout, and Trade ideas during intra day hours. We are having FREE SIGNALS until our course releases. Take advantage, look at our #signalresults channel when you join!! Hope to see you
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the go-to Discord for people looking for ways to earn money online. The server includes passive income methods, high-tier giveaways, ways to get free money, beermoney to PayPal, cryptocurrency and stocks trading & airdrops, advertising, and more. We provide payment proof for all of our methods and
Investing | Community
Like Warren Buffett donated a Bloomberg Terminal. #1 in making new users rich. Advanced Custom Bots ~ Charts, TA, 50+ indicators Live Stream Flows during market hours ~ Dark pool prints, Big Money Orders! Active Notification Squad Sign up for alerts on Plays and Live News Streams
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Do you want StacksOnStacks? Join this community if you are looking to learn what is going on in the market and what trades are hot. We have some of the best traders, who are willing to share their thoughts and help you understand what's hot and get those StacksOnStacks!
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All Things Investing is a discord community focused on investing topics.
Investing | Financial
Value investing based server covering the public stock market. Here you can share your due-diligence write-ups, your positions, ideas, theories, etc. 💲
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The international economics server (IES) was created to teach and raise awareness of economics through society. IES aims at creating a big community of collective intellectuals. Here at IES we have many events taking place, from country evaluation to stock market discussions! Don't know economics? That is not a problem as IES has an outstanding Academy of Economics aimed at teaching everyone for FREE! Join IES toady, become an successful individual!
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"This is a community server dedicated to those who participate in business and want to socialize with a community that shares similar interests in a relaxed, yet mature manner."
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Community for technology, business, programming, and Sapphire Praxical company related discussions. Official Discord server for and its branching projects (,,,, and more). The Sapphire community is mainly made up of tech enthusiasts, business minded individuals, programmers, and hobbyists (gaming, anime, crypto, etc).
Business | Financial
Stock Market Psychology | News, Breakdowns, Education, Execution!
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Freelance Central is a newly emerging discord server for both freelancers and clients to gather, to share their expertise and products. Freelancers of all levels can make use of this platform to sell their work, and clients can use this platform to find their perfect freelancer. We have active moderators and staff available to support you and to keep the chats friendly. We offer individual roles to all freelancers, so they can be identified for their specialities. DISCLAIMER: Freelance Central are not a service team, and have no involvement with the commissions process between freelancers and clients.
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a Nice and friendly crypto currency related server, we talk here about cryptocurrency, tech, smartphones, gaming, bitcoin, etc. We like to play games and trade cryptocurrency and even mine too! We have partners like Bobeli and advertising is allowed on #advertising. Soon we will have a NSFW channel. Join us today!
Role-Playing | Entertainment
It’s a conquest server that uses Unbelievaboat as the main bot. I’ve set up many roles, so you shouldn’t get bored anytime soon!
Programming | Financial
Study group for all the CAIE amigos - server for education & learning -Has dedicated & active helpers + friendly moderation Future plans we'll have some community study sessions
Investing | Financial
Global Macro Research is a discord server dedicated to gathering of relevant information and discussions of global macroeconomic situation for research based investing.
Financial | Community
Community of knowledgeable people with a wide array of skills and experience. We welcome anyone interested in trading and investing, regardless of experience.
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Pour toute les personnes qui souhaitent progresser et devenir meilleur. Nous avons des sections variées : business, finance, séduction, littérature, craft, nutrition, sport et art. Nous faisons des réunions tout les dimanche soir à 20h en vocal, nous avons des défis de la semaine et des conférences tout les mois.
Political | Business
Economics, Politics, Finance, Stock, Crypto, Religion, Free Speech, Polls, Roles, and suggestions could be added!
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The best fucken stock trading server you will find. FREE give aways. Free ALOT get it alllllll
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Markets, finance, geopolitics, and shitposting. What more could you need?
Investing | Financial
$1DSP is a server with over 3500 Discord members trading together and winning together, every single day. Day Trades. Swings. Options. Overnight. Dividends. All levels of traders. NOOBS are welcome here. 1 on 1 coaching available. Take control of your future.
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Business | Financial
🌐🌐Qui potrai discutere su tutto ciò che riguarda il mondo finanziario, confrontandoti con altre persone, per poter creare una community volta all'aiuto di chi vuole intraprendere un cammino nel campo degli investimenti e della crescita personale❗ 🌐🌐 Gruppo appena creato e in espansione
Financial | Investing
This is a server for market discussion. Feel free to share predictions, interesting investment strategies, portfolios, or just comment on the state of the market. Memes and anger are welcome, but NSFW media and begging are not.
Crypto | Financial
This is the official server of Cryptocurrencies.Ai. We are a Binance partner spot and 125x leverage futures crypto exchange. I would love for you to join our growing discord community, in which you can discuss news regarding cryptos, share your knowledge, ask questions to the team, even to the CEO, and much more!
Political | Hobbies
This is a server that is based on the ideals of the pursuit of the freedom of expression and the right to freely express your political beliefs! We're just starting and have little members but hope to have more soon and while we will have mods they will be picked and chosen and anyone will have the ability to report any wrong-doing by those like text being removed because it doesn't align with their beliefs. That will be a major focus on this discord because freedom of expression is our main pursuit! I was in a discord that was amazing and had over 1600 members but a bunch of times i saw people expressing their beliefs and admins abusing power and kicking/banning people if they disagreed and I finally had enough of it, I was tired of seeing it happen so i decided i would make my own discord where freedom of expression is a main focus and something that wont be infringed upon. We believe in the freedom of expression and believe you can actually do that without breaking discords TOS.
Education | Financial
Server for discussions on economics, finance, business and political economy
Mature | Growth
Self-improvement focused community, moderated by long term members since 2017. We share experiences and assist each other on our journey to the best version of ourselves. We are handling a wide variety of topics, such as passions, growth mindsets, social skills, nofap and many many more!
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⚠️ Welcome to LEARN & EARN.⚠️ ⏬ Here at LEARN & EARN we provide you with the following.⏬ 🗣️ The best alerts. - Skip the small % gains, ride with us on growing our accounts.🗣️ 🚨 Daily watchlists. - Hottest stocks we think are going to bring gains.🚨 📑 SEC. Filings.📑 🖊️ Trading knowledge.🖊️ 👨‍✈️ Support team.👨‍✈️ 👥One on one mentorship.👥 💻 Real traders providing analysis. -We all start out as new traders. Members in this chat room aim to build up their account size and knowledge base.💻 Our goal is to filter out the noise, answer your questions, and improve your trading habits. Invite link is below (case sensitive) We have welcomed 2300+ members in under a week! #MyRetirementPlan #bullish #Bearish #TOP NEWS ​
Investing | Crypto | Financial
A community of traders led by Quantitative Finance professionals offering up advice and help for traders new or old. No matter the market we trade it all and have the algorithms to prove it. We even have our custom AI that analyzes market risk in real time. Live trading streams every Monday-Friday We welcome all to our humble abode that is interested in learning and sharing market insights together.
Gaming | Financial
Welcome to Alpha-Gaming This is a community of nearly 2000 strong for people (particularly young adults with some capital) who want to discuss trading and investment. Focused on: gaming, tech and commodities (gold/silver) Join us and help shape the community!
Investing | Financial
-Business related -Ecommerce -Trading -Flipping -Investments
Investing | Financial
Watchlistdaily is a discord group made to educate and provide free resources to options and equity traders. We include FREE resources such: 💰 FREE Signals 💰 FREE Watchlists 💰 FREE Advice/help 💰 FREE Courses 💰 FREE 1 on 1 Support from EXPERT TRADERS!