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E-Commerce Community - Get Your Site Right the First Time!
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What is OpenNDA OpenNDA is an non-profit organization to bring people together and collaborate on ideas, and inventions for the better of mankind. Allowing a place with free of mind knowing no one will take your ideas for themselves. Here Entrepreneurs & Inventors as well as Investors come seeking a better way to enhance our lives while you get to make your own terms, and keep sole ownership, unless you decide to sell. What do we offer A one stop shop for your ideas to begin into an actual prototype. We offer you the peace of mind knowing everyone who uses are services are bound by a NDA both parties already accepted. We offer the tools, and services to CAD Design all the way up to Prototype, or just let your ideas become one of many collaborations and have a team!
Business | Community
A Business Minded discord server that isn't full of spam. We're building a community to help everyone grow our businesses together. Make connections, get help on a project, find work, etc. Hope to see you on the server soon! (It's a fairly new server so active members are welcome)
Business | Community
A community of entrepreneurs helping each other succeed. Whether you're a college student with an idea or an industry executive, this community is for you!
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Pursue the next level of personal growth to live the life you want. Join our positive community who will challenge you to bring out your full potential.
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Whatever business you're working on, we want to help you succeed! From Dropshipping, to Investing - you can find help on everything, includin Freelancing, Amazon FBA, Coding, Trading, and Real Estate!
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Over at Dashton Belmont Inc., we want to help YOU get started in the jungle of investment banking. We are your number one boutique investment firm in the twenty-first century. Start-up investments, Initial Public Offerings, we have got them all! Joining and opening an information ticket is and will always be free. Contact us for more information! Please email [email protected] if you are a start-up and are looking for capital.
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Welcome! Thanks for joining our community. This channel was created by and for entrepreneurs, businesses owners, bloggers and affiliate marketers. Use this channel to promote your website, business, blog and affiliate products. Feel free to @support wherever you need assistance. If you wish to support our community and help it to grow, please send the message "donate" and our bot will provide a link. Feel free to share the server with friends, it helps our visibility and also more members to join.
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Grivio is a community of people trying to help others make reputable money online. You can promote what you are passionate about and make money doing it.
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Business Club is a community of members who are interested in different subsections of business such as consulting, marketing, investing, ecommerce, dropshipping, technology, and design. Our server features role dedicated channels so there is no clutter and spam as well as many events and giveaways!
Business | Community
A server for entrepreneurs to discuss their ideas, share their knowledge, and meet like-minded people! (Advertising is moderated)
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The Vortex is the ultimate virtual accelerator, for founders, by founders. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned entrepreneur, we want to make sure that you can get the training, mentorship, and support you need to raise your next (or first) round of funding, improve your business, and more