"This is a community server dedicated to those who participate in business and want to socialize with a community that shares similar interests in a relaxed, yet mature manner."
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Hey everyone, this server is dedicated to non-technical and technical entrepreneurs building tech startups. You will be able to get feedback on your startup ideas, learn from other entrepreneurs and get you on the path to building your startup. Feel free to join by clicking here https://discord.gg/r3j7Byh
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Do you know what it really takes to become a successful trader? Aspire for financial freedom? Learn from dozens of experienced active traders, know the ins and outs of the market. The market is no joke and it's a special niche that only the best can achieve consistent success.. is that you? Are you competitive, Gamer, Entrepreneur? Test your skills and dedication here! We are a small community focused on self improvement and working towards financial freedom!
A friendly entrepreneurs and crypto server! We love people with ideas! If you want chat about that, so let's get here!
What is OpenNDA OpenNDA is an non-profit organization to bring people together and collaborate on ideas, and inventions for the better of mankind. Allowing a place with free of mind knowing no one will take your ideas for themselves. Here Entrepreneurs & Inventors as well as Investors come seeking a better way to enhance our lives while you get to make your own terms, and keep sole ownership, unless you decide to sell. What do we offer A one stop shop for your ideas to begin into an actual prototype. We offer you the peace of mind knowing everyone who uses are services are bound by a NDA both parties already accepted. We offer the tools, and services to CAD Design all the way up to Prototype, or just let your ideas become one of many collaborations and have a team!
Brand new E-Commerce server looking to expand to like-minded individuals. Lots of unique ranks and helpful free mentors with upwards of 6 figures in sales. Free course giveaways as well as premium themes. Invite Rewards & Prizes. Very active.