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#1 Most Loved Community 💜 Social 💬 24/7 Voice Chat 🌺 Anime ⭐ 500 Emotes ⭐ Economy ⭐ Clubs ⭐ Make New Friends ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Heaps More...!
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#1 Most Loved Community 💜 Social 💬 24/7 Voice Chat 🌺 Anime ⭐ 500 Emotes ⭐ Economy ⭐ Clubs ⭐ Make New Friends ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Heaps More...!
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Business | Community
Wir sind ein anfängerfreundlicher, deutschsprachiger Server mit Fokus auf das Thema Reselling.
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Music | Design
a server for jumex stans and those interested in discussing the existence of the deep state also no edating i hate you
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Community | Hobbies
Exclusive Access to our VVIP Perks. Get all the world's best sneakers in Singapore. Ox Street authenticates every purchase. Ox Street is SEA's Best Trusted Destination to Buy and Sell Sneakers.
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Community | Financial
COP is a one of a kind community curated for sneaker heads by sneaker heads. COP’s primary goal is to give our community members the best opportunity to purchase limited sneakers for retail. Our server features everything from sneaker raffles to in depth site lists. Join the community and don’t look back. #CommunityOverProfit
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Investing | Business
WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER: - Tons of free info & features at your finger tips. Some of these features include: stockx.lookup where you can search any item on stock x and get all the info related to the item. Also the market is another great feature where you can post items for sale or buy items currently for sale on the market. - New features & info every week - Amazing & helpful support team - Extremely helpful & growing community, willing to go above and beyond to help you learn - Access to free features, others servers like mine would make you pay for, but not here! - Even though our info is based only for people in Australia their are still tons members from other country's (maybe yours) you can interact with - We have games so you never get bored when in our server, you can can even play music straight through our server! So much more just waiting at a tip of a finger, you're wasting money by not joining!
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Bot | Business
Sellz. est un service d’aide à la revente autour de l’application Vinted via des bots Discord hautes performances. ?
Community | Gaming
Helping members secure every release while increasing their monthly Profits.
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Anime | Gaming
A new server mainly focused on the gaming and anime communities. Just looking for people to have fun with and play games talk about anime. fashion, sneakers, basketball, and alot of other stuff.
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Community | Support
Bulk Premium provider of quality U.S.A. & U.K. Nike SNKRS Accounts. Accounts are made with real SIM cards on unique IP`s Visit: https://snkrgen.selly.store
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Business | Investing
Free Cook Group that will help you earn a sustainable living off of selling sneakers and streetwear from the comfort of your home. The server comes fully equipped with many tools to take your reselling to the next level.
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Gaming | Growth
Cyber Proxies provides the fastest, unbanned, unthrottled residentials proxies at the best price. The setup is simple and easy and you can generate up to 500 proxies at once. If you are looking for a proxy provider that can provide uncomparable speeds at an affordable price, Cyber proxies are for you. Cyber Proxies are a fairly new company meaning they can dedicate their time to you as their customer.
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Investing | Business
A free cook group for beginner sneaker resellers. Turn bigger profits. Guides, info, calendar, experienced community, and much more.
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Role-Playing | Manga
Worlds are falling into one another. The speedwagon foundation is struggling. Joestars, crusaders, and passione are all being thrown together in this literate jjba rp server.
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JJBA: world falls down Icon
Role-Playing | Manga
Worlds are falling into one another. The speedwagon foundation is struggling. Joestars, crusaders, and passione are all being thrown together in this literate jjba rp server.
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Community | Investing
We are Space Notify, a new reselling cook group that is on the mission to show and help everyone cook out on profitable drops. (In BETA)
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Community | Investing
A free cook group that gives you detailed analysis on what to buy and where to buy items that will make you profit.
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Business | Community
New Server!! EU and US focused! Looking for more people to help us grow!! Talk about sneakers and clothing and everything else hype!!
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Anime | Entertainment
Here to help resellers beat the system, to help collectors get their grails!
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Investing | Business
Stocks, Sneakers, Options, and Crypto Trading Server! Come join us at BRED Trades! We want everyone to be wealthy! Investments are made by personal research!
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Financial | Business
Free Brand New Cook Group Server designed to help you cop limited-edition releases. We offer many useful tools like: -1 on 1 Support - Cheap Bot Rentals - Release Guides - Raffle Links - Deals, Discounts & Freebies - Marketplace - Giveaways - Groupbuys And a lot more! We look forward to welcoming you :)
Meme | Community
This is a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other members, and make new friends. This is mainly a server to hang out, play games, talk to new people everyday plus, we host events. Everyone is welcome in our fast-growing community as long as you're following the rules. Everyone within staff will try their best to keep everything under control, solve problems and make sure you, as a member, are comfortable. Hope you enjoy being apart of our highly active community
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Hobbies | Business
We are some Enthusiasts with Sneakers and streetwear too. Also about the cooking and about making new friends too. We help generate Early Nike Links for SNKRS too for FREE! Yes, free! Don't be silly to pay for Early Links when you can get them for free. Feel free to ask any questions! We are a fully-owned Asia/Singapore Server. Starting to expand to the states and EU! Feel free to invite your friends too, sharing is caring! Will have more stuff coming in the future too! Come in and chill with us! Go to #VERIFY to gain access to all the channels! Do remember to read the RULES before verifying! Have a pleasant stay :D
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Community | Hobbies
Flips, Cards, Sneakers, auctions, investments, giveaways, top shot, Fire Sales, Pokemon.
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Investing | Community
Flipestates offers premium information, without the premium price. Join us for free!
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Investing | Community
Join now for FREE! We have it all. Pokemon, Lego and Sneaker Investing and Reselling. Join our FREE Beta Now
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Business | Bot
We offer free raffle monitors for everyone. These are the newest (and the most advanced) raffle monitors on the market. Come in and get notified of sneaker raffles! All regions are supported, so don't worry, we got you :)
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Furry | Gaming | Meme
-fun conversations -Chat for 18+ users -memes and media -tons of vcs, channels, and topics -Nitro Giveaway Come join us and have fun!
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Converse |  Social • Gaming Icon
Furry | Gaming | Meme
-fun conversations -Chat for 18+ users -memes and media -tons of vcs, channels, and topics -Nitro Giveaway Come join us and have fun!
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Community | Bot
Mesh Monitors provides a collection of fast monitors and tools at a competitive price. We have all the essential tools needed to accelerate your group members' profits! Shopify Monitors • Monitoring over 200 sites • Filtered & unfiltered AIO channels • Anitbot bypass • Individual channels • Password monitor • Quick tasks dash with autofill and bot configurations Supreme Monitors • US and EU monitors • Droplist • News • Sellout times Nike Monitors • SNKRS (15 regions) AIO Monitors • Footsites • Hibbett • Meshsites • Offspring Releases • Solebox Releases • Ssense Releases • Zalando Releases Twitter Monitors • AIO monitor • Filtered restock monitor • Filtered giveaway monitor Deal & Retail Monitors • Amazon • Argos • Best Buy • Brickseek • Canada Computers • Gamenerdz • Gamestop • Newegg • Pokemon Center • Target • Top Shot • Walmart Tool Bot Commands, Bot Modules, Filtered Channels,Collage Generator, Twitter Success
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Business | Crypto
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Hobbies | Community
ATC(Add to cart service) Never miss a drop again!?? Dunks, yezzy, supreme, ps5, xbox more slot service
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Community | Investing
Join my new Shoe Cook Group! We will help you get the shoes you always wanted and help you get involved with the sneaker community! We are the cheapest cook group out there at ONLY $5 a month. Join free for a day and see if you like it!
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Currently in beta, Yump Market gives buyers the chance to purchase from verified sellers, while sellers can give a shot listing their items with potential buyers! Only a button away, give Yump Market a look - for your newest shopping market.
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Business | Crypto
Entraide, bienveillance, amitié, respect, rigolade... C'est un peu ce que tout le monde recherche dans une communauté, non ? Eh bien... voilà Invest'Room ! Notre Groupe 100% gratuit comprends : ?️ I 6 Domaines Complet d'investissement ☎️ I Scanners D'actions, Cryptomonnaie ?️ I Monitors ( Zalondo, Snipes, Solebox, ..) ? I Nombreux Giveways ?I Nombreux GroupBuy ( Vidar, Utools, LightningATC, ..) ? I Guides / Formations ( Cryptomonnaie, E-Commerce, Actions ) ? I Informations sur chaque sortie, releases & conseille ? I Web - Site - MarketPlace pour nos membres ?? I Une communauté 100% Française, active, soudée et unique en son genre Nous sommes un Discord axé sur l'investissement : bourse, cryptomonnaie, immobilier, e-commerce, et comptons évidemment en rajouter d'autres au fil du temps, notamment grâce à votre aide & vos connaissances ! Débutant, amateur ou professionnel, vous avez votre place ici. Et même si vous pensez être au paroxysme du paroxysme de la connaissance d'un
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Technology | Programming
We wanted to make your life easier and save time when buying proxies. So we created the most innovative and fastest proxy generator bot in the whole community! The best part, all is done through Discord! No more websites, lengthy registration processes, or typing Discord messages when buying proxi
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solestash.io | the ultimate reseller tool | solestash.io | the ultimate reseller tool | solestash.io | the ultimate reseller tool
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Community | Hobbies
Sneakers & Hype Streetwear -- Community and Cook Group Helping you connect with a community and purchase the latestest and greatest new releases. Services also include Raffle Invoices, Mails, & More to come!
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Investing | Technology
https://discord.gg/Js4RW6G6 We are new and Upcoming with free monitors and more! https://discord.gg/Js4RW6G6 https://discord.gg/Js4RW6G6 https://discord.gg/Js4RW6G6 https://discord.gg/Js4RW6G6https://discord.gg/Js4RW6G6
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Bot | Community
Bot vinted gratuit sur discord - salons d'entraide - trouvez vos articles de grandes marques au meilleur prix et profitez des meilleurs bons plans.
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Business | Investing
A 100% FREE Cookgroup. A Community-Based Server, Dedicated to providing Members With Sneaker Info, Amazing Deals, Flips, and MORE!
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Gaming | Community
📣DAILY giveaways and free steam keys 🎉Active & Friendly gaming community that focuses on steam platform 🎮 boost your steam account ☄️get notifications when PAID games become FREE for all platforms🎁
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Gaming | Community
📣DAILY giveaways and free steam keys 🎉Active & Friendly gaming community that focuses on steam platform 🎮 boost your steam account ☄️get notifications when PAID games become FREE for all platforms🎁
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Community | Social
Kostenloser Sneaker Server. Hier könnt Ihr mit dem Resellen ganz einfach starten. Der Server befindet sich momentan noch im Aufbau. Also einfach vorbeischauen und abwarten bis wir zusammen durchstarten!
SamuraiCory Icon
Art | Community
Dude, welcome to the SamuraiCory Discord! We’re trying to build a fun and vibrant community for everyone, so we kindly request that you follow these rules so this Discord server can be enjoyed by everyone involved.
Plasma - Vinted Bot Icon
Business | Community
Plasma est un serveur Discord possèdant plus de 70 moniteurs Vinted. Ces moniteurs permettent de chercher en continu des dizaines de vêtements de marque sur Vinted. Une fois un article mis en ligne sur Vinted, il est envoyé par le bot en quelques secondes sur le serveur Discord. Au sein de Plasma vous aurez à disposition une équipe de professionnels capable de vous aider à développer vos revenus sur la plateforme Vinted.
LBF COOK liste d’attente restock Icon
Communauté de Resellers ! Apprends les astuces, tips, secrets pour cop un maximum de paires rares (Jordan 1, Off-White…) ! Comment utiliser un B0t, faire du instore…
Technology | Business
Boosted Proxies Provides exceptionally fast, rarely ever throttled, unbanned, premium ISP and residential Proxies to guarantee our users success. Our support team is here to help and answer all of your questions. Rather than cutting corners we spare no expense when it comes to quality. This is why we strategically decided to utilize a series of different providers in our efforts to ensure that we are delivering a product like no other.
Off-Drip Kicks Icon
Community | Business
Off-Drip Kicks is a shoe provider that provides information about upcoming shoe releases. Some of the things we provide are release date, retail and resell price of the sneakers.
Alpha Chefs Icon
Community | Business
Alpha Chefs provides the follow and more: -Droplists, raffles, FCFS info ?? - Guides ? -instore loops - All website monitors ? -autocheckouts? - Reselling help, botting guides, investments ⚖️? -Profitable Deals and discounts on many websites.?? -Free giveaways ??
AstroHype Cookgroup Icon
Business | Community
We are an upcoming free cookgroup that covers various side hustles/businesses for users to learn to make money. This includes: 1.Sneakers 2. Stocks 3. NFTS 4. Crypto 5. Sports and more to come... There are also freebies and giveaways in our discord. We will continue to add upon these different categories and make our server the best possible area where users can learn about these different side hustles and ultimately make money. Check out our server and see the success members here have got.
Community | Social
Sneakers Italia community nasce nel 2015 come punto di riferimento per la sola compravendita di sneakers. Ai tempi le community italiane si focalizzavano sullo streetwear generico, così mi venne l'idea di istituire una community, un gruppo facebook in cui focalizzare la compravendita esclusivamente sulle sneakers. Sneakers Italia ad oggi conta oltre 25mila membri in costante crescita, con centinaia di post al giorno moderati da staff competente e pronto ad aiutare gli utenti in difficoltà. Nel 2022 il volume di compravendita si misura con 700 post/settimana e oltre 4mila commenti a settimana. Il gruppo Telegram Nel 2022 nasce il gruppo Telegram omonimo, dedicato sempre alla compravendita di sneakers, che si differenzia dal gruppo facebook in quanto live chat. Stavolta gli utenti comprano, vendono e discutono in tempo reale.
Monitorius - Resell Vinted Icon
Business | Community
ce serveur va se consacrer à l’achat/revente, vous êtes tous ici pour faire de l’argent, on est là pour vous. 😋serveur moniteurs vinted 🚀 moniteur gratuit 24h/24 et 7j/7 😎moniteurs rapides, efficaces et en nombres! 💸prix imbattables 🔔 notifications en temps réel ✏️ enregistre tes propres filtres 🚀 boost tes articles dans l'algo vinted 📅 calendrier des drops ✅ legit check 💵 estimations ✨on tracks les annonces les plus fructueuses de vinted (ex : sweat carharrt 4€ -> revente 35€) rejoins-nous vite ! 👑
Resell Place Icon
Business | Community
New Sneakers Marketplace Marketplace : WTS/WTB/WTT/BULK Legit Check and Chat 🇫🇷🇺🇸🇮🇹🇩🇪