Tabletop | Investing
A place to follow everything Pokemon TCG! We follow and discuss everything from deals to investing! Join for a friendly community looking to help each other!
Gaming | Community
Give Gifts - Games to people! Holidays are Coming! Do you want to discuss about games and suggest/share games? Then this server is for you! Offer up games or request games at Gift of Games! Social Discord Server for Gifting and Recommending games, also deal and free findings!
Investing | Community
Flipestates offers premium information, without the premium price. Join us for free!
Gaming | Entertainment
The latest deals and discounts on videogames, nintendo, switch, ps4, xbox, steam, pc, consoles, gadgets, funkos, sneakers and more
Gaming | Entertainment
This is a ONE-STOP gaming destination. If you want to receive latest deals or news or ongoing bundle information then this is the place for you. So hop-in and enjoy.
Hobbies | Support
This server contains popular services for a variety of categories, including an advice center, Anime center, A "Deals" section, music section, RP section, tech support section, And a database section; And we can still add more services if needed~
Gaming | Community
Hi there! We're Artemis and Ovi and we play games and make each other laugh. We created a gaming community that allows people to be around friends at all times. Come on in and meet everyone!
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Exciting Deals and Food at Great Price 👌
Business | Community
Mako - your source for deals on discord! Joining Mako gives you free access to hundreds of daily deals - many of which have savings of up to 100% off! Our rapid fire deal feed brings active price drops, lightning deals and more to your discord app or browser, giving you opportunities to score deals!
Gaming | Social
Targerts for server: Chill place for stay and chat; Promotions and Giveaways share; Trading Channels; Place for searching CO-OP players.
Business | Financial
NotaCookGroup is a group dedicated to finding the best deals at your local walmart, target, etc. For the easiest and most profitable flips.