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Gaming | Hobbies | eSports
Academy Gaming is a relaxed community for many games and regions around the world. Join to hang out, talk about games, and participate in giveaways. We have game roles for many different games and have frequent giveaways of steam games, Discord Nitro, and other prizes.
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Gaming | Hobbies | eSports
Academy Gaming is a relaxed community for many games and regions around the world. Join to hang out, talk about games, and participate in giveaways. We have game roles for many different games and have frequent giveaways of steam games, Discord Nitro, and other prizes.
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Gaming | Hobbies | eSports
Academy Gaming is a relaxed community for many games and regions around the world. Join to hang out, talk about games, and participate in giveaways. We have game roles for many different games and have frequent giveaways of steam games, Discord Nitro, and other prizes.
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Gaming | Community | Anime
A rather active server that has existed for close to three years. We host gaming parties throughout the week, with many of us open for texting 24/7. Activity is not required, but encouraged as we're trying to grow our active user base. - Over 500 members, working towards joining Discord's Partnership program. - We play a lot of Halo, CSGO, PvP Minecraft (ask for server IP), Classic WoW, OSRS, Rocket League, etc. - Occasional Giveaways - Anime streaming sessions area a frequent occurence - English & Japanese channels - Chess tournaments are hosted monthly on - We have an NSFW channel for ravers & other misc types. - Music channel to share your beats. - Memes. So very many memes. - Twitch & YouTube integrations through Mee6. Share your content! Automatically announce when you're streaming! - Tatsumaki, IdleRPG, Groove, Mee6 and more. - Ranking system, every message earns XP. Ranking up unlocks new perks and channels. Check us out!
Community | Entertainment
This is a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other members, and make new friends. This is mainly a server to hang out, play games, talk to new people everyday plus, we host events. Everyone is welcome in our fast-growing community as long as you're f
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Gaming | Streaming
Colombianos jugando en PC y algunos en consolas. Call of Duty: Warzone, PUBG, etc
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Gaming | Community
Seja Todos Bem Vindos!
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Gaming | Community
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Meme | Gaming
Bunch of real ass niggas homie what up? you can do literally whatever you want here as long as its legal, won't get the server shut down and isnt child porn
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Gaming | Community
Crypto Gamers now leads the space as the most engaged blockchain gaming community across all networks, dedicated to pushing the blockchain gaming towards mass adoption. Crypto Gamers is a global marketing platform specializing in Blockchain Gaming Industry building a blockchain gaming environment that embraces honesty, loyalty, and camaraderie above all else to create a unique emotional connection for brands and the best quality player acquisitions for blockchain gaming platforms, we’ve been helping Blockchain games to get traction and to provide them not only the much-needed visibility but also quality connections, advice, and the community support.
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Gaming | Hobbies
-Rule #1 Be respectful and welcoming to fellow members. In general, treat others the way you would like to be treated, and be mindful of others' world views. -Rule #2 Keep your drama to direct messages. -Rule #3 Insults, racism, sexism, homophobia, and all other forms of discriminatory speech are strictly prohibited. Additionally, keep political and religious discussion to an absolute minimum, and kindly drop the topic if a moderator asks to do so. -Rule #4 Please don't spam or troll in any of the channels, and don't repeatedly say the same thing over and over. Additionally, don't spam @ mentions to the moderators. -Rule #5 No doxxing of yourself nor others on this server. That means do not share personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, or any other sensitive information. We recommend you refrain from sharing this if at all possible and if necessary, only do so through Direct Messages. -Rule #6 Anything that could be considered illegal is strictly prohibited.
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Gaming | Community
A gaming community based around CS:GO, but a great place to meet people who play all types of games! Chill, friendly, and very welcoming.
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Gaming | eSports
A Very Cool Server!
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Anime | Gaming
Um server random de newbas. Entre e faça parte do nosso team.
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Gaming | Community
Primarily a gaming community for all platforms and games. Stop on by, select your platform and enjoy some regular chit chat and game talk!
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Suicide Club X is a highly intellectual server for people of different kind
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Gaming | YouTuber
Our server is for Fortnite players trying to go pro, we’ll accept nearly everyone. If you’re not good, that’s ok! We’re here to help each other get better
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Gaming | Entertainment
Chill and small minecraft server with kind and active staff! Join now with
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Gaming | Community
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Gaming | Entertainment
Un server fain facem caterinca, avem channels pt jocuri, orice ti vrea inima, intra
YouTuber | Community
Gamers, YouTubers, & Streamers. Self promotion.
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Social | Anime
gamers, anime, programmers, music, fun, just chating
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Social | Art
A server for people all across the board! You a gamer? Alright bet. A furry? alright cool. LGBT+? Get ready for validation! We're small now, but hopefully that wont always be the case!! Come and sit with us and relax, we wont judge you for anything, mods are active, and are always here to help! Hopefully you can have fun during your stay!
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Gaming | Community
Egy magyar Discord Szerver, ahol játékok társalgás megsegítésére jött létre! A szerverhez tartozhatnak egyedi játék szerverek is! Információ: Erős személyszűrés Kiskorú szabályzás (18+ tartalom elől tiltva) Sok prefix,kitüntetés,engedély Privát szoba ellenőrzött játékosoknak teljes körű ellenőrzés (Troll,Bot,Hacker)
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eSports | Community
We are a newly founded charity working to help out the gaming community as best we can.
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Entertainment | eSports
Servidor de discord, para gamers, para una comunidad, para estar todos juntos en cualquier momento, para dudas tecnicas, de cualquier videojuego, UNETE, Sé Zerok
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Streaming | Gaming
A place where Streamers and Gamers can collab, find new friends, and help each other out
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Gaming | Community
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Gaming | Meme
we still play video games
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Gaming | YouTuber
This is a server for fans of gaming. We do live radio events and are a server full of fun. We have a great moderation team and have so much for you to do here!
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Community | Entertainment
Comunidade para reunir pessoas de todos os tipos, etnia, cor, raça, orientação sexual e afins, um comunidade focada em comunicação e entretenimento
𝓖𝓪𝓵𝓪𝔁𝔂 𝓒𝓵𝓾𝓫𝓱𝓸𝓾𝓼𝓮 Icon
Community | Gaming
This is the Galaxy Clubhouse! We're a casual group of members looking to expand into a small community of gamers, artists, and just normal people to chat with! Feel free to stop by, as the server is still work in progress <3
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Community | Technology
Servidor De Amigos(a) Jogar, Ver Vídeos, Escutar Música, Fazer Novas Amizades E TUDO MAIS!!
Entertainment | Gaming
Aqui temos vários eventos para se divertir, bots de vários para Entretenimento..
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Gaming | Social
A place to talk about, matchmake, level up in 3rd Strike!
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Gaming | Community
A gaming community for Muslim Gamers! We are a community accepting of people of all backgrounds. Come play with us!
Technology | Gaming
epic gamers only
Bulgarian Gaming Community
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Gaming | Social
We play a lot of splatoon 2, if you want to play with experienced players, you can join, even if you are new to splatoon 2 you can play with people on your level, or maybe people above your level that will help you with maybe salmon run.
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Gaming | Art
A server for the Avid Artists and Gamers. We want to create a community of people where friendship is important and finding new friends. For now we are small and we will slowly expand with our users. Be a Gamer, Be an Artist. Grow with us and you improve your skills we improve ours.
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Gaming | Community
Hi, thanks telah bergabung di discord daddy. selamat datang, terimakasih sudah mensupport daddy, buat kamu yang bergabung pastikan baca rules atau peraturan discord daddy ya, dan feel free buat cari temen mabar disini. anggap aja satu sama lain sudah lama kenal, ok. enjoy
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Anime | Gaming
Hello, small community of Neets, Otakus, Anime Fans, Cosplayers, and Gamers who enjoy Anime, Manga, and Video Games! Come join us, your welcome! Also we have voice text channel for people lacking mic for Voice Chat! ^_^
Gaming | Meme
memes, gaming, chilling basically
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Anime | Gaming
Welcome to Gamers Life Features Gaming Music Anime Technology You'll even make new friends here as well We're also looking for partnerships
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Gaming | Community
:wave: Welcome to Nintendo Fans United! :wave: This server is for all fans of Nintendo, young and old. To talk about there favorite games, meet people to play with, and to chill out. We feature: Channels for your favorite franchises (mario, pokemon, legend of zelda, etc.)! Submit your own emojis to be used! Listen to cool music with RythmFM Catch Pokemon in Pokecord Chat in many Voice Chat Rooms So, what are you waiting for? Join today!
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Gaming | Meme
A server focused around the 5th Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, mainly memes. Official discord server for the SkyrimMemes subreddit.
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Entertainment | Community
We host a Rust PC game server & community!
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Social | Gaming
Hello welcome to this cummunity discord where trying to make very nice and cosy fammily here so we can play lots of games together
Gaming | Community
📈 Boost your ARK:SE, CONAN EXILES, THE ISLE Server here. We welcome all nations, no racism will be tolerate!🥰 What can you do on our discord? ✅Promote your private servers & find new group of players. ✅Promote your channels & social media platforms. ✅Chill, Chat and GGWP ❤️ . ✅Find new guides for your fav game. ✅Find new streamer to watch. ✅We have NSFW Channels. ✅Join our forum here: future giveaways coming. Together we can grow faster📈. Invite link:
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Gaming | Community | Entertainment
Welcome to gamers! Here we play games and have tons of events. We have game nights , give aways , competitions and more!
Gaming | eSports
Hello Gamers, If you see this message and you are a gamer. you should join this server even though it stil 70% complete but it was fun, you can relax and chit-chat in here COME ON join the server and you can give me some good idea
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Art | Social
welcome, i am atlas, your host for the night. won't you come inside?
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Anime | Community
Hi! We're a local AZ panelist group! We're those ones that run the weird hentai panel. Tags: anime, manga, weaboo, nsfw, gamer, cosplay, anime conventions, hell yeah, otaku, waifu, we like to think cory in the house was the best anime to date
NEW! Central - Dating & NSFW+ Icon
Community | Mature
Summary: There are - NSFW Channels, - Color Roles, - Language Channels, - Game Channels, - Gamer Channels, - Giveaways, - Memes, - And more!
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Gaming | Anime
Gamermy is a small server focused on gamers, anime, otakus, cosplayers and mental health. Be sure to invite your friends since we are new and you could use this place as your own
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Gaming | Support
This server's purpose is to centralize gamer news into one accessible location.
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Gaming | Community
Hello, and welcome to The Gamer Empire! We offer gaming news, giveaways, an active chat, friendly community, memes, fun bots, events, music and more! Join our server today and take your Discord experience to the next level!
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Gaming | Community
Hi there! We're Artemis and Ovi and we play games and make each other laugh. We created a gaming community that allows people to be around friends at all times. Come on in and meet everyone!
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Gaming | eSports
The admins and members of this server are mostly IRL friends that have been gaming together in communities for over 10 years. Come be a part of a gaming family.
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Community | LGBT An awesome, safe for work server appropriate for all ages - great community for friends, gaming, mental health, etc
Gaming | Entertainment
gamer chat is a server about games n stuff features: tons of bots too mess around with. livestreams. music free of charge join us today
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Gaming | Social
Acest server a fost creat cu scopul de a oferii gamerilor romani (si nu numai) un loc unde pot comunica cu diverse persoane cu interse comune precum gaming-ul. Aici va puteti gasii coechipieri pentru echipa dvs. sau chiar o echipa caruia sa va aluturati. Lucram la server in mod constant si speram ca in viitorul apropiat sa putem tine diverse giveaway-uri si alte concursuri, pentru mai multe detalii ramaneti alaturi de noi.
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Gaming | Anime
A tightly knit community of dedicated gamers. Main Games We Play: - CS:GO - Modern Warfare - Minecraft - League of Legends - Rainbow 6 Siege - MTG Arena - GTA5 - Terraria - Uno - Other small party games
Gamer's Cup Icon
eSports | Gaming
Estamos aqui para fornecer de todo o melhor para vocês! Campeonatos, prêmios, amizades e uma ótima conversa ;) Se quiser nos acompanhar com mais frequência entre nas nossas redes sociais!
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Social | Community
Extended invites. Open only for adult audiences.
God Son's Community Icon
Gaming | Anime
Gaming Community Server If you're a gamer and need a place for your friends to play join today :)
Nexus Coalescent Icon
Community | Gaming
The Nexus Coalescent Server is a Hangout/Gaming server, it is also for DarkRP for Gmod, but mostly just to hang out and have a good time. We have: Nitro Boosts Unique Roles Many fun bots Chill Staff ...mostly...
▀▄▀▄ ➌➋➑ ▄▀▄▀ Icon
Meme | Gaming
Just the most legendary out there
AmazingArmy Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
🌟Akinator🌟Exp System🌟220+ gaming roles🌟Member Count🌟Musics🌟LFG Feature🌟Original Content Channel🌟80+ custom emojis🌟Pokécord🌟Rewards🌟
The Rice Fields Icon
Art | Community
A server growing but having fun at the same time!!!
PTT Steam Icon
Gaming | Meme
由 PTT Steam 板鄉民成立的遊戲群組
Bending Hub Icon
Gaming | Community
Fun Minecraft Discord Hub for ProjectKorra Plugin Players!
Kōzoku Icon
Anime | Gaming
An environment mainly for vibing and jokes on the side. Sometimes its crackheadish but you get used to it.
The Silver Stream Icon
Anime | Community
Server consists of: -- Waifu's and husbando's by the WaifuBot and the Mudae bot. -- Pokécord and Pokécord giveaways. -- Emoji's -- Self-assignable roles -- A leveling system by Nadeko.