A chill place to come make new friends, a welcoming community always looking for new faces! Hope to see you there :) So much fun!
A chill place to come make new friends, a welcoming community always looking for new faces! Hope to see you there :) So much fun!
A chill place to come make new friends, a welcoming community always looking for new faces! Hope to see you there :) So much fun!
ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ Hello~ We're a small wholesome community for people who play League of Legends and artists. You can also try to make some friends and socialize. Check us out if you're interested, have a great day! <3
Somos novos e queremos crescer nosso servidor, temos um time, chame qualquer um que esteja on para jogar com você, temos opções de lanes, e vários cargos, queremos ser o maior servidor de LOL do Brasil, contamos com vocês para realizarmos esse sonho.
League of Legends
CS:GO Esports server with lots of Gaming Events and (Nitro)Giveaways!
Discord to find other Modern Warfare and Call of Duty players to link up with. Grind and or even play casually in the campaign. We are also recruiting some of the top players for our Esports Team. We will eventually have tournaments , leagues and other events to take part in.
A Roblox Community Discord Server, in which you can assign yourself roles of the games you play, interact with other Roblox players, and have fun.
Nintendo & Switch eSports & Gaming in Calgary, and online
Welcome to the Team Fortress 2 Hub: The most advanced and versatile TF2 server! 》 Come hang out with a few of your favorite streamers and youtubers! 》 Make friends and play with some of the chillest people on the planet! 》 Share your favorite art, screenshots, and sfm posters!
Boxfight Wager Money Scrims
Cypherchthonic is a phygital art movement that introduces and educates the crypto/blockchain space to artists. Leveling the playing field of power and going around barriers greedy oppressors have laid out in both the art industry and banking industry. As artists move into the next industrial revolution, "the information age". There are a few power structures that won't be as powerful as they are today, it's inevitable. We are very early to the game.
Bienvenue dans le Discord BxfTournaments Je t'invite à lire les salon #règles et #infos pour pouvoir prendre connaisance des différentes informations a connaitre pour participer aux differents tournois que l'on vous propose sur ce serveur. Sur ce serveur nous proponsons les tournois boxfight suivants : -Tournois bxf -Tournois du mois Si vous voulez plus de renseignement veillez contacter l'owner ou les différents modérateurs. Cordialement, Yalex @Owner
hi im drdablocker i wanna make a good community im goint to start streaming and posting youtube videos. im also one of the leaders/owners of clan deranged we are a fortnite and cod players trying to get big please help us grow and you can be apart of it to so join the discord and we will be the next big fortnite and cod play JOIN UP!
Modern Warfare Discord - Join up to our friendly e-sport tournaments or just find new friends to team up with. Earn Killstreaks by chatting in the channels! We have our very own Tournament bot where you will be able to check out details of the next upcoming event. Tournaments are ran each month
Le serveur officiel de la JPEG eSports, une organisation crée en 2017. Rejoins notre aventure avec à disposition pleins de salons et des bots incroyables !
Discord server for the LeGeND Clan Family for Clash Royale. Visit us at www.legendclans.com
Illuminate Entertainment is a talent, creative, & gaming entertainment organization. Our goal is to spread joy and positivity with our content. We have a great community of everything from gamers, musicians, content creators, and more. Join us and network through playing popular games like Fortnite and Apex Legends with us! We hope you enjoy the content we have to offer and #illuminateTheWay!
Community Discord for Twitch.tv/SqueakyFonck - Professional League of Legends ADC and Streamer playing for OG Esports
Ascending Champions Esports is a fun, friendly, and competitive tournament organization for players who enjoy playing Rocket League and who want to play in an environment devoid of any toxicity. We aim to have a fair, friendly and fun environment where toxicity and unsportsmanlike conduct is not tolerated and swiftly dealt with. Ascending Champions Esports organizes and runs tournaments for players who are looking to develop their skill to the next level.
Gaming, Streaming and YouTube.
Ownage Family is currently a Dutch-only clan. Competing in their local leaderboards. Talent is carefully selected by our experienced leader, Burnd. We're a very helpful clan who is willing to teach everyone. Feel free to check out our discord!
Semi Pro Gaming Organisation | Competing in Fortnite Battle Royale | Creator Code: Unity | #WeAreUnity #UnitedAsOne
Rocket League tournament organization with weekly tournaments and podcasts.
Invite link of the clan War Gods
Australian and New Zealand multi-gaming community and tournament platform. Website: https://4sg.com.au Admins: Mickzerofive and zlr
A gaming community for University of Cincinnati students and friends. Everyone is welcome. We have weekly in-houses during the summer!
FIFA Online League - We welcome all new members to our FIFA community.
Area51 Gaming is one of North America's longest standing professional gaming organizations and growing multi-gaming communities. Our divisions compete in online leagues as well as tournaments every year, against some of the best teams in the world.
This discord is about a new growing youtuber/gaming community for everyone.
Transylvania eSports official discord server
Esports Camps are designed to bring young players together to learn new skills, train as a team and grow the community. Each day is designed to build individual and teamwork skills while also introducing each camper to new training exercises for the body and mind. Individual performance improvement and personal growth will be the top priorities throughout the week of camp. We believe that an interactive environment focusing on the individual, team, competition, community and FUN are vital to player and individual advancement.
Well, you're here! Welcome to Kumari Kingdom. We are a community of gaming enthusiastic who plays (obviously) and have fun here for no reason. Our server has Friendly, Funny and knowledgeable Folks. So Feel free to chat and Hangout!. Y'all be assigned with Citizens role now! Make sure to participate in every event we conduct to promote yourself to higher role. Bigger Role, Bigger access to server.
Welcome to Channel of Indian Streamer .
We aim to bring the ESEA community together on discord.