✨ Multi-game Community ✨ Weekly Gaming Events & Giveaways ✨ New community for ALL Gamers! ✨ Safe & Friendly ✨ Open Staff Positions ✨ Gaming 24/7 ✨
✨ Multi-game Community ✨ Weekly Gaming Events & Giveaways ✨ New community for ALL Gamers! ✨ Safe & Friendly ✨ Open Staff Positions ✨ Gaming 24/7 ✨
✨ Multi-game Community ✨ Weekly Gaming Events & Giveaways ✨ New community for ALL Gamers! ✨ Safe & Friendly ✨ Open Staff Positions ✨ Gaming 24/7 ✨
Discord to find other Modern Warfare and Call of Duty players to link up with. Grind and or even play casually in the campaign. We are also recruiting some of the top players for our Esports Team. We will eventually have tournaments , leagues and other events to take part in.
All inclusive. Female friendly. LGBTQ friendly. Competitive yet fun and community oriented.
Welcome to the official Channel of Call of Duty Mobile, Join us for updates and rewards.
Join the Collective! Home of the best competitive gaming community! World wide. We strictly enforce our code of conduct to limit toxicity. We are growing at an incredible rate. If you're interested in competing, interacting with the teams/players/casters, finding a group of good players to dominate with or even just hang out then this is the server for you! We have opened our discord for the public. We host competitive leagues and tournaments for R6 and COD. All games are streamed and casted! We're on all platforms and regions. The best players on console play with us. Our PC side is growing at an incredible rate. Fair play. Great competitive community. Come join the fun.
Call of Duty: Mobile Discord german Call of Duty: Mobile Discord deutsch CoD Mobile Discord german CoD Mobile Discord deutsch
A multi-game community, primarily for PC Rainbow Six Siege and Call of Duty players. We play casual and ranked games, hold community events and tournaments, as well as help build each others skills. We are a community focused at having fun while getting better at the games we play. We have sections dedicated for YouTubers and Streamers who want to advertise themselves as well as sections to help you find other people who play similar games to you. The average age of our members is between 15 and 28. Games that the server currently supports are as follows: Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, CS:GO, Dead by Daylight, Destiny, Elder Scrolls Online, For Honor, Magic the Gathering, Minecraft, PUBG, and Rust. Join today and make some friends!
Brandneuer Server, auf dem ihr euch zum Zocken verabreden könnt! Fortnite, Minecraft, CS:GO, und COD, sowie weitere folgen. Viele Sprachkanäle, sowie gut ausgebaute Struktur helfen dir, den maximalen Spielspaß zu erleben!
FireStorm eSports is a brand new eSports organisation searching for stable rosters & a loyal fanbase. In our discord all type of gamers come together to play with each other. We are a professional discord that loves to see our new members connect with each other. We got a professional environment & staffteam to help you with all your questions if needed. #FireStormeSports
Clan Atlantic was made because I wanted somewhere where I don’t have to attend meetings or be 100% active as I’m a busy person. So I created Atlantic Clan, We welcome all Players if you just started on a game or your a pro, we want to have a welcoming network, we are currently trying to compete in all sorts of tournaments in all sorts of games, we don’t limit games or platforms we welcome you all.
Gaming server.
Home to your favorite Panda and Siege Coach. Come on in ;-)
Servidor Discord do Doidaum
The official server of the A Sniper's Oath team!
Unity makes strength. Gamers rise up.
GamingSec - FPS based community that anyone can join, regardless of skill.
We are gamers just like you who were looking for a community which is safe, friendly and regulated where we could have fun and meet new people without any negative behaviour. This is Like-Minded Gamers. We are a global organization that welcomes everyone from all walks of life. No matter your gender, your race, your sexuality or religious beliefs you are welcome!
Official Discord of eRa Eternity, a world-class brand in content & gaming entertainment. Twitters: @eRa_Eternity @eRaCreators
Call of duty fans join in have fun cheers!!
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare unofficial groups discord used for grouping up and finding people to play with!
COD (Call Of Duty) Server for Modern Warfare, Cross Platform on XBOX and Playstation to play online, 10s, 8s, and custom games!
STRIKER Gaming Discord STRIKER is a German E-Sports Organisation with Teams in Fortnite Battle Royale, Apex Legends, Call of Duty and Rainbow Six Siege, You can talk to some of the Players of find new Friends to play your Favorite Games Together!
hey you, Yeah you! Are you looking for a server that is full of games, enjoyment and cool members, then join us! We have got some great bots and people to make friends with here. Our server features: Friendly Members :busts_in_silhouette: Self Roles :cricket: General gaming chat :video_game: Off topic channel 🧩 Self advertisement :mailbox_with_mail: Bot spam channel :robot: And Private Rooms. TOPICS: Fortnite CSGO PUBG OVERWATCH BF5 BO4 And more....! :tada: JOIN THE SERVER TODAY! TEAM PULSE --------------------------------------- https://discord.gg/akatPC4
Old school CALL of DUTY server. Bringing the memories back to life!
Chill Gaming is a simple gaming discord that connects gamers together with one discord server we appreciate anyone that plays any game. If you just want to talk with people about games or, do some relaxed gaming, or even share a cool glitch about any game this is the place to come.
Premium gaming community - 1337 genius only *mature content* 18+ active admins In progress: http://www.lfgizzle.com (will redirect to discord server for now).
Welcome to gamers! Here we play games and have tons of events. We have game nights , give aways , competitions and more!
Official home of /r/Blizzard subreddit.
Up and coming gaming server. Focus on LFG for fortnite, apex, pubg and cod. Also can advertise streams.
Welcome to the COD Discord server where you can meet new people to have a nice time with or just find people to join your Squad and dominate the battlefield today!
Discord Call of Duty : France uniquement dédié aux jeux de la franchise Call of Duty, viens discuter et trouver des joueurs avec qui jouer, nous sommes déjà +4000 membres !
Gezellige Nederlands talige PS4 server!
Hello & Welcome to FirstImpact! We're a Gaming Community Who Play a Variety of Games However Most Of Our Members Play Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft & Call Of Duty. Our Members Are All English Speaking & Mostly From Europe or America! Do You Have Any Questions? If So, Please Contact Any Higher-Ups For Anything You Would Like To Ask. Owners, Admins And Friends Of The Server Are All Here To Help You Out! If They Are Simple Questions Such As What We Do As A Community & What Our Goals Are, Just Talk To Any Of Our Senior Members, They Will Be Happy To Help! In The Discord We Have A Variety Of Bot's That You Can Use, Just Take A Look At The Channels & Everything Will Be Clear.
Looking for friends to play PS4 games with? By friends I mean good friends, because this server is a community/family and everyone who wants to chill, have fun, play games, is more than welcome! The server is set up with channels for games: Black Ops 4, GTA, Apex, Overwatch and more. If you don’t play the game, which means not having the role for the game, you won’t see the channel and get “spammed’’ by messages about a game you don’t play. Besides gaming we talk about life, laugh about memes/jokes, send dog pics etc Come join us!