Customs, Scrims, Zone-Wars, 1v1s, Boxfights, Creative, Competitive etc...
Welcome to Fortnite Console Scrims In this server, we host up to 10 scrims and creative tournaments per day. We host weekly tournaments which include prizes such as; Cash Prizes, Gift Cards and Vbucks. If you like Fortnite then consider hopping on the battle bus and compete against others for the grand victory royale!
An upcoming and new Fortnite Zone Wars server!! Daily zone wars! Looking for new Host, Mods, players, and more. Come Join!
Clan Community Discord, Customs, Self-Promo
Um discord voltado para partidas customs das mais variadas modalidades, com enfase em competitivo.
Shifty scrims is a competitive fortnite scrim server, we hope to become one of the best scrim servers for the game. We are just starting out and appreciate any member we get.
A pro gaming discord with customs and boxfights for fortnite
Encounter E3ʀ is a competitive and a professional Indian PUBG Mobile clan. It was founded with the motive to provide the underrated players a chance to showcase their skills and establish their name in competitive scenario. We have been able to dominate the competitive scene in PUBG Mobile and created many fans who constantly support our work. We also organize scrims on daily basis against some of the best Indian & International teams.
Active everyday all day for scrims 1v1s and zonewars. Fun friendly environment for oce gamers
The Oceanic hub for Fortnite. The most active and largest server in the oceanic community. Providing game updates/info, LFG, events, giveaways and more.
The goal of the server is to create a reliable place for teams to find scrims easily without looking in multiple different servers. - D1+ Teams allowed - 75+ Teams registered - Mostly GC Teams registered - Centralized location - Great for RLRS Qualifier Practice Even if you are a LFT, the server is a good place to get exposed to multiple orgs or teams that may need players. Weekly Sunday Tournaments! - Any Ranks Can Enter - Competitive Atmosphere - ESL Like Format - Streamed - 3 PM Eastern Time
The Fortnite Fan Server is a guild focused on Gaming, specifically based on Fortnite.
Here you can chat about Island Royale, win account giveaways and buy accounts. You can also buy a grinder for a day! We also do scrims as well!
This is a fun fortnite server probably the best join up
small fortnite custom server that I am tying to grow into a big community
CS:GO Pro is a server for competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players and players interested in the esports scene CS:GO Pro, CS:GO Scrims, CS:GO Tournaments, CS:GO LFG, CS:GO Looking for group, clan, teams etc.
Fortnite Scrims, custom games, pro scrims and snipes. Community for professional and competitive gamers that wants to practice for tournaments. Regularly hosting scrims and pro scrims. One of the largest scrim servers in the world. Looking for staff and scrims hosts.
A new community of active players, where we can communicate 24/7 and find a duo/squad partner at anytime! Chat, trade, play, etc..
Battle Royale games! Competitive players, Scrims, LFG, and so on!
Servidor criado para: - Facilitar o contato entre times, para marcar jogos treino; - Fornecer informações sobre os campeonatos disponíveis apoiados pela RIOT; - Fornecer informações sobre as ligas profissionais.
Gaming server ESL Giveaway Apex legends, fortnite, counter strike Scrims Twitch and YouTube promotion
⚡ZONE WARS⚡ 🏝Custom Scrims 💨Host & Find Players Fast Over 🔥14300+ Discord Members 🌍NAE, 🌍NAW, 🌍EU, 🌍OCE, 🌍ASIA
The Purge Tournament is the Gold Standard in Global, Mobile-Gaming Tournaments. Upcoming events in the following mobile games: PUBGM, CODM, BRAWL STARS, CYBER HUNTER, APEX LEGENDS MOBILE, FORTNITE.
We host custom matches daily in Fortnite and have a general chat where you can pretty much talk about anything that you are interested in.
Increase your fortnite skills while meeting new people and making new friends!!
Just join us and have fun we promise that you will enjoy
Fortnite Scrims & Team.
SpartansUK, a community achieving a high standard of gaming since 2017, now on Discord!
Competitive Fortnite Community CLAN Tryouts 1v1's . Become the best player. Practice in our constant scrim customs and prove your worth in our league. GET RANKED Bronze, Silver & Gold!
HC(Have Creativity) Is an Upcoming Fortnite Team! We Love hosting Scrims for the best of the best Fortnite Players Around Come and join if you got the skill!
Welcome to the official Ethereal Esports tournament discord! Tournaments will be announced at the beginning of every week feel free to check the tournaments channel for more information. Outside of weekly tournaments the Ethereal Esports Tournament discord was created to help teams and players connect with each other. We know how hard it is to find players to compete with and against, our community has your back. Our discord is sponsored and powered by Ethereal Esports we use our community to scout players for our funded rosters.
Free fortnite open scrims that anyone can join
Community for professional and competitive Fortnite players and gamers that wants to join scrims and tournaments
DesireClan's Official Discord. >Custom ZoneWars >Custom Matchmaking
We are a friendly, active, and chill gaming community. We are addicted to gaming. The server is mostly dedicated to Fortnite, however you are welcome whether you play fortnite or a different game! Mixture of active girls and boys, and people in many age ranges and backgrounds so you’ll never feel alone or out of place!
Rainbow Six Siege orientated discord server that is a great place to lfg for ranked, unranked or even casual. We also run scrims against each other every Wednesday and Saturday night. We also support our active streamers but sending bot notifications in our server when they go live.