You can partake in all types of boxfights such as free for all, wagers, and normal boxfights while gaining points with our advanced system
We do Customs every Sunday night on Windows 10. It's free. Join us!
Clan Community Discord, Customs, Self-Promo
Shifty scrims is a competitive fortnite scrim server, we hope to become one of the best scrim servers for the game. We are just starting out and appreciate any member we get.
A pro gaming discord with customs and boxfights for fortnite
small fortnite custom server that I am tying to grow into a big community
An active community of players where we can communicate, do customs, trades, and find a duo/squad partner at anytime! Join if you're active!
⚡ZONE WARS⚡ 🏝Custom Scrims 💨Host & Find Players Fast Over 🔥14300+ Discord Members 🌍NAE, 🌍NAW, 🌍EU, 🌍OCE, 🌍ASIA
We host custom matches daily in Fortnite and have a general chat where you can pretty much talk about anything that you are interested in.
A great discord for those people who wish to play 1v1's, Zone Wars, Turtle Wars, Customs etc.
Halo Création est un serveur de partage et de promotion de créations basées sur l'univers Halo, le tout dans une ambiance sympa et chill ! Cherchez des joueurs pour vos parties, et découvrez des façons créatives de jouer (tricks, speedruns, etc. [Note to non-French speakers: we do have a translator bot so you can join and speak in whatever your language is!]
Xtreme Gaming Server with alot to offer. We allow 1vs1's / looking for duo/ and host customs for all the fortnite community. Also we allow self promotion and have quit a few give aways. Please come join our community of fortnite gamers!
We are a gaming community that provides box fights. Xtreme also hosts tournaments, customs and zone wars. Stop in and check out our community.
Z4 is a Esport team, Based on Middle East. We are Looking for professional players for fortnite community, to fight as a team, learn as a team and play as a team.
▶ Over 4.5K people! ▶ LEVEL 2, with 20 boosts ▶ Nitro giveaways ▶ Roles for every gamemode and more ▶ Always active voice chats ▶ Latest Custom maps and gamemodes ▶ UNSC vs Covenant Event ▶ Minecraft Server And way more and more reasons to join!
Hello, We are Unvoke Creative. We are a fortnite based boxfighting, zone wars, customs, tournaments, and more. We have *AUTOMATED* Boxfights and a fun community. Join up and play a few games!
Custom Fortnite Scrims
Scrim Server!