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Discussion server for the Play for Tempo Podcast, a weekly hearthstone chat with Schwal and StevenSensei in 30 min or less.
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This is the discord server of Hitman! Welcome to the server!
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Primarily a Hearthstone Community around Twitch Streamer Mageadeath
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Diabotical Portugal Community Discord.
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TalosFray.TV is a robot building and AI programming combat game! Learn to code and kill others in the process!
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Hello my lovly Quakers! Today, I am gonna start a project to make Quake in general attractive and understandable. Since this genre is really difficult to start with, I am looking for Quakers who are willing to teach and show the newbies in this game how this game works and make it easy to join the world of arena FPS! So far, we are only looking for some coaches, who are willing to take some time of their precious life and help the rest of the community, who are willing to climb the SR ladder. You can text me on discord "DrSeake#1337" for more information!
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Its for arena grinding, Team finding, trio finding and much more!!!
Va asteptam si pe ★GOARENA.DARKEVILS.RO★
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Suomalainen CS:GO yhteisö.
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Fed up of playing arena mixed with 240fps 0ping Pc players? Well… your in the right place. Introducing the brand new console arena Discord server!! This server is console only set with Yunite so no PC players can sneak in. Making this the ultimate prac with no zone rules to practise for those solo cash cups.
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Looking for players for games this is place for you to come chat and have laugh 😊
Tolmas is an RP set in the city of Tolmas. Players assume the role of a slave and participate in conspiracy and revolution. A hard magic system is utilized by both sides of the struggle.
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Fortnite scrims and competitive. daily scrims and active members. Join for a role.