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Gaming | Community
Vanilla Survival Minecraft Server for the political community Politicord! Server IP: politicord.net / mc.politicord.net
Glasynys: The Blue Island 18+ Icon
Role-Playing | Community
The island of Glasynys is beautifully mystical, but can you survive it? You arrive on the shore of an island that looks blue from a distance. Upon arrival you are given two facts and a suggestion: "This is Glasynys." "You will never leave." "Don't go in to the forest alone." Glasynys is an 18+, free roaming, semi-literate survival/adventure role play where you have to survive and thrive in this new place we call home. Here, you will discover new places as well as lore as your characters try to make something out of a bad situation. Will you survive? We have: -regular in-rn events for an exciting story -original lore and world to explore -fair, active staff -and good community Come stop by. You might stay a while.
Muck Community Icon
Gaming | Community
We are the Muck Community discord server! Here you can talk about Muck, chat, meme, and survive together. Drop by and say hi!
FeralCraft Community Icon
Community | Gaming
Minecraft 1.17 Survival friendly no-grief server Discord which supports both Java and Bedrock versions!
Scandi Isle Icon
Gaming | Community
Scandi Isle is based around The Isle and Beasts Of Bermuda. At the moment we provide a Beasts Of Bermuda game server, with 30 player slots, will be increased if needed. It's a Chill server which means no PVP, so you can safely grow your dino. In-game Boss fights and other PVP content, will be announced in the discord. Here is a few things Scandi Isle can offer you :-) - Actives admins online everyday, ready to help and assist wherever it's needed. - Admins will always be 18+ - Neat and friendly community - A 30 player Chill BoB server - Events in the discord as well In-Game - Point system - Shop. Here you can buy growth storms, gender and skin change. Come join us. Grow your dino and win boss battels, save up points and buy them growth storms! =)
Social | Gaming
ламповая прибалтийская компашка с мемасиками, актуальными новостями, скринами и музычкой
Gaming | Community
MOLOKO | Vanilla | Livonia Improved vanilla experience and chill atmosphere with no strict rules IP: Discord: discord.gg/z6wPywu Welcome!
HoneyCraft Icon
A large & friendly community 24/7 Minecraft Java ᴛʜɪꜱ ꜱᴇʀᴠᴇʀ'ꜱ ᴠᴇʀꜱɪᴏɴ ɪꜱ ᴍᴄ 1.16.5 all ages community please be kind to fellow players and Admins/Mods. non-toxic community you can build your house/base anywhere as long as it doesn't block other places or paths. Join us so we can expand our server.
Ark Lotus Icon
Gaming | Community
Nosso Servidor de ark se expandiu para o discord venha ja conferir !!! Aqui voce tem acesso a todas as informaçoes sobre o servidor e pode conversar com todos os players diretamente
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Gaming | Military
This is the official Noobs Playground DayZ server. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon.
SurvivalCraft Icon
Gaming | Role-Playing
Ola sou dono do servidor SurvivalCraft(Manicraft),Convido vc a vim se junta a nossa família. Server:Survival Versão:1.12.2
Advanced Warfare Gaming Icon
Gaming | Community
Advanced Warfare Gaming Community - Arma 3, DayZ Standalone & More
Piecraft Icon
Gaming | Social
A Minecraft Server
Hycrate Network Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
🎮 ─⦗––– 𝐇𝐘𝐂𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐄 𝐍𝐄𝐓𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐊 –––⦘─ 🌀 Desde los inicios de Hytale, somos una futura red de servidores hispana. ¡Prepárate para navegar por el mejor universo de Hytale! 👥 Comunidad 🎉 Sorteos 🥇 Concursos 🤖 Bots Propios 🎶 Música 📊 Niveles 💰 Economía 🍂 ¡Locos por Hytale! No lo dudes más, te estamos esperando!😄
MCFriendly Icon
Gaming | Community
A large, yet friendly, Minecraft survival server community.
S.A.S Slots System Icon
Gaming | Role-Playing
Somos um servidor de jogos de dinossauros, voltado atualmente para o jogo de The Isle, B.o.B e futuramente Path of Titans. Gostamos de conversar e discutir sobre dinossauros. Temos suporte para a linguagem PT, PT-BR, ES e EN.
IRI5 Network Icon
Gaming | Community
ServerIP: play.iri5mc.com Website: www.iri5mc.com
Survival.to Icon
Gaming | Community
Minecraft Survival Server Community.
ConquerDayZ Icon
This is the Community Server of ConquerDayZ
Miscreated 🇫🇷 Icon
Gaming | Community
Bienvenue sur le Discord Miscreated FR ! Merci d'avoir rejoint le discord de référence des joueurs francophone de Miscreated. Profitez-en pour vous familiariser avec notre fonctionnement : • Consultez les #règles et les #rôles qui composent le discord • Passez nous dire bonjour dans le salon #bavardages une fois que votre rôle sera attribué !
Vikings DayZ Community. Icon
Gaming | Gaming
Dayz Standalone Server.
Azpire Icon
Discord oficial del servidor de Minecraft Azpire que actualmente cuenta con modalidad de supervivencia. ¡Únete y participa de sorteos, eventos y más en nuestro Discord!
Code Breaker Online Icon
Gaming | Growth
“Pre-order Code Breaker Online the most realistic survival top down shooter that will ever be created from Dying Byte Games. Hardcore Tactical online experience in a post apocalyptic town of 600 square meters with hundreds of items, weapons and attachments to loot. 30 Players High-Quality Servers.”
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Gaming | eSports
BaneCraft minecraft discord Join play.banecraft.net 1.15.1 Play minecraft survival, creative, or skyblock with friends. See and share some memes and game screenshots of yours.
В разработке Icon
Сервер находится в разработке.
Escape from România™ Icon
Gaming | eSports
Salut, jucatori de Tarkov Romani ! Numele meu este Bogdan, majoritatea ma cunoasteti drept Adrenaline_Bodo. Sunt membru fondator al Comunitatii de Tarkov “Escape from România™”. Vă aștept cu drag pe discord: https://discord.gg/AFBrfmK
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Gaming | Entertainment
This is the official Rust server of Lone Survivor. Server 1: Server 2: Server 3:
Crafteos Icon
Role-Playing | Gaming
Bienvenue le serveur craftéos un un serveur survie semi rp avec des jobs ( listes des jobs) pour pouvoir s'achetez des claim pour pouvoir proteger sa base et une banque pour pouvoir stocker son argent/xp/objet durement gagner .
QBit Network Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
QBit Network is a Minecraft server network with kitpvp, survival, and a modded server.
OllieCraft Icon
Gaming | YouTuber
Olliecraft, MineCraft, COmmunity, Dutch, NL, survival, skyblock
PokéLand | Official Discord Icon
Pixelmon Server
Zombielandz Icon
Gaming | Role-Playing
Zombielandz DayZ Xbox Server
Dead Earth Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
DayZ server | PVE
AftermathRP Icon
Gaming | Role-Playing
GTA RP Server - Zombie apocalypse server
Mineclaps Icon
Gaming | Social
Mineclaps provides a unique Survival world in which you have the option to play Minecraft as it is, or to explore an engaging story with quests for you to complete. These quests will lead to other segments of the lore while rewarding you with some elegant goods! Together with these quests, you can achieve an extended universe of achievements, which you can showcase in your Trophy room. Furthermore, you will be able to train skills by the use of MCMMO and higher enchants. This way, Mineclaps provides an MMO/RPG experience through Minecraft. Not interested? We offer a wide variety of Minigames for you to climb the leaderboards!
Eldian Icon
Gaming | Social
Servidor de minecraft Survival, com uma pitada de RPG. Em Eldian é possível ter acesso a recursos como: MCMMO ENCANTAMENTOS PERSONALIZADOS TERRENOS PROTEGIDOS ITENS RPG E MUITO MAIS
Xycodia Network Icon
Gaming | Community
Join The Server With Any Version You Like From 1.8 - 1.16 * New 1.16 Survival Update Join Now! (10 Players Only, So you & your friends can enjoy it!) * New Factions - Is The Main Part Of This Server! * & Much More Coming Soon If You Make This Server Possible! Our Server Is Discord Compatible!
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Gaming | Community
HardTime Icon
Community | Gaming
Towny, Minecraft, Discord, 1.16.1
cubourbano Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Servidor oficial de CuboUrbano Network. Interactúa con la comunidad y entérate de todo lo que está por venir!
Starlight Mc Icon
Gaming | Community
A server for the StarLiteMC minecraft server!
Zonoox's Twitch Discord Icon
Streaming | Gaming
Hey Hey Hey! This is the Official Server for the Zonoox Community, There's many things to do and see so come along and chat with us! You will also be able to be notified easier when I'm live!
GermanDayZ Icon
GermanDayZ.de ist die größte deutschsprachige DayZ Community. Finde Mitspieler, Clans, RP Storys und vieles mehr!
MineLAN Icon
Entertainment | Community
Discord oficial de MineLAN (Servidor de minecraft) Comunidad hispana. IP: MineLAN.Online PC-Java - No premium y Premium [ 1.8 Hasta 1.16.3 ] Supervivencia + SkyBlock
Hooligans DayZ Server Icon
Gaming | Streaming
Welcome to Hooligans DayZ Server, we are a community of gamers that invest our time heavily into keeping these servers up to date and working properly. We strive to ensure everyone is treated equally and has a great gaming experience! -Hooligans DayZ Cherno is a heavily modded server that includes provisions for PVE/PVP, medical enhancement, vehicles, weapons, base items as well as many environmental enhancements that give you the ultimate survival experience. -Hooligans DayZ Namalsk Survival server is lightly modded, packed with our custom mod that includes one off items and mechanics to make surviving Namalsk challenging and fun! It will not be easy to survive, can you do it?
Comunidad Oseanis Icon
Gaming | Community
Comunidad Oseanis te ofrece un lugar donde experimentar cualquier juego con tus amigos y tmbien jugar en los servidores propios como scum ark y conan
WikingDZ Icon
eSports | Streaming
Wiking DayZ is a DayZ Community focused on hardcore survival, PVP & PVE. We are the place for seasoned players as well as newer players. You can experience the best hardcore survival in the DayZ Universe with our sublime selection of mods and addons.
Abyss Dayz Icon
Gaming | Social
ABYSS was Established January 2021, We are a DayZ Server Discord, for all things DayZ Related. Our Namalsk Server brings all the mods from multiple Developers into 1 Gameplay experience. This server is a perfect match for Lone Wolfs or big groups! we hold a maximum of 50 players on Namalsk Servers due to the max size and to bring a better gameplay Experience
TraanCraft [1.9-1.16.5] Icon
Gaming | Gaming
TraanCraft is een 100% Nederlandse minecraft server met vele mogelijkheden! Kom snel eens langs om onze magiche server met jou te delen! IP: mc.traancraft.nl!
SemtexSMP Minecraft Server Icon
Gaming | Community
The Official release of SemtexSMP! Crates, Ranks, Land claiming, Economy, OP Gear and loads more to come! SemtexSMP is an up and coming Survival server, this server is still in the development stage but we are looking for staff. You can just come as a member and play but beware it is still in
Nation of Chaos Icon
Chill environment to interact with supporters of my stream. A place to chill and find other people to play games with.
BlocksBane Icon
Gaming | Community
BlocksBane is a Minecraft 1.12+ Java Edition Network with Survival (1.15.2+), GTA, and Battle Royale.
BrotherHood Icon
Gaming | Community
Survival Game Hosting Community. We pan on hosting servers for various survival games friendly to the players.
Antares SMP Icon
Gaming | Community
Cálido servidor comunitario enfocado en minecraft, abierto a todo tipo de jugadores, con el objetivo de brindar experiencias a los usuarios. Únete si quieres conocer a gente cálida y agradable mientras pasas un buen rato, te esperamos!
DreamCloud Icon
Community | Gaming
DreamCloud is a Minecraft Server that opens in the summer of 2021. Dreamcloud will start with a Survival server and then expand into other game modes. Dreamcloud strives to create a fun and organic experience for players while also maintaining a safe space for LGBTQ+ players to gather. We hope to see you join our community and we look forward to growing as a community!
RipeBlock Icon
Gaming | Community
Discord de RipeBlock Entra al servidor oficial de RipeBlock! Conoce a los miembros, chatea, juega.
BrineCrack Network Icon
Gaming | YouTuber
Public minecraft server with java and bedrock cross play. Gamemodes include uhc, skyblock, smp, custom terrain smp, hardcore, lava rising and streamer events every now and then!
Toscraft Icon
Gaming | Community
This is the official discord for Toscraft. The server is a network on construction that currently offers the famous survival gamemode with some tweaks like claims and an mmorpg style.
2b2t.es Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
This is an Anarchy Server which replicates the experience of 2b2t.org except this is on the Bedrock Engine of Minecraft. Which means Android, IOS, X-Box, Nintendo Swich and Win10 players can all play this together! -The server has been running since May of 2021. -The server is very different from the majority of mcpe servers you can play today. As stated above, it is anarchy, which means there are no rules. There are no admins, and nobody can be banned. -The server is very close to vanilla, in order to retain your bases and locations you can do the command /sethome and sethome at many places, unlimited times. -The server tries to run as close to vanilla as software allows, with working mobs, nether and more. -This server is unlike any other server on bedrock edition. It has no rules, and most hacks are permitted. -Nobody has op in game, so there are no admins to boss you around, which is something some players have experienced on other anarchy servers.
MagnaRisa :: Minecraft & Laughs Icon
Gaming | Community
A family friendly community full of laughter originally founded around a survival Minecraft server. We have weekly events and clubs taking place in our Discord such as Movie Knight, Game Knight, and Coding Club. MagnaRisa's Minecraft server is a unique community-driven survival server that focuses on building. We hold monthly community meetings as well as frequent server-hosted events. This community has been going strong for 7+ years and looks forward to making new experiences with our community. Our goal is to make the survival experience a fun and friendly time for everyone. It takes new players joining in to help us achieve this goal! Join today to build friendships and buildings!
The Hyborian Animus Icon
Gaming | eSports
Conan Exiles Age of Calamitous x10xp | Dedicated US/EU Server - All experience levels welcome.. Scheduled restarts at 6am, 12pm, 6pm, and 12am Central time. Rates: Harvest Amount - 5 Experience - 10 Thrall Convertion - 0.1 Item Convertion - 0.1 Idle Thirst - 0.3 Idle Hunger - 0.1 Active Thirst - 0.3 Active Hunger - 0.3 Durability - 0.2 Day Speed - 0.3 Dawn to Dusk - 1.5 Item Spoil Rate - 0.5 Resource Respawn - 5 steam://connect/ https://topconanservers.com/server/
Pinnacle Empire Icon
Pinnacle Empire Minecraft Servers
Minecraft Alts Icon
Business | Gaming
This is a server where you can buy very cheap Minecraft accounts! We are selling each Non-full access account for $0.50, each Semi-full access account for $5, and each Full access account for $10!
ReimannMc Icon
Gaming | Community
ReimannMc · Custom crates · Pvp · Custom enchants · IS top prizes · Custom warps ReimannMc is a multi gamemode server. The server is brand new and will be releasing in june. Stop by our discord for free ranks, crate keys and more!
Big Papa Gaming Icon
Gaming | Community
Big Papa Gaming DayZ Standalone Server
The Husky Network Icon
Gaming | Furry
The Husky Network is an all-new Minecraft network which hosts a wide variety of game modes like survival, factions, skyblock and many more.
Cybotopia Icon
Streaming | Gaming
Die wachsende Community eines Twitch-Streamers.
AvesMC Icon
Gaming | Community
❄️ Welcome to AvesMC! ❄️ We are a friendly community that's been running for a little over 3 years our goal is to develop a server that catches the eyes of players and is suitable for all ages. Starting off we are a survival server with a few special perks. We are looking for players who not only enjoy playing on our server but wish to help it grow as well. We encourage you to leave us suggestions for plugins you would like us to have that will enhance the player's experience and let us know what bugs we need to work out! We look forward to seeing you in-game. ❄️ Be In The Know ❄️ IP: avesmc.mcalias.com Facebook: facebook.com/AvesMC Website: http://www.avesmc.ga/ Discord: https://discord.gg/7NybgXP , https://discord.io/AvesMC We are online 24/7, expect staff members to be on when players are. Friendly Community, Staff Included PvP LGBTQ+ Friendly
Preps Life Icon
Hobbies | Community
Preps Life is a Prepping Community Discord and web site dedicated to Prepping News and useful Prepping Tips.
Cosmic: Dissension Icon
Role-Playing | Anime
You can search ‘Cosmicrp’ to see all of or servers!
[RP] Providence Icon
On June 4th, 2019, all of the residents of Providence, age 21 or over disappeared. No trace was left behind. Anyone who tries to leave the town for help never comes back, or if they do, they come back deranged and mentally scarred. Now, it's up to all those left in Providence to band together, solve their crisis, and find their way back to what they once had. [We're looking for people interested in casual, alternate-reality style RP. People who join can make a character and participate in the events within the server, or simply watch as others RP. Once joined, you may also work your way up to an Admin role. Providence awaits you... ]
Acid Mines Icon
Gaming | Community
Acid Mines Minecraft Server