A Minecraft server which offers a vanilla-based experience with minor enhancements to gameplay.
Like to roleplay? Welcome to vuclington where you can pick one of two ( or both) diffrent types of roleplaying. Could pick the post nuclear appacolypse side where survival is key and trying to find food and water. Or you can pick the fantasy where things are alittle easy going and have alot more races to choose from.
Vanilla Survival Minecraft Server for the political community Politicord! Server IP: politicord.net / mc.politicord.net
ламповая прибалтийская компашка с мемасиками, актуальными новостями, скринами и музычкой
5/5 server for minecraft online survival fans!
The general concept is for everything we do in the server to be self-contained within spawn. Each player kills mobs for their loot in exchange for emeralds. They then use these emeralds to purchase armor and weaponry. They then fight in the PvP arena that is routinely & masterfully updated.
Advanced Warfare Gaming Community - Arma 3, DayZ Standalone & More
Arma Series Epoch & Exile Mod Community
Welcome to the harsh and unforgiving world of a space western! Exoplanet is a 3rd person Action RPG currently available as a Steam Early Access title.
A Minecraft Server
This is the official Discord server for the Arcane Realms Minecraft network. Join here to receive updates and stay in contact with the community! We currently have Enhanced Survival and SkyBlock, both well and regularly maintained. Come join us!
🎮 ─⦗––– 𝐇𝐘𝐂𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐄 𝐍𝐄𝐓𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐊 –––⦘─ 🌀 Desde los inicios de Hytale, somos una futura red de servidores hispana. ¡Prepárate para navegar por el mejor universo de Hytale! 👥 Comunidad 🎉 Sorteos 🥇 Concursos 🤖 Bots Propios 🎶 Música 📊 Niveles 💰 Economía 🍂 ¡Locos por Hytale! No lo dudes más, te estamos esperando!😄
Minecraft dünyasına yeni bir soluk getirme çabasında olan Craftarius, bir birinden yeni oyun modlarıyla sizleri eğlendirmek için elinden geleni yapıyor.
ARKADE is an Ark Community
SaddleReborn is a MineCraft server, with a friendly community and friendly staff. Active players, Fun, A lot to explore, in game rewards and much more!
A large, yet friendly, Minecraft survival server community.
Survival America Server [SAS] [PT/BR/ES/EN]
Hard survival server. Mix of Survival and Factions. You can earn ranks bij building nice builds. Nice builds get claimed by staff, so it can't get griefed.
ServerIP: play.iri5mc.com Website: www.iri5mc.com
Minecraft Survival Server Community.
This is the Community Server of ConquerDayZ
Bienvenue sur le Discord Miscreated FR ! Merci d'avoir rejoint le discord de référence des joueurs francophone de Miscreated. Profitez-en pour vous familiariser avec notre fonctionnement : • Consultez les #règles et les #rôles qui composent le discord • Passez nous dire bonjour dans le salon #bavardages une fois que votre rôle sera attribué !
A completely custom coded Minecraft server currently offering Factions, Survival, and Creative. All game modes are custom versions of these original titles. We pride ourselves in our reliability/performance, unique games, wonderful community and our excellent team or staff and developers who tie it all together.
Dayz Standalone Server.
Continental Survival is a 1000x Rust server. Are you a noob; new to rust? Join now and team up with some players! Raid some bases and gain some gear, or rather find a nice place to settle down. Smack a tree and a rock for enough loot to build your base!
Helix Ark survival evolved server
A discord server for players of Nuetronium Minecraft Servers!
Discord oficial del servidor de Minecraft Azpire que actualmente cuenta con modalidad de supervivencia. ¡Únete y participa de sorteos, eventos y más en nuestro Discord!
Servidor de Discord oficial de Teken Realms - Network de Minecraft
Servidor no premium 1.8 - 1.15.1. Con SkyWars, Survival, Eggwars, SkyBlock, ¡y más! ¿Que esperas para la Experiencia ComuGamers? IP: mc.comugamers.com
Lausbuben DayZ Servercommunity
Servidor Discord- MineBrothersBR