Entra ora in uno degli ultimi server cooperativi completamente in Vanilla no profit di Minecraft! Cosa aspetti ad entrare?
Rolling along since March of 2019, this is a community built by friends that have played together for several years. The network is fully funded by it's owner and most proceeds go to the developers if they choose to sell anything. Enjoy-Sallaf
Welcome to the Voltage-MC network, a network of Minecraft servers (Bedrock Edition). Join play.Voltage-MC.net (port 19132) with your friends to play our Mini-Games. Organize a party with /party (vote required or rank) and let all your friends join in the same game and play the same games across the network with you. Do you want more benefits? Buy a rank on store.Voltage-MC.net . For more information, visit Voltage-MC.net . Do you think we're a good waiter? Vote now on vote.Voltage-MC.net if you become the best voter of the month, you could win a FREE rank! We are always looking to improve the network if you have any suggestions, feel free to send them to our Discord server #suggestions via discord.Voltage-MC.net. Have a good time!
Minecraft Survival Server Community.
A minecraft based community server
oldest vanilla bedrock anarchy survival server. runs since over 1,5 years
Somos una comunidad de amigos, creando una network para compartir con mas personas :D
A place for addon creators to share content and where minecraft beta player can hang out with each out
This is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition Discord server where you can download Minecraft Bedrock Edition for free.
Welcome to the Lightning Craft Network! The best place to make friends and play minecraft! We do giveaways, games, bedwars and much much more. Come down and take a look!
LightCrafts goal is to bring multiplayer to Xbox and switch where they have no add server button only join realm. If your looking for a realm like this join LightCraft discord so we can invite you!
{}Infinitygames{} Let's just say what we have/what we do/ what we plan: -GIVEAWAYS -Minecraft bedrock Network -Some spooky event (soon) So.. just join, maybe you will enjoy it
Minecraft Community Server 2 Minecraft Realms/Servers Kit PvP And Soon To Come Prisons! Come Join!
We Talk about Minecraft anarchy and more!
The Oumuamua gaming server! Here we have a welcoming community with dedicated members as well as servers for multiple games. We’re looking to expand and would love for you to join us. We have: •Oumuamua Bedrock and Java minecraft servers! •Java is hard mode, modded, and Stargate themed. Minecraft Java Server: Anyone that wants to join the server, please note only premium (paid for accounts) can connect. •Bedrock is vanilla for the time being. Minecraft Bedrock (Oumuamua Bedrock Edition) is (put in address and 19132 in port) •Hosted on a buttery-smooth, Dedicated server. •We're a small community looking to have a bigger presence in the Minecraft community. We’ve also started branching out to other games such as Rust, Terraria and Ark. if you have any in joining then don’t hesitate to accept our invitation!
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1 : SERVER MCPE BlackAmazing est un server PvP/Faction Moddé sur Minecraft : Pocket Edition. Fondé le 12 juillet 2017 par AMZ France et OnyxGaming (anciennement mehdigaming40) et repris par OnyxGaming et XSideWalkerX, le projet dure déjà 2 ans. Le but, changer votre manière de jouer au faction. Le mod rajoute un nouveau minerai essentiel au jeu : le titane noir. Ce minerai rarissime au 3 nuances de gris vous permet d'obtenir les objets suivants : - l'armure en titane noir - l'épée en titane noir - le marteau en titane noir - le chercheur de coffres - l'indicateur de position La monnaie du jeu est le BlackCoin. Cette monnaie disponible en pièce et en argent virtuel vous permet d'acheter tout ce dont vous avez besoin si vous en avez les moyens.