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Social Programming group. memes :)
Programming | Community
A Chill server for developers | Giveaways soon | Come here to talk to all kinds of Developers.
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Voici Laboratory ! Un serveur Minecraft Java créé par des Québécois 🍁 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Survival : Voici le mode Survival ! 🍃 Construisez votre petit village avec vos amis ou dressez les forteresses d'empire pour vaincre vos ennemis ! Explorez de nombreuses planètes regorgeante de ressources et de mystères ! Armez-vous d'armes et combattez dans l'arène les plus grands champions ! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Hide and seek : Voici le mode Hide and seek ! 🧊 Transformez-vous en bloc pour trouver les cachettes les plus folles avec vos amis ! Armez-vous et cherchez les autres dans les plus belles maps ! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Duels : Voici le mode duel ! ⚔️ Armez-vous de potions, armures, épées, canne à pêche et bien plus pour combattre vos amis et miser sur les combats ! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Tu attends quoi ? Rejoin nous !
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Remscraft, an economy/vanilla Minecraft server
Programming | Education
Programming Server for Python,Java,JavaScript,Web Development,SQL and many more with Daily Task,Polling Contest, Interview Questions and Projects events in regular basis......!! Just join and enjoy the environment....
Développement de services java liés à Minecraft (ex: Launcher, Mods, Plugins, ...)
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Balmcore | Shop est le serveur officiel de la boutique en ligne BalmCore
Gaming | Hobbies
Were a kid friendly minecraft pe server and discord we do have minecraft pc partnerd servers what you wating for join now
Programming | Technology
a simple discord server for ITZVGcGPmO's not-so-simple projects
Programming | Streaming
The place to chat about the Java, Spring, and TDD coding that JitterTed (Ted) does on the Twitch live coding stream and videos on
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Diamondsucht dein Minecraft 1.14.4 Server Germany
Gaming | Community
O maior servidor de RankUP da atualidade.
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To be expanded later
Programming | Bot
pour tous les developpeurs qui veulent apprendre ou partager Nos autres Serveurs : notre communauté multi-gaming Serveur minecraft mini-jeux en développement
Community | Entertainment
Bienvenidos A Kloud Network, Un Servidor De Minecraft PC Java, Pensando Para Ustedes, Siempre Intentando Brindar Lo Mejor, Para Sus Usuarios, Y Dar La Mejor Experiencia De Juego Posible
Gaming | Social
Ce serveur est un serveur de discussion en lien avec le serveur Minecraft Solarya C'est un serveur Minecraft 1.15.2 survival vanilla classique. On l'on peut build et vivre son aventure comme il nous plait en communauté :D
Programming | Social
Learn hacking? Hell yea! How about programming? Double whammy! A loving community that's jolly good fun run by a guy who will tutor you in computer science? We got you covered baby! Join Atroxis, to learn about what computers do "under the hood".
Programming | Technology
We are an old server is undergoing new changes! From computer science and coding projects to all things tech, join us to meet up with students and hobbyists from all over the world!
Programming | Technology
A brand new discord for all your coding needs. We're a discord where you can ask others with help for coding and such. If you just like to code check out our server.
Gaming | Design
iSkyify is a +1,200 member Minecraft Java network of 10x game modes. Learn more at or join in and play at
Gaming | Community
This Server Is Made For People Who Play Hypixel. We Have Friendly Staff And A Chill Community To Hang Out With. You Can Play Games, Ask Questions, And Find Parties.
Programming | Financial
This is a server for freelancers and clients to find work and get jobs done.
Programming | Technology
Ever Growing Coding server, supports a lot of coding. This Server Has: - Python - JavaScript - PHP - MySQL - SQL - PHPmyAdmin - HTML - CSS - Java - Rust - Kotlin - Skript - Swift - C - C# - C++ - Ruby - QB64 You can hire people that are in these areas above, make a group and create a project, get some help in a specific coding language.
Gaming | Programming
Somos una comunidad de amigos, creando una network para compartir con mas personas :D
Technology | Programming
Architect. A server in which programmers and technologically interested individuals may come to discuss, chill, share ideas, GitHubs, snippets, projects and learn new things everyday. We are a new server just recently opened and are looking for people who will enjoy learning and sharing. Feel free to come along!
Community | Education
Java, Python, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Php, WordPress, Hardware, Redes, e muito mais.
Gaming | Technology
Community based on gaming, coding-development, photography and simply help each other.
Gaming | Gaming
PixliesEarth is a 1.14 minecraft server, that focuses on politics, wars etc. on a 1:1000 scale map of the earth.
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Free and Unlimited Minecraft Java Edition Server Hosting - Download our app to claim your free server.
Programming | Technology
The Programmers is a programmer community server.
Gaming | Programming
The Oumuamua gaming server! Here we have a welcoming community with dedicated members as well as servers for multiple games. We’re looking to expand and would love for you to join us. We have: •Oumuamua Bedrock and Java minecraft servers! •Java is hard mode, modded, and Stargate themed. Minecraft Java Server: Anyone that wants to join the server, please note only premium (paid for accounts) can connect. •Bedrock is vanilla for the time being. Minecraft Bedrock (Oumuamua Bedrock Edition) is (put in address and 19132 in port) •Hosted on a buttery-smooth, Dedicated server. •We're a small community looking to have a bigger presence in the Minecraft community. We’ve also started branching out to other games such as Rust, Terraria and Ark. if you have any in joining then don’t hesitate to accept our invitation!
Technology | Programming
Vento ist ein Server worauf du in Deutsch deine Fragen in Bezug auf Programmierung stellen kannst. Natürlich gibt es nebensächlich auch einen Off-topic Kanal, worauf du dich mit anderen in der Community von Vento unterhalten kannst!
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Serveur Pour les jeux gaming de types minecraft / call of duty /rocket league / ect ...
Gaming | Community
__:heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign:**⥤ 『TitaniumLands』 ⥢**:heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign:__ ✑ __Welcome to our friendly community! I'm here to share with you a little information about our server!__ ➽ TitaniumLands is a server with a game called KitPvP and it has great features like: - Different types of arenas - Different types of kits (paid kits) - Custom made - Duels - Battle Levels - Custom crates - Etc. ✑ Server Information: Owned by ➽ TitaniumPlayz Discord ➽ (*For more information, please join our discord.*)
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Utility mod for Minecraft, meant for servers with no rules!
Programming | Technology
A technology and developer oriented server.