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Programming | Design | Technology
Code Monkeys is a discord server dedicated to giving and receiving great help and advice for a variety of programming languages. Help us build a large and friendly community!
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Programming | Design | Technology
Code Monkeys is a discord server dedicated to giving and receiving great help and advice for a variety of programming languages. Help us build a large and friendly community!
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Gaming | Furry | Entertainment
NexusMC is one of the only dedicated furry Minecraft Networks, with an awesome 1.16 survival & skyblock experience to boot!
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Community | Gaming
Minecraft 1.17 Survival friendly no-grief server Discord which supports both Java and Bedrock versions!
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Gaming | Entertainment
Nós somos uma comunidade amigável de minecraft java e bedrock nós evitamos qualquer tipo de toxidade
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A large & friendly community 24/7 Minecraft Java ᴛʜɪꜱ ꜱᴇʀᴠᴇʀ'ꜱ ᴠᴇʀꜱɪᴏɴ ɪꜱ ᴍᴄ 1.16.5 all ages community please be kind to fellow players and Admins/Mods. non-toxic community you can build your house/base anywhere as long as it doesn't block other places or paths. Join us so we can expand our server.
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Gaming | Community
KrillCraft is a Minecraft bedrock and java SMP. Applications are open so apply now and join our growing community
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Entertainment | Gaming
This is Minecraft java server that is welcome to everybody. In this server you will be doing tournaments, playing games and most importantly having fun.
Programming | Community
Balmcore | Shop est le serveur officiel de la boutique en ligne BalmCore
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Programming | Technology
a simple discord server for ITZVGcGPmO's not-so-simple projects
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Programming | Streaming
The place to chat about the Java, Spring, and TDD coding that JitterTed (Ted) does on the Twitch live coding stream and videos on
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Gaming | Community
Diamondsucht dein Minecraft 1.14.4 Server Germany
FR | BS-Dev Icon
Programming | Bot
pour tous les developpeurs qui veulent apprendre ou partager Nos autres Serveurs : notre communauté multi-gaming Serveur minecraft mini-jeux en développement
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Technology | Programming
I created my first Discord server and I'm so happy for what I've made. It's called "The Web Dev Heaven" it's a friendly community where web developers and designers are welcomed to talk about the latest technologies and languages. So we can all learn about different ( Databases, Frameworks, Adobe XD plugins, Algorithms, CMS's, etc. ) to improve our code. We are here for supporting our projects ( So if you are looking to gain traffic with your website or feedback on your project, we are here for you! ).
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Gaming | Entertainment
Un nuevo servidor de Discord para jugar Minecraft Bedrock o Java con cualquier persona, desde Realms, servidores o partidas privadas. ¡Adelante, entra!.
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Gaming | Programming
Official Razorni Discord Development Server | You can purchase or request custom plugins or custom premade server.
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Gaming | Gaming
Welcome to The Minecraft Retreat, we are a new discord server which was made due to PlayStation ruining communities, however we will accept any platform. This is a discord to find people to play Minecraft with. Join today! we got all the things you could want: bots, active players and of course Minecraft!
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Entertainment | Community
Discord oficial de MineLAN (Servidor de minecraft) Comunidad hispana. IP: MineLAN.Online PC-Java - No premium y Premium [ 1.8 Hasta 1.16.3 ] Supervivencia + SkyBlock
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Programming | Education
این سرور برای برنامه نویسان ایرانی درست شده و از ۲۰ زبان پشتیبانی میکند و در این چنل برنامه نویسان ایرانی سوالات خود را مطرح میکنند
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Gaming | Entertainment
Discord de minewool network ● ¡Servidor de Minecraft! ● ¡Únete a esta comunidad de Minecraft en la cuál podrás compartir con tus amigos en algunas de nuestra modalidades que tenemos! » IP: » Tienda: » Twitter: @minewoolnw Icon
Gaming | Streaming
Hey, wir sind der Discord Server. Wir basieren auf unserem Gleichnamigen Minecraft Netzwerk (1.8-1.16) Wir würden und sehr darüber Freuen wenn du joins!
Programming | Technology
We are an old server is undergoing new changes! From computer science and coding projects to all things tech, join us to meet up with students and hobbyists from all over the world!
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Programming | Technology
A brand new discord for all your coding needs. We're a discord where you can ask others with help for coding and such. If you just like to code check out our server.
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Gaming | Community
This Server Is Made For People Who Play Hypixel. We Have Friendly Staff And A Chill Community To Hang Out With. You Can Play Games, Ask Questions, And Find Parties.
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Programming | Financial
This is a server for freelancers and clients to find work and get jobs done.
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Programming | Technology
Ever Growing Coding server, supports a lot of coding. This Server Has: - Python - JavaScript - PHP - MySQL - SQL - PHPmyAdmin - HTML - CSS - Java - Rust - Kotlin - Skript - Swift - C - C# - C++ - Ruby - QB64 You can hire people that are in these areas above, make a group and create a project, get some help in a specific coding language.
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Gaming | Technology
Community based on gaming, coding-development, photography and simply help each other.
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Gaming | Gaming
PixliesEarth is a 1.14 minecraft server, that focuses on politics, wars etc. on a 1:1000 scale map of the earth.
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Gaming | Support
Free and Unlimited Minecraft Java Edition Server Hosting - Download our app to claim your free server.
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Gaming | Programming
Serveur Pour les jeux gaming de types minecraft / call of duty /rocket league / ect ...
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Gaming | Role-Playing
Minecraft Pixelmon Server! Join Today:
Community | Gaming
TYNOPIA Was wir bieten: 🇩🇪 - Deutsche Sprachkanäle. 💼 - Gut struktuierter Discord Server. 🎉 - Giveaways bei denen jeder mitmachen kann. 🎶 - Immer laufende Musik in allen Channels. 📠 - Developement von Java,PHP,JavaScript,HTML und CSS 🧱 - Minecraft Java und MCPE Server und Client ☎️ - Ein nettes und sehr Kompetentes Team. 🆘️ - Support für jeden. Unter anderem Ticket Support 🤝 - Partner 👻 - Guten Ruf 🤖 - Viele verschiedene Bots die zu 90% selbst programmiert und gute Systeme. Was wir suchen: Teammitglieder Mitglieder Und natürlich auch dich Also auf was wartest du ? Join doch gerne drauf.
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Gaming | Technology
OverFlow is a sophisticated anticheat that is made to make sure that you almost never experience another cheater on your server.
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Programming | Gaming
RuneLife is an aspiring new RSPS(Also normal OSRS/RS3) Community that strives to unite players. At RuneLife, everyone is welcome. No matter whether you're a diehard veteran in the scene or a beginner. Feel free to check us out and have a chat! It's free!
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Programming | Community
Were a java based discord.
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Programming | Technology
CodingSquad is the Community for many different technical themes.
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Gaming | YouTuber
My ambition is to set up a community for builders & youtubers to share and collaborate their builds and ideas
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Programming | Technology
This is a community for programmers, novice and professional alike, to talk and network with people also interested in programming. We have channels for Javascript, React, C#, and many more!
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Programming | Gaming
Este servidor foi criado para que pessoas possam aprender a programar junto com um tutor, terem ou postarem desafios, jogar, passar o tempo :)
Java Icon
Programming | Technology
Tons of active members, with a lot of programming professionals and game developers to help you learn Java fast and efficiently. Games and Apps made by our members are showcased, and promotion comes along with it!
Grimm's Dark World Servers Icon
Anarchy based gameplay servers for Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. The Java network is cross platform compatible to Bedrock players. Bedrock is a server that is just pure vanilla play. Java has a traditional mode survival server, as well as a datapack enhanced server with RPG game elements,difficulty enhancements, and a new dimension to explore. There is also a Skyblock Island Conquest server that is online, and in development. P.S. All servers have anti-cheats installed if possible, but they are not staff enforced.
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Gaming | Community
About us: Equitas: derived from Latin, meaning equality, sameness. Logo: Conceptualized representation of the earth as seen from space, but our logo instead. We are a worldwide server network. We are using a 3rd party server software (Cuberite) that is written entirely in C++ instead of Java. It is a bit buggy and is still in development, but very fast. Two of us host nodes from our personal machines, and one uses a inexpensive hosting service. Our Mission: We wish to spread awareness of this software, show that it can be a very advantageous replacement to Java's server, and further the development of the Cuberite ecosystem in whatever way possible. We want this to be a friendly community where everyone helps everyone, and all players of all ages and skill levels feel welcome. We also wish to enable a friendly server network for Devs to develop and test new plugins on where resources are available,
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Entertainment | Gaming
We r a server in which u can share ur builds and talk about anything related to Minecraft and we have extra channels for other stuff too. What seperates this from other servers is that u can link ur world so other ppl can download it. We will be giving free server advertising through June 1-August 30. So join our server if you want to advertise
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Gaming | Social
Unete a una network, que aunque sea nueva, tendrás diversión para rato
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Gaming | Programming
Hello, we are Zeix Pack's. We are a minecraft community focused on making texturepacks and releasing them here! We are a currently very small server trying to grow!
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Gaming | Community
A small community looking for more players to play minecraft minigames on servers like hypixel, thehive, etc.
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Community | Programming
Code Cave is a Discord server designed to help new developers with problems in their code, and help those helping out learn more whilst helping others!
🌵 S A C R O L A N D 🌵 Icon
Entertainment | Gaming
▌ 🍬 S A C R O L A N D 🍬 ▌ ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ ▌ 𝕄 𝕆 𝔻 𝔸 𝕃 𝕀 𝔻 𝔸 𝔻 𝔼 𝕊 ▌ ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ 🌟 | SkyWars [1.7] 🌟 | Practice [1.7] 🌟 | CTW [1.8] 🌟 | SurvivalOP [1.8] 🌟 | OneBlock [1.9] 🌟 | Survival [1.16] ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ 💫 | Version: 1.7 - 1.16 💫 | Version: Bedrock Edition / Pocket Edition 💫 | Online: 24/7 ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ 🏆 | JAVA: 🆒 | BEDROCK: 💵 | SHOP: ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔
Test Server Icon
Programming | Gaming
Social Programming group. memes :)
🏰GalaxyKingdom🏰 Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
This discord server is for my Minecraft server(s)
Bedwars Gang Icon
Social | Gaming
Socialize, teamup and get wins in BedWars with our BedWars community.
Feja111 Icon
Programming | Education
I'm Feja111 a Java Developer. Meistens arbeite ich mit Javacord oder MinecraftPlugins. Mein Feja111.BOT hat schon 2 Coole features.
BetterMinecraft Icon
Programming | Gaming
This is a server for all the BetterMinecraft Mods. You can report bugs and problems or share your new Ideas for our mods here. Go check our Wiki out at
This is the discord for our server Kronos. Kronos is a Minecraft server focused on survival, with more modes to come. We are also searching for new staff members
DiesesForum Icon
Gaming | Programming
Wir sind ein Minecraft-Netzwerk, welches versucht besonders zu sein. Auf dem Discord werden regelmäßig Updates und Informationen gepostet. Zudem gibt es hin und wieder Giveaways, wo man Ränge, Coins, Items usw. gewinnen kann. Bei uns kann man mit anderen Benutzern reden und den Abend ausklingen lassen. Zudem sind die Benutzer sehr aktiv, wodurch stets Unterhaltung gegeben ist.
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Programming | Community
Discord Server for people who really likes programming. And for people who need help when they are stuck at python,C#,C++,java,javascript.
Developers🖥📚 Icon
Programming | Technology
Comunidade brasileira de desenvolvedores. Servidor focado em Desenvolvimento Web, Desktop, Mobile, Frameworks, Bancos de dados, Ciência de dados, Machine Learning, IA's, Computação Quântica e variadas tecnologias.
Minecraft - Hecktopia Icon
Gaming | Community
We are a Minecraft server based in Europe, our server is still growing and we have many Game Modes to play!
Minecraft Hangout Icon
Entertainment | Gaming
This Server Is a New Server i Made i Want It To Grow As Much As It Can If You Play Minecraft Pls Join.
MinajCraft Icon
Gaming | LGBT
:..。o○♥︎○o。..: ꧁ Welcome to: ꧂ MinajCraft - A Minecraft Server Dedicated to Nicki Minaj. ✩ Community Of Barbz ✩ Tons Of Features ✩ Community Creations ✩ 1000+ Barbz :..。o○♥︎○o。..: ✈︎ We offer: ☀︎︎ Weekly events like parkour and mini-games ☀︎︎ A Semi-Vanilla play-style ☀︎︎ Both a competitive and a relaxed side of the community ☀︎︎ Nicki Minaj themed buildings & roles ☀︎︎ A very active player base and many more! :..。o○♥︎○o。..:
Coding With Uday Icon
Programming | Gaming
Are Interested In Coding/Programming So This Server Is The Best For You. You Can Learn Many Thing And Make Many Thin So Join Fast Hurry Up!!!
Learn Java Icon
Programming | Community
Fun place to learn java. No question too big or small! Currently looking for active members to contribute to the server bot. Great time to learn Spring Boot if you're interested
Icecube Network Icon
Gaming | Streaming
Are you looking for Skyblock,Survival,Minigames try out our minecraft java network [1.8 - 1.16]
Programming! Icon
Programming | Technology
Are you looking for best programming server? Why you are waiting? Join us right now! Happy Coding!!!
Gaming | Community
Reborn is a MC mini-game server with a mature and welcoming community! The ip is!
[ENG/EU] World of Games Icon
Gaming | Community
This is a ENG/EU Minecraft server. Java and Bedrock can both play and you can chat with in-game user via discord. Java IP: Bedrock IP + Port: / 25604 Version: Latest Discord:
4evercraft - BedWars Icon
Gaming | Community
Bonjour à tous, comme vous avez pu le remarquer le serveur a ouvert ses portes cet après-midi. Nous l'avons annoncé sur le discord. Le discord: Nous sommes heureux que vous puissiez vous amusiez sur notre serveur ! Si vous souhaitiez nous envoyer vos retours je vous invite à nous le faire savoir sous cette publication ou sur le discord nous sommes impatient d'avoir vos retours ! Merci est bonne découverte sur 4evercraft ip du serveur:
Alpha Prison Icon
Gaming | Community
A minecraft OP Prison server on Java. Looking for staff! We have custom coded enchants, plugins and even more if you wanna play just join the discord and the IP is right there for you!
Souls Network Icon
Gaming | Community
Souls Network: Souls Network is a brand new [PVP] [Prison] [Survival] JAVA (PC) server, Bedrock users are able to join as well. What we have: 1. Claims 2. Kits 3. Veinminer 4. StatsScoreboard 5. Jobs [Plugin] [Survival] And much more!. If you're interested in joining, please join our discord! :D.
Minecraft Smp of Gods Icon
Gaming | Community
Smp Leader:- @༄ᶦᶰᵈ᭄ɆⱤⱠ₭ł₦₲࿐ == Minecraft Smp Of Gods {Survival Perfected} == We are looking for more active players to join our community Our server is a great server as players can show their creativity, varying from structures to houses, from roads to airports.
Coding Support Icon
Programming | Technology
A server where we will help you with your coding and programming needs!
Developer Den Icon
Programming | Community
Developer Den is an inclusive and friendly community of developers ranging from total beginners to experienced professionals. Anyone is free to receive or give help, so if you have any coding related issues there's probably someone who can help!
Voltiac Network Icon
Gaming | Meme
Voltiac Network is a Minecraft server network that aims to bring the Java experience to Bedrock
Dead Man’s Land Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Welcome everyone to DML (Dead Man’s land) Dead man’s land is supposed to be a Hardcore Minecraft server. What makes DML hardcore? DML has harder mobs, different mob variants, more structures, and the server is on 1.12.2. (WITH 1.8-1.16 COMPATIBILITY) Some other non-related features are custom enchants (coming soon), an auction house that uses EXP as currency meaning you gotta come out from hiding if you wanna trade. The server's land is custom generated as well! These next weeks are crucial as we need community support for balancing purposes, stress testing, and bug fixes. After the server's alpha phase is over we will release it will be advertised much more often. THE SERVER IS OPEN FOR ALPHA TESTING NOW! We are waiting for you