Développement de services java liés à Minecraft (ex: Launcher, Mods, Plugins, ...)
Foaler's Help discord
Support discord of MrUniverse!
Uma loja de encomenda de plugins e servidores de Minecraft
A server about ValixxTV and support for all his stuff. Mainly mods, plugins, ... for games like World of Warcraft, Rift, LiF:FV, ... If you just wanna have fun, the server is yours to join. :)
The is the Discord server of the Aura Development Team. Here you can task with us, get support for our plugins and just have a good time.
Comunidade para criadores! Este Discord é para ajudar as pessoas que querem criar um servidor ou que querem se tornar um dev! aqui temos suporte 24h. - Suporte de plugins de minecraft - Suporte de skripts - Suporte de Discord Bot - Suporte de Web Temos alguns dev's profissionais na comunidade que irão ajudar no que for preciso,
The discord server for the Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay community, ran and maintained by a group of friends well versed in roleplaying.
This is a server for freelancers and clients to find work and get jobs done.
Serveur Pour les jeux gaming de types minecraft / call of duty /rocket league / ect ...
MLGames is an upcomming minecraft minigame server with custom plugins. Join today to be a part of something great!
NautilusCraft is a fresh vanilla with player shops. We are currently still growing the server and we would love to have some players come join and have fun and give some feedback on it In the future besides vanilla we plan to have a mini game type area and maybe get events going We would love to see you there!
We provide each and every client with a unique opportunity to make something they have always wanted.