Gaming | YouTuber
we host events and play games like minecraft and
Gaming | YouTuber
Yeh Summary Nhi Likh Rha Mein
Technology | Community
A community discord server for members of the Waze Australia editing community.
Art | Anime
A server for people who edit, do art or like gaming. Amv editors, Cod editors, Irl editors, and etc. Also an editing team
Technology | Community
We are a server that offers paid services (e.g. video editors, animators and GFX) to people who do not know how to make them or to new people on social media. If you wish to be hired for a job in this server, please join and contact our owner, @itz.noah#9447, and he will interview you!
Design | Community
Thrive Design is for design and editing buyers and editors/designers that want to sell or learn.
Business | Technology
𝐬𝐚𝐩𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐬❜ 𝐕𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐨 𝐄𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐩 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Are you looking to have a video edited by a professional team with years of experience? We got you covered! sapiens' Video Editing Shop is a Discord server that sells video editing services to the public. What do we offer? Simple Video Edits Detailed Video Edits Gaming Clips Edits VIP subscription with a lot of good perks! Active STAFF and Support Team Fast deliveries Interested? Join now!
Art | Community
to help other content creators (i.e video editing, photo editing, etc). Or to get to know more editors out there in the world!
Art | Community
to help other content creators (i.e video editing, photo editing, etc). Or to get to know more editors out there in the world!
Community | Entertainment
this server is a place to make new friends, play games, and have fun! no toxicity here.
Design | Art
Servidor para se divertir, conhecer pessoas novas, jogar, editar e fazer muitas outras milhares de coisas divertidas, venha fazer parte da Apollo XXI!
Hobbies | Art
The biggest editing community on Instagram. Help us grow larger by joining our Discord server!
Hobbies | Social
Hey there! This server is really just about making friends and talking to other people about things you love. We have sections for a lot of things! Art, edits, memes, food, anime, gacha, Youtube, cosplay, general, and more! The age range we're aiming for is 11-16 years of age. Sometimes we may host competitions for things such as art, photography, and edits. Overall, we hope you have fun here!
Social | Business
I design graphics for people, i also have other services which are listed on the discord. I have cheap prices and can gurantee to get you your product on time at high quality!
Community | Social
Discord community filled with Gamers, Content Creators + More!
Design | Art
Welcome to Design Paradise, one of the greatest design and editing servers on Discord! You can advertise your own work, receive and give feedback, participate in contests, and so much more!
Art | Community
A filmmaking server for filmmakers of any kind.
Art | Community
we're a server dedicated to automotive media. our server has a variety of all skill levels ranging from starters to professionals. the purpose of this server is to showcase your work, whether it be photo or video, improve one another, make connections in the industry, and most of all, have fun. this server isn't specific to cars only - it's related to anything with a motor.
Art | Community
Looking for a server full of creativity. A server full of supportive members? Well look no further, this server is for you! There is an easy way to express your creativity and receive feedback from others. Show your edits on videostar and just let your imagine go wild!
Community | Beliefs
Social | Anime
just join breh ---------------- social server we talk abt anything we don't judge ------------- dating/support we are also a dating server and is a place for mental support just the right place for lonors ------------------------------ amv we also are a editing server filled with some pro editors including me that can help you improve your edits
Role-Playing | Community
Server for, making friends, sharing interests, hanging out and roleplaying.
Social | YouTuber
This is a server for youtubers,streamers,video editors and much more to come together and do business and do collabs! -------------------------------------------------------------------- - Great staff - General and memes - Serious people - Dedicated Editors - Share content ! ----------------------------------
Anime | Art
Welcome to AMV WORLD!! One of the largest AMV focused Discord Servers! if u like editing and creating AMV's then you'r right here!! We have: - a feedback Channel - friendly/experienced Staff - a nice and active Community - a ticket system for help in editing - own plug-ins and Program commands - contests and games - and much more!!! All kinds of content creators are welcome!!
Anime | Gaming
This server is made into many differend zones. A community for everyone. example: If you like games and dont like anime and dont wanna see any anime content and you just wanna talk about games then react to gamer role and you will only see that content and chats and its forbitten to talk about different ''zones (genres of intrest) in other zones. This server has long way to go.. so join us and let us make the best community of all time!
Community | Social | Emoji
SKIX Offers- Active chats & VCs with over 60k messages a day, Daily events & occasional giveaways, Active & friendly staff, Unique set of emojis, Premium upgraded bots such as Dank Memer & tons more. Join SKIX’s fast growing community today !
Technology | Design
A Shop Where I Sell GFX And Editing! (i make montages and thumbnails too)
Entertainment | Design
🌸⤸ Seja Bem Vindo(a) a Lawer Community! Uma comunidade onde aceitamos todos e para fazer amizades! Entre, e venha conversar conosco! ───────────────── Aqui nós temos: ꒰ 💕 ꒱ Loja de edição de vídeos e criação de servidores; ꒰ 💕 ꒱ Bots de músicas e entretenimento; ꒰ 💕 ꒱ Sistema de economia; ꒰ 💕 ꒱ Sistema de níveis; ꒰ 💕 ꒱ Canais de sugestões, memes, artes, etc; ꒰ 💕 ꒱ Registro e tags personalizadas; ꒰ 💕 ꒱ E muito mais! ────────────────── [Estamos aceitando STAFF e PARCERIAS]
Art | Business
A Server where you can buy and sell GFX and VFX
Anime | Gaming
a place where anime, editing and gaming fans can hang put together!
Entertainment | Community
What are you waiting for? come and have fun!
Technology | Design
Hey there! Welcome to skill hub! You can find many things here! You can get help or services done by other members in the discord server! In which include, ✷ Graphic Design Services ✷ Coding Services ✷ Editing services This is the place to show of YOUR SKILLS..and maybe even make some money if someone needs a service! Don't need a service? Well, come and chat about your Skills!!! We have tons of different skill areas where you can show off your best work! Or even find people to chat with who have the same interests as you! What are you waiting for?! JOIN!
Anime | Gaming
Welcome!!!! Here we focus on things such as Anime, Gaming and Video Editing!! We talk, joke, laugh, play and create with Each other. This is not a team or anything like that. Once you join this discord and get affiliated with everyone you are now apart of a family!!! We support each other, help each other and succeed with each other. Hopefully you find a good time in this server!
Gaming | Streaming
Wholesome PG server for venting/listening, gaming together on games like Valorant and Fortnite, getting advice on a variety of topics from the stock market to relationship struggles, and networking with Twitch streamers :)