The Community Discord of Kujou and Anok.
This is melo designs' discord community or more like a family, we chat about designs and do ALOT of giveaways and lot more so why not join?
Join our server if you want to become an amazing 3d artist for the video game and VFX industries.
a helpful Cinema 4D community
Design Lab is a server built fundamentally on creative learning and making friends. Here you can find almost everything you need to fulfill your creative needs. Not to mention our awesome monthly contests and giveaways! Win some awesome premium graphics. Top notch, I tell ya! It's basically heaven, let's be real. Spread the word, stay a while, tell your mum!
Well, You're here! We are a Community of Visual/Graphic artist(s) from around the Globe sharing Knowledge and works at one place " CRΞΛTIVΞ DUNGΞON " We do have Collection of GFX Materials or Elements. Come, Hang-out with us! Be a Part of our Wonderful Fam. Share your Artwork, Photography, Videography and Even Blog. Make us Feel like in "Surreal world"
༺══ ❰ BrushArt's ❱ ══༻ C'est quoi BrushArts ? BrushArt's est un discord crée dans le but de promouvoir le graphisme et le dessin. Le discord et ouvert depuis deja 2 ans. ༺══ ❰ SERVEUR ❱ ══༻ Sur le serveur il y a : 💭 - Des salons discussions divers et variés 🎨 - Des salons pour mettre en avant vos creations 🔊 - Des salons vocaux pour papoter 🎮 - Des salons vocaux pour chaque jeux 🎁 - Des concours toute les semaines.
a server that is owned by a VFX youtuber with over 600 subscribers