Anime | YouTuber
The Community Discord of Kujou and Anok.
Gaming | Sports
We would like to invite you to come to join our Esports Organisation. To join the Team you will need to send us some clips on our submissions channels for the category you are choosing to apply for. The main game we are focusing on for our comp team is Fortnite so we will be looking for Fortnite players to join and represent the team. As of now, we are based in OCE servers but will be looking to gain members from other servers like NA and the EU. We hope you make the team, DF Zokyu DF PeachyAbigail
Technology | Community
We are a server that offers paid services (e.g. video editors, animators and GFX) to people who do not know how to make them or to new people on social media. If you wish to be hired for a job in this server, please join and contact our owner, @itz.noah#9447, and he will interview you!
We are,"Mortality GFX!" We sell high quality GFX and VFX for all games. We can make things like thumbnails, banners, logos, intros, and more. All for a good price. Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite are 3 of the most requested things when it comes to GFX. If you want to sell we have applications! Just DM a mod! Lastly, you can chill in this server and hangout with others! (NEW SERVER, JUST CREATED)
Art | Design
Join our server if you want to become an amazing 3d artist for the video game and VFX industries.
Art | Meme
A place where people with skill or interest in 3D computer graphics, visual effects or game development can come together and learn/share new stuff and have fun chatting with other people. No skill level required!
Design | Hobbies
Request video to be made, or apply to become apart of the production team!
Art | YouTuber
All the GFX here! Join now and get your banner :)
Design | Community
a helpful 3D Design community
Art | Community
Welcome to 3D Community we are a small community that makes 3d stuff we would love to have you in our community we have a lot of things you can do you can share your 3d work with others you can see what others made in 3d you can get help to your 3d software we hope to see you on 3d Community very soon
Art | YouTuber
Want a Very Cool Intro for your YouTube Channel or any other Social Media? We do Invite Rewards here and Giveaway each days! We have less Members now which means you'll have a very higher chance of Winning Giveaways! Join Now and Win Intros for free.
Business | Design
Here at Apollo Solutions, we sell many professional products for a very cheap price! Such as youtube and twitch art, Youtube intros, and outros video editing and a lot more. Join today to see many more cheap products we offer for you.
serveur vfx
Entertainment | Art
Hire your video editor VFX/GFX for a descent price!! join for more info.