Welcome to Heaven. 24/7 Active community with amazing features on our custom bot. Active VC's and a great environment. What’re you waiting for?
Welcome to Heaven. 24/7 Active community with amazing features on our custom bot. Active VC's and a great environment. What’re you waiting for?
Welcome to Heaven. 24/7 Active community with amazing features on our custom bot. Active VC's and a great environment. What’re you waiting for?
Server info ☾ Games ☽ ☾ Anime ☽ ☾ Chatting ☽ ☾ Chilling ☽ ☾ Memes ☽ ☾ Leveling roles ☽ ☾ Nsfw ☽
An inclusive community for people to chill when they are tired. The perfect place to recharge your Social Battery. 75+ members at the moment.
On growing server who with excitement likes to meet people.
The VoidCraft Community server started out as a place for Minecraft. Now, it has evolved into a place for basically anything! Like talking about games? How about news and politics? Memes? You might like this server! We have: -General chatting. -Sections for you to post content if you're a creator. -Places to show off art if you're an artist. -A channel for discussing music. -A channel dedicated to any and all memes! -An acceptance to add things and grow! If you like the sound of this, come join and say hi! We are very friendly!
A community server built around gaming, anime, music and more! We also have tons of bots to play around with. All are welcome to join.
Welcome to the Friday night Gaming Club! "What goes on here?" you may ask? Three words: Gaming, Chatting, Memes. This server was created after seeing how much people have Discord and play games so everyone could be linked together in video games! We also have a arcade here that is free for everyone to use! There's RPG's a Casino, and of course Nightly Game Trivia! And don't get me started with the awesome BOTS! They are always aimed to make this server THE BEST and are one of the main features that we have in this server! Every member has said how GOOD this server is and most are aimed to bring in even more gamers from around the world to join us in this amazing server! So what are you waiting for?! Go ahead and smash that "Join Server" button to join the club so we see you there!!
Welcome to the city! Paraiso is an anime discord aimed towards +16 and up members! We're a newer discord that is looking to grow for sure! So if you love anime and hanging out with people, join us! We'll soon have, active events, active staff and much more coming soon!
Chilling, chatting and gaming. Also try to add emojis and update them whenever possible.
Honeysuckle Clan is a server for LGBTQ, teens, friend making and mental health support.
Artist, Anime, and Gaming server made by my awesome friend Lulu! All are welcome as long as you are kind and respectful. - 100 emojis! - 5 different self assignable role menus! - many different channels and voice channels to choose from!
cloud ➒ A NEW and growing server for people to escape the chaos and hang out in the clouds. We're a social server where you can easily make new friends, have plenty of bots to play with, and can participate in weekly activities. We have a strong sense of community where everyone can be themselves and anyone is welcome. Now is the perfect time to join and grow with us. ●・✧・●・✧・●・✧・●・✧・●・✧・●・✧・ ☁️ Helpful and welcoming staff ☁️ Active text and voice chats ☁️ An amazing, friendly community that continues to grow ☁️ Self-assignable roles ☁️ Weekly server-wide events ☁️ Games
A place to hang out and chat. Don't mind the smell. New server, looking for active chatters who wanna make friends.
This is a chill sfw server where you can just chat and make friends, frequent giveaways, and an active community
This is a friend-making Discord server. Feel free to have a good chat and meet new friends.
A server with only whats necessary to not overwhelm the users.
Kleinerer, freundlicher Discord
This server is for chatting with new people, don't be scared, we have fun roles and you can introduce yourself! it's very cute and we hope you have a nice stay!
Welcome to our kind hearted community! This server is mainly intended to be League of Legends related but we´re always open for new suggestions and ideas to expand the diversity of its content. We hope you like your stay! :D
PHS_Atlaas's discord server. Created by PHS_Atlaas#5400 on 7/19/2019
For Manga/Anime artists for art sharing, honest opinions, chatting fangirling and more
A Tunisian server for those who are tunisians or even those who want to meet friendly people and get to know our country, please join us and let us have some fun!
This is a fun and cool server for everyone in life. Why not join? Nothing bad will happen, I promise...or will it?
Her türlü muhabbeti yaptığımız, eğlence amaçlı açılan Discord sunucumuza hepinizi bekliyoruz :)
Do you like movies? Do you like voice chatting? Well, we got a server for you. Every Saturday, we play a movie voted from you in the voice channels! (This can act as a normal chatting server).
Place for game developers! Get friends! Talk about games, game developement.
A server about nothing and everything, Talk about whatever you want and have fun
Hex is a Discord ran by a bunch of old friends that want to open up our community to others, we're new and friendly and also looking for suggestions! So come on in and help us grow!
The Café offers a variety of things for its users besides just stream notifications, gaming related chatter and socialization. We offer roles for announcements so that you are only notified about things you care about (very few @everyones). We offer roles to put together groups that you are welcome to ping so it's easy to play your favourite games! We have channels for posting your favourite music, your art, memes, etc. We have a channel for specifically game related discussion, so that you can have in-depth conversations without it being interrupted! We are slowly adding to our emotes list, and are open to suggestions. Our rules are structured and our staff are always friendly and willing to help. On top of this, we are accepting of everyone assuming you're friendly and follow our rules! Consider this your haven for whatever hobby you may have or friends you want to make, regardless of if you like gaming or not! Hope to see you there!
rain is a new, relaxed social server/community for everyone from gamers to weebs. it was recently just started by me and my small group of friends. we are looking to create a community of people who have similar interests in all sorts of different topics, people who are just willing to talk, chill and have a good time, so come on and join. Also since the server is new we are always looking for people who would want to become mods for the server if/when it finally picks up, so feel free to msg a higher up explaining why you could be a mod.
A nice community with nice people to chat with. I got a weird feeling that i want to change the world. The world needs us. We are the Discord community. We can change the world. We need you.
This is a server that is under development, and its mainly based on overall gaming and chatting, i would also love to get feedback
The Last Keep is a tabletop roleplay sytem that I have begun to work on, and I've made this server as a place for people to use and speak about it. This is still a new server, but I hope to have an active, and engaged community that can freely speak their mind about the game system I have created. I hope that this project can someday grow to something big, and really hope that it won't be just another personal project lost to time. If you do decide to join, I hope you have an amazing time😊
Brand new server looking to get actively used! Memes, gaming, role play and just talking welcome! A suggestions channel ready to use, especially if it gets active so open to adding more channels to suit user needs!! Happy for you to be yourself as long as rules are followed ☺
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