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So you're looking for a new server to just chill in? Come join us! We use the voice chat very regularly throughout the day as well as night [EDT Timezone] and there's always someone on to chat with! If not just ping @CHAT REVIVE! :)

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So you're looking for a new server to just chill in? Come join us! We use the voice chat very regularly throughout the day as well as night [EDT Timezone] and there's always someone on to chat with! If not just ping @CHAT REVIVE! :)

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Nitro giveaway & active voice chat!

We are once again hosting nitro giveaways on the server without a server join requirement! Anyone can join as long as they reach level 5 (talking in the chat)

The server is 13+ so anyone can join! :)

Voice chats have now also been gaining a ton of activity so if you're interested in a voice chat that isnt overly active to the point you cant really talk but not dead at the same time, you'll like ours!

Hope to see you all here :) - Artzler

New custom level reward bot!

We now have our very own custom bot! We now have the level reward system back up with Serena, lots of new things added to the server as well as lots of new emotes!

Voice chat has gained a ton of activity in the past few days so if that's what you like, come chat with us!

Active chat & voice chat

Come join! There’s almost always someone down to join the voice chat, or just to chat in the lounge :) Hangout with us !

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