Active community with over 62,000 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and giveaways!
Active community with over 62,000 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and giveaways!
Active community with over 62,000 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and giveaways!
In this server we discuss the 'deeper' aspects of life, but if you simply want to meet new people and make friends, you're very welcome too!
🌸 Welcome All Asian 'Drama' & 'Music' Lovers 🌸 Sharing, Respect, Laughter, Consolation, Joy, Happiness, Understanding, Mutual Passion are the Main Emotions that coexist within this Worldwilde Big Family called : 💜 ƇHIƝƓUS IƝ ƊRAMALAƝƊ 💜 aka Ƈ I Ɗ 👉 50 Channels: 🌷 12 Categories 🌺 48 Texts 🎵 2 Voices 👉 Self assignable roles (suggestions of new roles) 👉 18 Bots 👉 Partnerships 👉 NO NSFW ⛔ 👈 🦋 Join us to discuss in joy and conviviality 🦋 ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ 💞 Thank You 💞 ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪
Welcome to Plantasia. A plant themed highschool to make all kinds of new friends! Our server focuses on anime, games and friend making!
This is an emote server meant to provide all 55 OG UNO Cards as Emotes for Discord Nitro Users. Have fun ruining friendships!
We are a friendly server for people to join and hang out! We discuss a wide range of topics and have a lot of different channels for all of your hearts desires! If we don't have something you like, ask and we'll see what we can do! Come join, relax and enjoy your vacation!
Dost canlisi bir Turk sunucusu. Beraber filmler izliyor, masa oyunlari oynuyor, muhabbet ediyoruz. Mesaj yazarak gercek para ve oduller kazanabiliyorsunuz. Her ay cekilisler yapiliyor, herkesi bekliyoruz!
🌸 A great place for those who feel like they don't really fit in with the "normal" people. Are you struggling, or do you want a place where you can relax and have fun conversations? Then you're at the right place! 🌸 🌸 What do we have? 🌸 - Interview system - Roles - Channels for hobbies, media etc. - Channels for Introverts, Extroverts or those in between - Support channels - Voice channels (including music) - LGBTQ+ Friendly - Bots 🌸 We are a new server, so it won't be really active (yet) and it may take a few hours until someone is ready to take an interview with you. We hope you'll give it a try! And you can always suggest us things that you're missing in the group or what should be improved. 🌸 Hope to see you soon! 💕
Come join the brotherhood/sisterhood, we will help you build your networking skills and create a lasting bond that goes beyond streaming.
Mental Health Lounge (MHL) is a place of many wonders. It's main function is to provide a safe place for people going through mental, and physical, pain. We are there to offer advice, provide support, and honestly hear your vents. Besides that, we are one community. We have many places for you to express your interests, get to know the community, and just hang out. We hope to see you there!!! Discover how much you need this
Hey there, This is mostly an experimental server for now but you can still join to see progress towards setting it up. Currently working on a bot system for finding and matching people together. Hopefully it will be complete soon. This is mainly aimed for people who want to make friends or talk about things together. # Roadmap 1. Finishing up the current friend finding bot. 2. Setting up website 3. Make the server more active 4. Hosting events and giveaway
♕Red Light District♕ Wassup @everyone , if you're looking to make friends or find some nice people to play/chat with, you came to the right place. ⫸ Self-Assignable Roles ⫷ ⫸ 3 Music Bots to enjoy on any channel you want ⫷ ⫸ Colour Roles ⫷ ⫸ Awesome Community ⫷ ⫸ LGBTQ Friendly ⫷ ⫸ Level up heart system ⫷ ⫸Lots more! Come join us and see for yourself ☆⫷
A place to meet new people, game and hangout.
We are a gaming community based on having fun and chilling. We also have a streaming team that helps small streamers connect with each other and help each other grow. Interested in joining the team? Join our Discord and ask an admin or mod. Cheers!
Flower is a small, friendly community of introverted, like-minded people. We have karaoke nights, music channels, fun bots, heaps of custom roles and a whole lot more. We hope to see you around! :)
Hi, this is an Lgbtq+ support server. NOT A DATING SERVER this includes multiple chats such as art, homework(if You are still in school you can get help here) and a lot more this is a kid-friendly server so you must be active quite a bit this is called family because the people on here will be like your family if yours doesn't respect you or if you just want some new siblings and parental figures (those roles don't mean anything they are for fun) and this is just a place for fun you can be straight and cis and still join as long as you respect the rules and follow members!
Koding Kingdom is a Discord community based around Minecraft, programming, anime and of course making new valuable friendships! Reasons to join: Kind staff and members, fun bots, meeting new friends and more! Join the kingdom!
idek what this server is supposed to be? I guess just a fun place for young people to hang out and have a chat about games or memes or life or fandom crap. I just made it for a laugh with some friends. we're friendly! come join. we're all around 18 y/o so similarly aged people would probably match us best!
A casual yet fun South African gaming server but we welcome everyone to join our server and come join us even if just to chat and pass time. Remember, all are welcome, even if you are not from South Africa.
A place (around the whole world) for people who have trouble with their appearance in the real world, or have other issues and get discriminated etc. This community is always there for you and doesn't cares appearance :). We talk together about everything possible. Also the right place to find friends ;)
Are you looking for a place to make new friends? Become an Ace of Spades! We are a growing community looking for new members and friends! -LGBTQ+ Friendly -Active VC -Friendly People -Fun!
We got games ghost stories love and support talk all kind of music spooky adventures so much much that ya have to come and see be warned of ghosts and lots of hauntings 👻 anyway we are cool, chill and relaxed with awesome members and lovely staff ready to help
Serveur francophone communautaire pour rencontrer plein de gens 7 bots déjà présent, boite à idée, channel vocaux, musique, etc Venez vous éclatez (et restez sur le serv 1 semaine pour un giveaway :) )
Just a cool server for folks 13-17 to chill out.
Welcome to Trans Kingdom a LGBTQ+ friendly server Come join us in a friendly space were you can be your self. we are a positive community so come join us and spread the joy...
A server for chatting with friends. Anime, video games, and more. Whatever you're into, this server's here for you
Nice community to make friends.
A small server that is trying to grow. uwu
This server is a general server for anyone 13-25 to mingle, make friends, and maybe even find romance! We have many different channels for you to talk in. We are LGBTQ friendly! All genders are welcome. We’re excited to meet you! -FREYE
AIMLAC is a Community of Science and Technology. We are a community dedicated to science exploration and technological innovation! Our members range from High Schoolers, University Students, Postgraduates, as well as people from diverse backgrounds. Using Discord, we're able to maintain a community for sharing scientific discussions, research, and meeting new and similar individuals who are interested in academia of science. We also have gamers channels.
A server full of old users. We still look for ways to watch stuff together, as well as play games, and just chat. We welcome all kinds of people, topics and opinions. You definitely won't be judged here. Come kill time with us.
Welcome to **P R O J E C T X** ~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~ We provide 🎮 | Gamers, yes any games, Minecraft, GTA, etc. 📽️ | Possibly movie nights whenever we can. 🍑 | Egirls of course! 🗣️ | Vc time? Yes, we have those here for you. 😈 | NSFW channels are provided. 🎟️ | Server events will happen every once in a blue moon. 🤝 | Open partnerships with whoever. 🎼 | Music, go ahead and jam out. 😎 | Chill staff members, strict when needed. 🤖| Fun bots, you can recommend more for us to add.
LGBTQ+ | Over 180 roles | bots to play with | fast 24/7 hour moderation | a place for everyone here! | active chats | non toxic | amazing community!
#friends #gaming #chat #friendship #teen
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