A Rust server community. Server-specific information can be found at https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/rust/3026656 Community missions, information on how to connect, donation information, and more miscellaneous information can all be discovered on our website at http://rusteros.net
Australian and New Zealand multi-gaming community and tournament platform. Website: https://4sg.com.au Admins: Mickzerofive and zlr
Storyline.. In 2014.. we were boosting MGS Peacewalker and .. we really had a blast ;) After this we started boosting Uncharted 2. At the time, we had a discussion about regrouping boosters (the good ones) in a community.. April 20th we created the N3H forum website and invited people to join. Since this time, a lot of us have crossed each others in different games. This group, that was first a few boosters, has growth and is now more a community than just a boosting core.. A few years later, the discord server was a huge beneficial add-on for us, text and voice chat.. compliant way to post pictures etc.. So feel free here to say whatever you like and we are glad that you'll join us. Welcome!
-[FGC]- Home is the primary Discord server for our community. Hosting our main gaming servers.
LıvᴇAshish Server has been created in 2018 for PUBG Pc Gamer. There was 33 member for a few months for PC Gaming after December 2018 server becomes active for gamers with lot's members. it's one of the upcoming growing gaming community in India.
Clan Magnus Legio, “The Great Legion”, is an organized and mature gaming community that plays competitive, PvP-focused games that reward our teamwork, coordination, and mobility. We have designed the Clan to appeal to casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike. Whether you’re someone who logs in once a week, or an intense gamer looking for an organized group—CML does it all.
RTB-Gaming.de ist eine deutsche Gaming Community, die sich auf Spiele wie Apex Legends, Forza Horizon 4 und weitere fokussiert. Webseite: https://rtb-gaming.de/ Schaut doch mal vorbei :)
Hello, And welcome to vELD’s hangout! We’re a server dedicated to all the gamers out there! We basically um- Play! We are a community created for gamers, which supports many games like PUBG PC, Apex Legends, Minecraft & many more..! So what’re you waiting for, join us today!
I want to make people be able to come together, and meet new players - and HAVE FUN!
We host a Rust PC game server & community!
This group was officially started June 30th, 2017 as a public gaming community. We always love seeing new faces so feel free to join the voice channels and introduce yourself if you've just joined! We are a pretty calm bunch, we like to keep the environment in the group friendly and helpful. We play a variety of games, and are always welcoming to newcomers. :)
Anime Community Server
Gezellige Community waarin veel mensen zitten die verschillende games spelen, waaronder Minecraft, CS:GO, Fortnite, Town of Salem etc.
Apex Squads is a server where people who love video games can come and find people to play Apex Legends with!
The best gaming server!
Legion Perfected is a new and upcoming clan within the gaming community. Our goal is to create a home-like community that works and plays together, regardless of who you are. If your a staff member or not, professional or new, we want to just make sure that all of you are valued within our community and that all of you have an important role with us. We look forward to seeing you join us and to become the people that make us who we are!
⭐ Cytho Gaming Community 800+ Members⭐ Female friendly. Giveaways weekly!
A chill and friendly hub with gamers who just want to chat and meet up with others. This server is more or less a WIP and will be updating along the way. If you join feel free to suggest anything! We're hoping to make lots more in the future such as events or giveaways :D
Hello, Welcome to GamingOGs discord First off, if you made it to this post I would like to sincerely thank you for making the effort to check us out! Welcome to GamingOG’s gaming/streaming server Discord where we plan to establish a friendly community that brings together a diverse set of players from around the world who have one thing in common, a love and appreciation for enthusiastic and enjoyable gaming.
Official gaming server for Soldier-boy03 on YouTube mainly based around PS4 Game play moving to PC Soon on the road to 5k subscribers,Feel free to join the server of Soldier-boy03 come stop by and chat with me and other Viewers
Multi-gaming community CS:GO PUBG Hunt: Showdown League of Legends Mortal Kombat Ring of Elysium Mordhau Quake Champions Rainbow Six: Siege Any game every game.
generic gaming server #251,803
A new redemption-themed Overwatch Roleplay discord. All ages and ships are welcomed. We also welcome OC's! All you need is a one-paragraph or less application, and you can have your character and join the roleplay. Check us out!
We're a small collective of friends and other friendly strangers just looking to have a good time, make memes, and enjoy our youthful days. If you'd like to join the Squad, grab a snack, relax because you're going to be staying for a while ;).