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Hi! We're a local AZ panelist group! We're those ones that run the weird hentai panel. Tags: anime, manga, weaboo, nsfw, gamer, cosplay, anime conventions, hell yeah, otaku, waifu, we like to think cory in the house was the best anime to date
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🌸Welcome all anime watchers and manga readers! 🌸Discuss about Anime/Manga, and even games! 🌸Meet with others in our voice chats and text channels. 🌸Earn cool and anime related ranks and lvl up to more titles! 🌸Play games and participate in events. 🌸Play with our cool and fun bots and try to become the best player of the server! 🌸Listen to one of our several music bots, with several channels for you to choose. 🌸Several custom anime emojis to select from and more soon! 🌸Auto anime content to cure your boredom and auto anime news to keep you updated. 🌸So what are you waiting for? 🌸Join now!
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Greetings! looking for a server with tons of emojis? Or just looking for a anime/hangout server? Well, you're looking at one! We have 100 emojis, some fun bots, tons of channels and more! Why not join today? All it takes it one click ya know ^^