Most importantly make sure to have fun!!!!
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Welcome to the LucidGaming community where we host the best Vanilla-inspired servers on Rust! Modded with Half Craft, Furnace Splitter, Shorter Nights, No Fuel for Lights, Larger Stack Sizes, Player Ranks, Clans, PM and a careful selection of other mods that makes the perfect, optimized, lightly modded and authentic Rust experience with perfectly balanced gameplay! Monthly wipes, alongside Rust’s forced updates. The servers are designed for people who don't have the time to play 24/7 and for anyone to join at any time of the month! Discord invite link:
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↣ ΣUREKA est un server regroupant de tout, mais surtout, un centre de discussion où tous les sujets et centres d’intérêts sont acceptés et partagés en ne tenant compte d’aucune différence ! ↣ Faites parts de vos centres d’intérêts, créations et situations de tous les jours librement. Ici vous pourrez faire de nouvelles connaissances tout comme raconter votre vie (●'◡'●) ↣ Nous souhaitons nous développer afin d'acquérir une grande expérience et vous proposer un contenue toujours à la hauteur de vos attente. Notre développement nous permettra par la suite de vous proposer d'autres fonctionnalités inédites. L'ambiance, la cohésion et la persévérance sont les mot clé de la réussite.
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Our discord is for community/gaming we also welcome content creators/streamers active admins always able to help and willing to to listen we also have game servers running, These servers are run by skunkblazergaming,s community.
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Hi, this Discord that I ad created, is a beginning server that I worked very hard to make. This server is mostly for gamers but if you want to be in the server you are completely welcome to join. Also this server features many different games and more games if you like. I made this server for because I wanted people and gamers alike to connect and have fun! Currently I am a you-tuber, and i make videos daily, I am planning (when people join) to feature some of you guys in my videos if you would like. Anyway, I hope you join this server and if you do then that would be awesome! Thanks!
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The Crew 2 English Community - a community for TC2 players.
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Server of BellumKlan official esports team, with community and you request for a team
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Welcome to Badges World 📈 advertising channels 🚧 TOS friendly 🎉 Giveaways 🎮 Gaming Community Discord link: ------------------------------- REQUIREMENTS ------------------------------- (¯·.¸¸.·´¯·.¸¸.-> `Do the following under to join!` >-.¸¸.·¯´·.¸¸.·¯( ***Just click the server link*** ***Then you will get something like an modal showing 2 buttons.*** ***||Click join Badges world, And you are absolutely finished! No NSFW or etc! Just gaming communities, ToS friendly, and giveaways, with channels where you can advertise!||*** ***And you are done!*** ------------------------------- PERKS ------------------------------- Giveaways... ToS friendly stuff. Giveaways... Gaming communities.. These are stuff you can do in badges world