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Welcome to the official Gamer Escape discord server! We are gaming journalists who cover gaming news, video game reviews and comprehensive wiki databases including for Final Fantasy XIV with the most up-to-date content within hours of a new patch! We now have a public animal crossing new horizons channel for exchanging friend codes, inviting friends to your island, trading items/fruit/gifts/etc, and more. We place high value in our community and reward contributors of every shape and size. We have special colorful roles for not only official team members but also roles for recognizing site and wiki contributors, twitch subscribers, and nitro boosters that have added perks and benefits. We look forward to having you join our community!
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Gamerz Unite is a site and Discord dedicated to Gaming News and also Lan Parties.
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Touhou Club Server
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We play on all platforms.
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Our Website: Snapchat: Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter:
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GTG is based around helping others. If you need help setting up your Twitch, YouTube or your own discord server and more, then GTG is where you can get it done. We are a smaller community but that benefits you by receiving the help you need ASAP. Below are some of our key features - Self Role system that allows you to choose what notifications you receive as well as which channels you can look at. - A ticket system that allows you to ask anything you are needing with fast response time -news channels that allow you to get notified on new upcoming game releases as well as new technologies game related leaks - A friendly community to meet new people - Memes - other channels to talk to people and find people to play games with AND MORE I am a streamer as well as a YouTuber but I am putting that detail last because I personally just do both as a hobby and have a main focus of helping others achieve their dreams. Hope to see you soon -GTG