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Welcome to Lattes & Languages! A quaint little discord cafe to help connect language learners by providing an encouraging study environment. Grab a cup of coffee, a slice of cake, and chit chat in a relaxed environment. Come in and take a look around. If you enjoy our shop, please tell a friend!
Language | Education
The Nexus is an international community mainly focused on language learning via voice chat. Come and practice the language you are learning by having interesting conversations with native speakers, expand your vocabulary and learn about the culture behind the language, immerse your self in a language experience. English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and more.
Language | Community | Education
Welcome to LINGUAHOLIC. This is the place where language enthusiasts from all over the world meet to discuss and study languages together. + LANGUAGE ROOMS FOR ALL LANGUAGES + CUSTOM ROLES + NICE LANGUAGE-RELATED RANKS + VERY FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT + CONNECTED TO A LARGE LANGUAGE LEARNING FORUM & BLOG ( Join the tribe! We are waiting for you! One Love Lingua
Community | Language
Foreign language learning: multicultural education approach. It is our commitment to educate, teach and help anyone who is up to experiment living in a cosmopolitan world. Let's learn and practice languages together!
Anime | Gaming
Gaming/Anime/Manga with a bit of Neko touch group named Neko Land are recruiting active Anime people to their ranks! If you are active, love to talk, game or simply discuss anime, then do join, you will be welcomed. And Little info about our group We have our ranks, leveling ones and honorable ones. Weekly events. Self-assigned roles. Monthly giveaways, weekly if the prize isn't too expensive. Well searched group emotes. Roleplay segments Ofc Anime channels. Possibility to win custom server tags. You can remove your mention role, if you dont need it. NSFW content, thats only self assigned! A Selfie corner. Staff members that are trying to improve the server. Always open for suggestions. Simply a chill place to hang out in. And other community like stuff! Searching for ways to spice things up. So give it a thought and join up everyone ! Maybe this will be the place where you feel comfortable enough to call The home for cats ^_^
Gaming | Community
Valorant Worldwide is a Valorant focused discord server made for Valorant players from all around the globe.
Community | Gaming
Community And Stuff
Descubra a melhor comunidade de Apex Legends no Brasil! Aqui você vai encontrar aquele squad campeão e mais, temos serviços premium como mostrar seu level Apex em tempo real no discord e tudo que você quer para jogar Apex com seus amigos ou conhecer jogadores tops do cenário, só falta você!
Role-Playing | Community
Welcome to Pandora, a big continent, full of open space, and opportunities. A place where the most advanced technology clashes with the most fantastic magic. Pandora is a small roleplay server, with expanding lore, where you can be (almost) anything. A place defined only by the creativity of its inhabitants. Come have fun, a place where your char can not only live, but shape, create and transform the word. Almost everything is permitted. So what are you waiting for? Disclaimer, we have rules. We are not barbarians. The server is strictly 18+
Gaming | Streaming
We are Arabic/English friendly community for gamers looking for new players to enjoy their times with us, Our server is where you can find new friendly players & people who have same interests as you do, The more active you can be the more friends you can meet & make ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . We also provide this following features: 🎭 Self role assign system. 📌 When you stream you will be pinned to the top of members so you get viewers . 📋 Up-to-date updates & patchnotes about games such as: CS:GO,Dota 2, Blade & Soul, Starcraft II, as well as with some other games! 🎧 Listening to music (from Spotify,YouTube,etc) with your friends. 📡 24/7 Online Admin to serve you... 🎬 YouTube uploads... 😂 Memes and fun... 💥 And many other things (ง'̀-'́)ง...
Community | Social
Just another sever where everyone is able to hang out and talk to. Nothing much else.
Entertainment | Sports
Español: Una comunidad para los amantes de los autos, te invito a unirte. English: A community for car lovers, I invite you to join.
Gaming | Hobbies
Online retreat for everyone! ♥
Gaming | Entertainment
PT-BR Olá a todos, quem ai curte jogos? Se você respondeu sim esse é o servidor certo para você, agora se você não curte jogos esse servidor também é para você, aqui vai uma lista do que temos aqui: Chat Ativo Torneios e Campeonatos de Jogos Memes e Zuera Comunidades Minigames Divulgações Eventos Músicas RP Bot Próprio Rádio Oficial Praça SDJ no Roblox Além de Várias Outras Coisas Garanto que não vai se frustrar, venha para o Servidor dos Joguinhos e seja mais um Sdjoteiro! English Hello everyone, who there likes games? If you answered yes this is the right server for you, now if you don't like games this server is also for you, here is a list of what we have here: Active Chat Games Tournaments and Championships Memes and Memes Communities Minigames Disclosures Events Music RP Own Bot Official Radio SDJ Square at Roblox In addition to several other things
Community | Streaming
SitirioTV's Community Deutsche Community (English supported) Wir suchen nach aktiven Chattern. Wir sind ein Film Discord-Server. Im Mittelpunkt stehen Marvel, Star Wars & Harry Potter. Allerdings sind auch Gespräche über andere Filme erwünscht. :) - Chilled Server Team - Moderation-Bots - Private Channels - Level/Ranking System - No NSFW Time-Zone: CET Server-Region: Europe
Gaming | Community
Force One Gaming Community
Social | Fitness
Hi! This server is for horse-back riders and people interested in horse-back riding to converse, share stories, and send photos. All disciplines are welcome! This is a 13+ server.
Streaming | Gaming
★·.·´¯`·.·★ Welcome to Ninja Fam ★·.·´¯`·.·★ ⭐Howdy folks, are you a Dead by Daylight / R6 / CS GO etc... fan ? Well Ninja Fam is the right community for you. ⭐If you wanna be one of us please feel free to join on our discord server link below. ⭐Hope to see you around. 🔥 Community Link 🔥 - ⭐I am here to support and share thoughts about : 🐱‍👤Gaming World 🐱‍👤Positivity 🐱‍👤Find people to play with for fun and/or competitive 🐱‍👤Meet new people to be my gaming comrades 🐱‍👤EN/RO Server with customized channels 🐱‍👤Promotion allowed!!! Advertise your Twitch, Youtube, Discord, etc! 🐱‍👤Easy rules Easy Life 🐱‍👤Aesthetic customized channel photo + Nitro Boost and Moooorrreeee 💙💙💙XOXO Maddi 💙💙💙
Gaming | Meme
We are a server that is trying to start fresh. We are a gaming community trying to get big so you dont get bored.
Gaming | Anime
A primary English server (ironically). We here at the USSR just want to have fun. Discuss whatever you want whenever you want.
Programming | Community
We help peoples on scripting, we sponsor games to make them better, we create games ourselves, but who is "we"? Well, our team.
Gaming | YouTuber
Team up with other players of Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, CS:GO, etc. We also arrange tournaments!
eSports | Community
Well, you're here! Welcome to Kumari Kingdom. We are a community of gaming enthusiastic who plays (obviously) and have fun here for no reason. Our server has Friendly, Funny and knowledgeable Folks. So Feel free to chat and Hangout!. Y'all be assigned with Citizens role now! Make sure to participate in every event we conduct to promote yourself to higher role. Bigger Role, Bigger access to server.
Social | Entertainment
Anime | Mature
My very own fan server of Doki Doki Literature Club! Discuss about the game and find new people to hang out with! Also this server has both an English and a French section so don't hesitate to join if you wish to learn either language!
Gaming | Music
Serve especial só para Gamers de verdade.👾 🌌Gamers De Narnia🌌
eSports | Gaming
R6: Siege eSports Team
Community | Social
Hey , We try to get a new world record on discord, we want the most members on one discord!!! Please invite everyone you now, everyone can help us!!!
Community | Music
Převážně máme rádi aesthetics a posloucháme lofi hudbu... ~ Mostly we like aesthetics and listening to lofi music...
Gaming | Community
Zulu X-Ray Delta A social and competitive Squad community
Gaming | Community
International Gaming Community with a dedicated Arma 3 Milsim Unit and Star Citizen Organisation
Education | Language
This is official channel of Korean Lab. a channel for studying Korean, language exchange between Korean/Non-Korean, making friends and learning other cultures.
Community | Language
C'est un serveur pour parler des BTS (évidemment). Des memes, des discussions entre Army, des rencontres.... Bref un serveur pour des ARMY (quelque soit ton genre) français(e) et anglais(e). :) It's a discord for chatting about BTS (of course). Memes, conversation with other army... Anyway, a server for ARMY (whatever your genre) french and english. :)
Language | Education
Great community to learn a language with!
Business | Programming
Ceci est un serveur où j'offre mes services de développement de bot Discord et de site web pour un prix moindre !
Community | Gaming
An community for gaming,fun friendship and many more!