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Friendly café server! Active community of nearly 9,000 members -- regular giveaways, events. Open staff roles! Come hang out with us!
Anime | Gaming | Community
Friendly café server! Active community of nearly 9,000 members -- regular giveaways, events. Open staff roles! Come hang out with us!
Anime | Gaming | Community
Friendly café server! Active community of nearly 9,000 members -- regular giveaways, events. Open staff roles! Come hang out with us!
Social | Emoji
Depression, anxiety and apathy server | Incudes 500 Gudetama (melancholy egg yolk) emotes.
Language | Education
My server has a Japanese help channel, 1 on 1 tutoring, Japanese kanji games, and chats to talk about Manga, Anime, Video Games, and music! We even have a karaoke channel!
Anime | Community | Social
Active anime community 🌸 Weebs, artists, and gamers 🌸 24/7 vc 🌸 Meet New People 🌸 Relaxed Atmosphere 🌸 Events & giveaways 🌸 And more!
Language | Anime
A server focused on providing content for Japanese learners. Anyone interested in learning Japanese by doing things you enjoy is welcome.
Anime | Hobbies
The official Discord server for the Jammin' Scans scanlation group.
Community | Meme
On going Discord Nitro giveaway, don't miss out in #giveaways! >_< Currently level 3 boosted! 💫 welcoming you to godless 💫 A new server based on friendship, vibin' and non-toxicity. Always on the look for new faces. :) Things we've got to offer: 🤑 MONTHLY Discord Nitro giveaways, 💞 A non-toxic and chill environment, 🤖 Several game & music bots, 👋 Self & color roles, ☀️ Custom (nitro)-emotes, 🌊 Lowly moderated, 💬 Level roles, 🤝 Partnering, 😈 NSFW AND MORE! Hoping to meet you in the (un)holy land of godless, feel free to join us!
Gaming | Community
Dead by daylight server for making some mates to play togethrer :3
Community | Hobbies
Project.D is Competitive/fun group that are big fans on the series Initial D, We are a Touge friendly team. We focus on FiveM and assetto corsa for touge battles. We have a big community of car enthusiast's that love to talk about JDM cars.
Entertainment | Hobbies
New Sanrio themed server! Still a work in progress but hopefully soon to be teeming with active users and sanrio lovers ages 13+ ✿ We feature: Music bots! Sanrio enthusiasts! Events such as movie nights and karaoke nights! Level roles! and more to come ✿ Strictly SFW! Hope to see you check us out!
Anime | Hobbies
A small but friendly community with movie nights and custom emotes!
Education | Anime
Hey guys out there. Wanna learn Japanese ? Then this is the perfect place. No crowd here. So join here. A very helping community. Good Japanese helpers and natives. Rebuilding the server. Lots of bots. Roles according to your level. Kanji of the day, so that everyone learns same. Help in school-related problems. Special bots like kotoba and hawkbot for helping in Japanese learning. Good staff and recruiting too. Cool emojis. Various VC events for better learning and pronunciation. A channel for sharing about Japanese culture. A channel for discussing about anime and manga. Open for other suggestions.
Social | Community
A small friendly server :’))) Pls join we’re lonely ._.
Anime | Social
We are the official Discord for the r/Nezuko subreddit.
Anime | Gaming
Just a group where all kinds of people who are interested in the Japanese and Anime culture, our member consists of Weebs, Neets, Loli lovers, Otakus, gamers and much more. Dont worry we wont shame your kink here! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
Language | Anime
Come and study with us at Black Cat Japanese Translation club. We are a community more than 500 strong made up of Japanese learners of all skill levels, working to translate games, manga, anime, songs, and more for the sake of studying Japanese!
Music | Social
Welcome to IDOL TOWN! Our goal is to create a welcoming environment for all fans of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese pop music. We have a friendly community with multiple sections for each genre, and special channels just for image spam. Join today to meet new friends that share your interests!
Education | Language
A server for sharing Japanese learning resources and practicing through casual conversation.
Anime | Community
*Jojo Music Intensifies*
Community | Education
Welcome to VRNihongo, here you'll get to learn how to speak Japanese on VRChat through scheduled lessons or with the Japanese Community! Let's all learn Japanese!
"*Hello fellow wanderer and reader! This is the Will of life!*" Will of life - [人生の意志] Is a roleplay made for your OC characters. - 15 + Server or mature behaviour Server offers: - Leveling up your character based on your activity - Fantasy, opened world for you to discover - Future active events and quests for the roleplayers -Plot twitst that will decided if your character is worth the power they have - Your own skill tree of abilities, let the imagination work out! - Balance changes and will to help roleplayers to enjoy the roleplay! "You are the one to build the lore... Become what you will to become, prove when you want to prove it.
Anime | Entertainment
Baka Highschool is a server revolving around anime and manga. You can share your favorites, discuss new episodes/chapters, help the newbies find the hidden gems and chat in a community with people that have the same interest. We will have different activities such as art contests, cosplay contests and watching movies or shows together. There will be channels where you can share your artwork, favorite japanese/anime songs, and cosplay apart from the contests.
Anime | Writing
A discord server where people can discuss novels and comics being worked on Astral Library.
Anime | Community
We welcome you to Heiwana Paradise Heiwana Paradise is a community server for all! Weebs, Gamers, Artists and more ─── WHAT WE OFFER ─── 100+ Emotes for all your emote needs Self Assignable Roles Fun Channels Leveling System Non-toxic server Giveaways Alliances 400+ users; Become apart of our welcoming paradise today!
Anime | Social
Anime, K Drama, Singing.
Anime | Role-Playing
❃.✮:▹DEMON SLAYER RP SERVER◃:✮.❃ __ ✮:▹There will be a basic authorization upon entering, which requires you to send a sample RP from the past, just to keep the literacy of the server consistent. It typically is seen within minutes of sending and gives you full access to the server once looked at. We offer: ▹Canon and OC ▹Self assignable roles for manga and anime based users ▹A friendly, literate setting ▹A fully organized and sorted aesthetic server for maximum efficiency --- ❃.✮:▹Welcome to Demon Slayer: Blade of Fate. Here we offer canon characters as well as OC in a literate roleplay setting (meaning a minimum of one paragraphs, for us). ❃.✮:▹Manga locations are included in this server, but no spoilers will be shared in general chats--we have a role and a channel for that. Should that bother you, you can simply avoid them. ❃.✮:▹Skill based combat! This means no dice, no bots, and no generators in the server. It will all be text based.
Language | Anime
Speak Japanese, learn Japanese, help others learn, or just chill out in a Japanese setting, listen to music, talk about anime, and voice chats all here for anyone!
Gaming | Anime
For every foreign country member, we opend English chatroom. This room facilities global conversation, so we recommend you to use it having good time in this server!
Anime | Social
Are you a Hetalia fan? Perfect! We have a welcoming and fun community for all of you with fun games and activities from time to time! We have general discussions, headcanon discussions, art sharing, writing sharing, a cosplay channel, a memes channel… you name it, we have a channel for it! We’re just a community of Hetalia fans looking to meet even more people like us!
Hobbies | Anime
Vem participar do chat mais legal de Tokusatsu da internet! Aqui temos atualizações, links, notícias e novidades dos seus Tokusatsu favoritos!
Community | Social
U K I Y O (浮世) u • ki • yo /u-key-yo/ (*n.*) living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life; “the floating world. . .” ———————————————— ┊         ┊       ┊   ┊    ┊        ┊  ┊.⋆˚ ┊         ┊       ┊   ┊    ┊        ┊ ˚✧ ┊         ┊       ┊   ┊   ˚➶ 。˚   ☁︎ ┊         ┊       ┊   ☁︎ ┊         ┊        ☪︎. ┊          ✱                                          ✧ ⋆    . ┊ .  ✱˚   .  ˚ ✩. —————————— wahh!! hello!! it’s your leader here, softie, and i’m here to formally announce the opening of my server!! hhh i’m super duper excited because this took so long to make!! i hope you really really love my server because me and my co-worker and bestie mikaela put so much effort into this!! please support our tiny server!!
Community | Social
Hello There! Looking For a Fresh Discord Server just to chill and meet new people to talk to and includes Asian culture? Well.... You found the right place! Ramune Includes ⭐ Friendly Environment ⭐ No Toxicness ⭐ Friendly People ⭐ Asian Culture ⭐ Social Media ⭐ Fair Rules And Much Much Much more! We hope to see you at Ramune!
Language | Community
A fun language server featuring mostly Turkish, French and Spanish, but also Welsh and any other language people may bring. We also play games and do voice chat regularly.
Language | Community
Want to join an fun community to learn a new language and make friends from all around the Globe? Here at Language Academy we offer 5+ languages, 2+ teachers for each language to help you as much as you need! Everyone is super supportive and respectful. Whether you just started learning a language or if you are 2 years in, everyone is helped the same. No bias. No judgement. Its a safe community to grow your language skills in. We hold voice chats daily! Vocabulary is constantly expanding from just our general chat alone. Don't be scared to join, we are all humble to meet you and see you grow your language vocabulary.
Anime | Social
Heyy welcome to the White Pocky! We are a recent anime based community but everyone is allowed. And from everywhere of course :)) Hope you join us and have a great time together here :D
Anime | Meme
Hey! Welcome to the most chill public server on discord. We originally started as a personal server, but we've grown above 120 members now, so we're going public. We've people in every fandom you can think of, and channels dedicated to anything you can think of too.It'd be great if you joined!