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Friendly café server! Active community of over 12,000 members -- regular giveaways, events. Open staff roles! Come hang out with us!

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Friendly café server! Active community of over 12,000 members -- regular giveaways, events. Open staff roles! Come hang out with us!

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Slight Theme Change

Hi angels! Recently we changed our banners and name to have a better flow of theme within the server! A fun and relaxing cat maid cafe themed atmosphere with friendly people to talk to and semi-regular events!

New Weekly Event!

We now have Sustenance of the week, to better match our cafe theme, users post a photo of a food/drink that they had and enjoyed, and other users vote, the one with the most votes at the end of each weeks gets featured in our weekly announcement+server currency+the "Sustenance" role with their color of choice for the week!

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