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Anime | Social
A sever to appreciate all adaptions of Thousands Autumns. If you enjoy the novel, Donghua, or audio drama then please give our server a try. We love to meet new people that enjoy the series as well.
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Community | Social
New Asian Community Discord. Come socialize with other fellow Asians from across the world! Custom Bots || Looking for Translators
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Entertainment | Music
Openworld Movie Valley where everyone shares the newly released movies or can view the elderly movies as want. We shares all kinds of movies as such Hollywood, Animations, Chinese, Korean, Bollywood etc where every movie are placed as categorized. Don't have the movie request your movies in the request channel we've got your back....So, why worries join the Openworld Movie Valley now!!!!.....
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Music | Social
Welcome to IDOL TOWN! Our goal is to create a welcoming environment for all fans of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese pop music. We have a friendly community with multiple sections for each genre, and special channels just for image spam. Join today to meet new friends that share your interests!
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Language | Education
Hi there! We're a group of users who love learning languages, some of us speak Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and many others. If you do love learning languages you should join us, and learn languages!
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Gaming | Meme
由 PTT Steam 板鄉民成立的遊戲群組
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Political | Social
Language | Community
Welcome to Lattes & Languages! A quaint little discord cafe to help connect language learners by providing an encouraging study environment. Grab a cup of coffee, a slice of cake, and chit chat in a relaxed environment. Come in and take a look around. If you enjoy our shop, please tell a friend!
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Anime | Community
community friendly | asian | manhua | chillings HEYOOO!!!!this server is made by a group of chinese friends, who used to play pubg together 🐔🍴but right now it’s just for casual chillings, studying together or even singing along with ✨justin bieber✨we want to meet new lit ass people, who share a love for the asian culture like most of us are massive weebs 👁👄👁 uwuwuwu (2D world because i love my anime bfs/gfs muah *chefs kiss*)
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Gaming | eSports
北美华人游戏频道。美服英雄联盟LOL/绝地求生PUBG/Apex/Valorant/守望先锋 等等应有尽有。频道内小哥哥小姐姐众多,能一起开黑交朋友,自己玩多无聊。频道不定期举办娱乐活动,有内战,有小姐姐小哥哥唱歌,有剧本杀/狼人杀等等互动娱乐游戏噢,欢迎加入频道。
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Gaming | Social
欢迎大家加入,这个的伺服器有很多功能,任你使用哦~ 当中包括: * 和成员一起谈天,分享心事 (*´∀`) * 可以找人陪你玩游戏 * 超赞&实用贴图和动态贴图 (^^)v * 还能听任何你喜欢的歌 * 获得荒野最新资讯 * 定时友谊赛(赢家有称号) * 当然还会宣布重要的消息 (・.・;) * 经常举办许多抽奖 (•ө•)♡ * 许多机器人游戏任你游玩 * 和大家玩有趣的文字游戏 * 问大家功课 (●´ϖ`●) * 和成员庆祝生日,你将不再孤单 * 有什么意见也可以提出来,群主会改进 * 还有宣传区让你宣传哦 * 没玩荒野?没事拉你也欢迎进来和大家一起享受噢噢 所以就别浪费时间了,进来看看吧~ 〉 〈 (≧∇≦)b
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Community | Social
欢迎来到 Open Oasis 开放绿洲,非常高兴世界各地的朋友加入。 Welcome to Open Oasis. I am very happy that friends from all over the world have joined our community. 频道内容:休闲娱乐、交友、聊天、语言交流、文化交流、内容分享、学习资源、游戏组队、隐私安全、以及更多 Channel content: leisure and entertainment, making friends, chatting, language exchanges, cultural exchanges, content sharing, learning resources, game teaming, privacy security, and more 频道主要人群:台湾/香港/大陆/美国/加拿大/澳大利亚/马来西亚/新加坡/欧洲/等多个国家 Channel main crowd: Taiwan/Hong Kong/China/United States/Canada/Australia/Malaysia/Singapore/Europe/and many other countries 主要语言:简体/繁體-中文/英文 Main language: Simplified/Traditional-Chinese / English 如果你在寻找一个友善,有爱,互相尊重,学习,安心舒适的地方,那也许这里适合你。 If you are looking for a friendly, loving, respectful, learning, and comfortable place, then maybe this place is right for you.
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Hobbies | Community
We're a Chinese BDSM group with lovely people all around the world.《简称乐园》是一个有爱的BDSM中文字母群!
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Gaming | eSports
战意欧服华人第一公会现在招人啦!我们有地盘!有联盟!有理想!还有妹子!你还在犹豫什么? 微信 laocao2902欧洲时间晚上 19-22 时间 我们都在歡迎一起玩!! 戰意宣傳影片: 请介绍你自己,如果你有任何问题请问 :D Introduce yourself and enjoy your stay :D Feel free to ask any questions
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Language | LGBT
大家好,这里是红楼梦,一个恋爱主题的群组!我们这里有... 大家好,這裡是紅樓夢,一個戀愛主題的群組!我們這裡有... Hi everyone, this is The Dream of the Red Mansion, a love-themed server! Here we have... 很多朋友!A lot of friends! 友好职员!Friendly staff! 爱情占卜!Love divination! 恋爱问答!Loves' Q&A! 每月放送!Monthly giveaways! 隐藏任务!Secret missions! 玩得开心!Have fun!
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Music | Social
A Social Hangout For K-Pop and C-Pop Stans! Enjoy your stay in the Discord server designed for C-Pop and K-Pop stans!
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Language | Community
We study Chinese and Japanese in this server... We also teach English. We have lessons and stream movies/drama/anime/donghua on Thursdays and Fridays.
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YouTuber | Gaming
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Language | Community | Education
Welcome to LINGUAHOLIC. This is the place where language enthusiasts from all over the world meet to discuss and study languages together. + LANGUAGE ROOMS FOR ALL LANGUAGES + CUSTOM ROLES + NICE LANGUAGE-RELATED RANKS + VERY FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT + CONNECTED TO A LARGE LANGUAGE LEARNING FORUM & BLOG ( Join the tribe! We are waiting for you! One Love Lingua