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MOBA community Discord server mainly dedicated to Mobile Legends Bang Bang strategies and rotations but anyone is allowed to chill in casual areas. EU based but global server. Please join us to chat and have fun.
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We offer and also support any game types you want! curious? join now and be part of our community! fb page:
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1 • Seja educado(a), respeito é bom e de graça, use e abuse dele! 2 • O servidor do discord tem disponibilidade para qualquer pessoa, indiferentemente da etnia, sexualidade, etc. 3 • A utilização do bate-papo deverá ser apenas e unicamente para conversas entre jogadores. 4 • É proibido ofender qualquer jogador ou administrador no discord. 5 • Assédio é estritamente proibido. 6 • Proibido fazer postagens e comentários (seja no Discord ou dentro do servidor) racistas, homofóbicas e com qualquer conteúdo +18. Passíveis de banimento permanente. 7 • Evite spam! Mensagens repetidas atrapalham o chat, por favor, tenha bom senso! 8 • Por favor, não grite. Evite o uso excessivo do CAPS LOCK.
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Lets have some fun!!!
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Mobile Legends Bulgaria - мястото за българските играчи на MLBB. Намери своя отбор!
Slovenski MOBA igralci.
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ID Mobile Legends: 8468484
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Hi, we are the Damonuevers, a server primarily focused in PUBG M and Mobile Legends. We all speak English and Tagalog. ✓We are hardcore gamers, some of us play 24 hours a day. ✓Everyone is equal. We treat everyone equal, regardless of age, size, or race. ✓We need members. Yes, we need more members. Be one of us. Join us now!
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Welcome to Gaming Red Star Owner: Ceeeso We're a close group composed of the mature to the funky, all types of individuals are accepted here. Our main game is Roblox but we do possess members that branch to other games such as mobile legends, ROTMG, warframe, MapleStory, etc. Enjoy your stay kiddos! Also join the group! ---------------------------------------
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We are community server 💬 and we have givaways 🎉 on Spotify and NordVPN there is no rules 🍾 only one No NSFW 🚫
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We would like to spread mlbb game every area in India
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Lowkid 낮은아이 PH @everyone this server is for people to socialize, and interests such as - anime - manga - games - art and more to be shared as one @here! ───────────────────── Main games of the server. Families: You can create your team/family and claim territories around the server weekly event! Economy: Lowkid has economy system that you can buy some stuffs/titles/special roles. Level: You are able to gain experience by sending messages and by voice chatting. Lowcoins: In real life cash converted to our currency to buy lowkid stuffs. Level - Rewards - Perks Level 5 | Newbie | 2500 everyday income Level 10 | Don't sleep | 4000 everyday income Level 20 | Party all night | 6000 everyday income Level 30 | Please buff | 7500 everyday income Level 40 | Mamamiya | 8000 everyday income Level 50 | Discord addict | 10000 everyday income | Nickname access Minigames: Pokecard, Owo, Koya, Mafia, Bingo, etc. Daily events baby!
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League of Legends, Valorant, League of Runeterra și orice joc Riot Games. Intră și fă-ți prieteni, tristule ;)
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PG +13 server that is here for people to discuss various topics and find new friends so join now in on the fun!
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Este é um servidor focado na interação entre os membros, interação essa moderada e divertida. Aqui é permitido zoação, memes, batalhas de rap, entre várias outras coisas. Fazemos eventos semanalmente para aumentar a interação entre os membros e entretenimento contínuo. Aqui reunimos pessoas de todas as idades, desde crianças até adultos. Variando entre otakus, gamers, geeks, nerds, introvertidos, extrovertidos. Aqui não temos filtro para membros, apenas entre e se divirta conversando sobre as mais variadas coisas, com as mais variadas pessoas.
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COZY COVE ⎜🌊 ✥────────────✥ The current has taken you to a remote archipelago where inhabitants welcome you as one of their own. A new chapter of your life begins here on Cozy Cove, as the storm provides the cove with more members to its community. Cozy cove is a haven that hosts a community where you have the freedom to express yourself. also to be familiar with the welcoming, or not so welcoming faces around you. As the storm provides more members for the community, the community provides better service and entertainment for their members. We offer: ✾ Giveaways ✾ Events ✾ Self assign roles ✾ Server Games ✾ Entertaining Channels
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Do you play PUBG mobile? Mobile Legends? or any other mobile games? or do you like other stuff such a memes and anime, Well then this server is all about that! It doesn't matter if you're only looking for teammates to play with or just want to talk to other people EVERYONE'S WELCOME! Now come join us! let's make this server grow.
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A Server For Everyone
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Мы ламповый сервер по Мобле,с дружным комьюнити,совместными играми,ламповым общением и музыкой.Если ты ищешь всё это,то заходи не пожалеешь).Нам очень нужен актив,так что помогите нам,мы будем благодарны.