Inclusive server filled with friendly people :) We're a tight knit community too and we have daily vcs when we game together. Occasionally, we do have meetups as well (if you happen to live in Singapore) So what are you waiting for? Feel free to pop by and say hi! ***This is a server run by gamers for gamers***
The Boba Café is a +18 mainly Asian server. We chat, we have fun and we make friends. Come over and sing or have a drink with our friendly community.
GAMERLUST is the base for Star Citizens in Asia. Asia is really really big and we are centralizing everyone on to a single point for easier chatting, sharing of knowledge and linking up in Universe! We are more active in 2020 onwards as SC nears release, We are ORG NEUTRAL and welcome anyone to our mature and active community of gamers.
Little Red Dot, the unofficial Discord community server for Singapore residents and visitors.
Join to learn how to shit and to meet shitters from different regions. Anyone passionate for shitting is welcomed. Hey there! This is an experimental server for now so you are welcome to give your feedback. We allow shitposting and fun but we are quick to take action on any toxicity. You will find your feedback heard loud and clear. As of now, our goals include - 1. Making a friendly and welcoming community for everyone including advertising the server more. 2. Hosting events and giveaways. 3. Providing people with personalised options and spaces. 4. Making a safe place free from toxicity and politics. Join us today!
Fortnite Turtle War, and Zone Wars discord server for Asian servers.
Hey there! Ever felt like learning Bahasa Indonesia? Well this is the right place! We have several native speakers in the server who are willing to help you out with all the questions you have! We have a seperate chat for only the Indonesian language so it's even easier to improve since you'll be speaking with native Indonesians! Also voice chat sessions are possible! Will we see you soon? Happy learning!
A Discord server dedicated to gaming and esports with the idea of creating a gaming community, sharing gaming related information (events, networking, tournaments etc). team up and play with one another. This server will be growing and improving in the future, thank you for joining and lets chat!
A community of "students" that have fun playing/streaming games, discussing anime, movies, and tv shows! We feature custom bots that are tailor-made for our server. Hop on in for an amazing experience!
🌸 sfw, cute, molang themed server! 🌸 still a work in progress but it is community-based so whatever the users want, we try to deliver! 🌸hiring staff and need active people <3 🌸 meet new, diverse people, we are a dating server too so you can find your potential partners here!
18+ ONLY (You will be kick if you act like you aren't 18) The only social Asian server FOR other Asian adults/working professionals. -Mostly Voice Chat If you aren't Asian, you are also welcome but please understand that this server is for Asians to safely talk about identity, race, and our own culture. Tired of talking about kpop, video games, and/or anime? We welcome you.
GAEA is a Greek-themed, South East Asian PC gaming community.
For those who are Chinese, or wish to learn Chinese
We strive for a fun community together, where we can learn if you so desire or just a nice place to have a chat on. This is an adult server, so if you are not 18+, you can't join.
A$IAN TINGZ is an asian community discord, BUT anyone is welcome to join. This server is for our members to chill and be able to get along with one another through culture, music, gaming, and many more!♡
Join the Forces of the Rising Sun; we are the fastest rising eSports organisation and training camps in Asia. Join a community of Asian FPS Gamers wanting to become PRO. more info: or