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• We are just a bunch of desi people who live abroad and joined together thro this server to study together, regardless of what our topics are. • We follow a study technique called pomodoro. In this, we study with full focus (without distractions) for 50 minutes and then rest for 10 minutes. We can also try the 25/5 pomodoro, You are welcome to do whatever works best for you. • If you study with us, we stream a timer to keep track of the progress of our pomodoro sessions. We tend to stay quiet so everyone can be as productive as possible. You are also welcome to have background music using the bots. • During breaks, you may do whatever you like (we suggest you work out or take a walk, to avoid getting lazy). check us out on instagram @care.tivity
Anime | Bot
Join us and help us by just joining we are simple anime server that are looking forward for people joining us or hangout with us we simply talk random stuff or topics
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Call of Duty Pakistan
eSports | Gaming
PREDA Esports is a Team Based In Middle East with a fan base and verification. We Remain Committed to Improving Our Skills, Achieving Victory And Creating An Entertaining Experience For Our Dedicated Fans. This is a server where your can participate in Fortnite, CSGO and Valorant tournaments And we as a family would like to make this fast growing community a better and suitable place for The Players Of These Games. It Would be advantageous if you guys join the server and take a look at it and also let us know how and what should we improve as a "family"! #Preda #PRDEsports
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The most active Pakistani server on discord. We average 15,000+ messages daily, have active voice and music channels and a ton of active members. The server has active users from across Pakistan, UK, America, Canada, Australia and the Middle East. As a result, it is active around the clock and there is almost always someone to talk to.
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Hi friends! We welcome you to the newly founded and official discord for Afghanistan. Our goal is to create a space for our fellow Afghans/Farsi speakers to interact in! You will find many interesting and diverse discussions regarding language learning, culture, history, politics (of course), and much more! We encourage people from all around the world to be our guests! The Admin team would like to thank you all in advance. Hope to see you soon, and enjoy your stay! We offer: -Language Learning (Persian/Pashto) - Scheduled classroom sessions (1on1, or group) - Helpful community of native speakers. - Fresh content/resources + events! - Debates/Political Talk - Active conversations with people all around the world - Respectful environment
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🙋‍♂️Velcome to Desi. 🙋‍♂️ 🤩A Urdu/hindi speaking server. 😋If you want to play with pak/Indian brothers you came to the right place. 😛we are mostly active on V.C . 😎grinding levels playing competitive or just playing for fun.join to play games in your lang.
Community | Entertainment
NXGEN is a non toxic active friendly server made for the DESI People (Mainly for people from Indian sub-continent, but others are also welcomed) We have active and fun members. Since you're looking for a desi server, join! It's the best of the best You'll have a great time!
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This a server for Pakistani/Indian people to hang out or join. Nigga penis lol. Help me lol.dont be too toxic and have fun. Nigga. Dont join if you don't wanna fuck my ass penis
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its a pakistani/asia based server.
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Cascade is a place where you could enjoy a nice friendly environment, where you could socialize and get together. You may engage individuals in the appropriate channels. We conduct debates on various topics We also have purchasable ranks that you could earn, more info will be granted once you join
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Just another server for some chill time. Why not find out how this server is and make sure to review it so I'll know
Barish hoti hai to paani aata hai , zyada baarish hota hai to zyada paani hata hai
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We are a Pakistani based community server aiming to unite people in every territory together. Everyone of different races, colors, and beliefs are welcome! Here you can discover Pakistani peeps and a great time. Not only we discuss memes and sarcasm but other sophisticated subjects and topics. There are entertaining bots you can interact with. Sometimes quizzes and games are even held. Much more fun stuff in this server which you can not miss out on!
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Join us for intellectually stimulating environment
Community | Support
The Flames is a Pakistani/Indian community server, we are focused on building a supportive and healthy community that is willing to listen, talk and uphold each other so that nobody feels alone, whether you are depressed or need somebody nice to talk to or just in need of a friend, we are here for you! -- One on one counseling sessions -- Private DM counseling -- Dedicated support staff -- Friendly community
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You fucking bluudy join the server panchod. 24/7 VC Desi Lovely qt Community Custom CurryBot™ for them desi memes and funnies and more perks eyes Daily Movie Streams Level 3 Boosted.(ye fr, the music's pretty nice) Ppshh Upcoming Event: Giveaway of 5 + Nitros for 5 different games. Join Now to participate and Win Prizes.
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If you wanna chill and hangout join us. If you are new to discord and need any help regarding discord I will try to help personally, We got our own custom bot you can even talk with the bot in a specific channel to which it replies to. I am trying to build a discord Pakistani community! and need your help. In Games currently, we are playing Among us and Brawlhalla right now hope to see you on the server 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻
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Best server for Pakistani players.Urdu and English speaking members. A good place to hangout and make some new friends. Friendly staff A helpful community Fun and engaging events Join
Gaming | Community
A friendly server for Pakistan community to come and chill, have fun or even play games, building a community that can help a lot of people get better or even have friends