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Financial | Crypto | Investing
Join a stock market options trading stock trading discord server with over 26,000 like minded individuals. We are discussing the next market move 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get trade signals around the clock!
ZTRADEZ Options Trading Discord Server Banner
ZTRADEZ Options Trading Discord Server Banner
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Financial | Crypto | Investing
Join a stock market options trading stock trading discord server with over 26,000 like minded individuals. We are discussing the next market move 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get trade signals around the clock!
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Community | Entertainment
Welcome to Indian humour! Our server is a chill, rule-free zone where you're free to hang out, chat, and enjoy.
मुन्नी का कोठा Icon
Community | Gaming
It's a warm and welcoming home where Hindi-speaking Discord enthusiasts gather to share laughter, stories, and forge lasting friendships. Embracing the rich tapestry of Indian diversity, our server is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and experiences. 🤗 What We Offer: - **Hindi Language**: Whether you're a native speaker or learning the language, you'll find a supportive environment here. - Fun Community : From hilarious memes to engaging games and interactive events, there's never a dull moment. - Chill Vibes: Need a break from the hustle and bustle of life? Kick back, relax, and unwind in our laid-back atmosphere. Whether you're looking for a place to share your thoughts or simply enjoy the company of like-minded individuals, you'll feel right at home here. - Active All the Time: Day or night, our server is buzzing with activity
Language Learning with Movies Icon
Language | Movies
The nonsense server is all about learning new languages from Hollywood movies. We have events, giveaways, and more! We are partnered with some of the biggest studios in Hollywood. Check out our site as well at https://nonsense.com. You can learn English, Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese and more!
Ninenetics Roleplay Icon
Role-Playing | Gaming
Hey, welcome to Ninenetics Roleplay, a place where you can both talk about roleplay and find a roleplay server or someone to roleplay with! Stay here to enjoy our many events, daily roleplay related questions, and use our revolutionary bot system designed and fine-tuned to help you find your dream roleplay partner. ✨ ﹒ Responsive, helpful staff. ✨ ﹒ A place to advertise your server or find a roleplay partner. ✨ ﹒ Lots of events, from daily questions to weekly writing prompts. ✨ ﹒ Many fun features to encourage activity, such as level roles and games. ✨﹒ A custom bot that has an economy system, RPG system, and much more. ✨ ﹒ An automated anti-raid, anti-spam and in depth report system. ✨ ﹒ Lots of emotes, and much more. https://discord.gg/nineneticsrp
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Entertainment | Gaming
Hey Behgans! Welcome to Behgan Community – the ultimate spot for fun and making great friends! We've got cool things like weekly trivia competitions with awesome prizes, game nights, and loads of memes to share. If you're down for a good time, just give a shout with 'AAIEYN'! But hey, keep it friendly; no need for any negativity here. Let's have a blast together at Behgan Community!
Hangout - India Icon
Community | Just Chatting
Welcome to Hangout - India - Chill Friends: A Relaxing, Non-Toxic Community Step into Hangout - India - Chill Friends, a Discord community designed for relaxation and forging new friendships. Our mission is simple: to craft an inviting and inclusive space where everyone can unwind, chat, and enjoy themselves. At our core, we value kindness, positivity, and utmost respect for all members. We maintain a firm stance against hate speech, harassment, or any form of discrimination. Here, you'll discover a sanctuary where you can freely connect and express yourself without fear of judgment or negativity. Dive into our diverse array of channels tailored for discussions and hangouts, spanning from general chats to games, music, and more. With a community hailing from all corners of the globe, you're bound to find like-minded individuals to bond with. Join us at Hangout - India - Chill Friends and become a part of our vibrant, non-toxic community! We're eager to get to know you better.
GEonWAR - देसी गेमिंग अड्डा ! Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Hi this is GEonWAR official server, here you can chat about tech and games. Also ask for aerver support which is manged by me.
Study Adda Icon
Social | Education
Welcome to the one and only Indian Study Server. A simplistic server where we hangout and study together using forest app or flipd. Share your daily to-dos and progress with us. Listen to Lofi music while studying. Have fun with your Indian study buddies :3 Join us using the link below ? https://discord.gg/2vctH7g
Desi Gaming Icon
Language | Social
?‍♂️Velcome to Desi. ?‍♂️ ?A Urdu/hindi speaking server. ?If you want to play with pak/Indian brothers you came to the right place. ?we are mostly active on V.C . ?grinding levels playing competitive or just playing for fun.join to play games in your lang.
BakchodBoi's server Icon
YouTuber | Gaming
Hello and Welcome to the Official Bakchod Boi Discord Server! This channel promotes a Friendly and Enlightening environment for Gaming! Follow me on YouTube and subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/c/BakchodBoi If you have any feedback, ideas, requests, etc, my ears are open. Drop your comments/feedback in #suggestions-feedback This is a Server that is by the people, for the people. So every voice is heard and considered! If you're looking for a game, visit #lfg and drop a line Looking to just vibe or break from a long game session? Get in the #lobby and see if any one is on the VC. Have some questions about the server? Take a peek at the #faq to see if it has already been answered! Don't forget to visit #rules to look over the rules of the Server! If you need assistance with anything, take a look at the users online and check their #roles
Pakistan Chill House Icon
Community | Gaming
Pakistan Chill House is a growing gaming, and hangout community all over the globe and pakistani's around the world, most of the people here speak Urdu, Punjabi and English we welcome everyone to come and have fun in the server, we make sure to keep our community environment friendly, chill, and fun
LinguaSquad Language Learning Icon
Language | Community
Do you want to practice your language skills but don't know where to start? Come Join LinguaSquad and meet fellow students and native speakers who can help you on your journey! LinguaSquad aims to make a community based on understanding and international friendships. While learning together, students can make friendships and connections that make learning more fun and more effective! Who are we? LinguaSquad is an international language server with channels for people to practice over a dozen languages. We offer spaces to practice English, Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Arabic, Hindi and many many more! We offer a space for people of all backgrounds to share ideas, make friends, and improve their skills in a relaxed, open environment.
Crypto Rand's Group - Trading & Icon
Crypto | Community | Trading
Join a 7 years old Server to get Trading Signals, IDO allocations and Market Analysis with a team of 7 professionals.
Crypto Rand's Group - Trading & Discord Server Banner
Crypto Rand's Group - Trading & Icon
Crypto | Community | Trading
Join a 7 years old Server to get Trading Signals, IDO allocations and Market Analysis with a team of 7 professionals.
Anifame Icon
Anime | Art
In this server you can talk about your interest in anime , games and art . This is a newly made server which has low lives yet but it will be a good opportunity for introverts to start their way to become extrovert as you can share your things here where only few people ae around.
Billi🐈 Icon
Entertainment | Community
A Cat lofi server for Teens and young adults. we just talk and chill here join for a secret channel...
Community | Anime
)- many mini games like owo dank )- have fun here chatting )- make new friends )- play games together )- vc times etc.
Hindicord Icon
Language | Community
Hindicord is a vibrant hub where language enthusiasts, beginners, and native speakers converge to immerse themselves in the rich world of Hindi.
sheshhhhhhhhh Icon
Community | Entertainment
SHESHHHHHHHHH ( ̄┰ ̄*) let me know if you know something..,kyuki hame toh pta nahi >"< ✨sexxy owners ✨friendly people ✨giveaways (nahi hote) ✨partnership ✨NEVER ENDING fun <3
Gaming | Entertainment
Welcome to MONZBHAI! 🌟 The Best Gaming as well as Minecraft Server!😄 ╰┈➤ About MONZBHAI Server 🌟 👋 • Friendly 🌍 • Welcoming Community 😄 • Chill, Make Friends, and Have Fun! ╰┈➤ What We Need 🌟 👥 • Active Members 👥 • Dedicated Staff Team
ISHQZADE™ | Indian 🇮🇳 Icon
Community | Gaming
Envoy Org Is Famous For being a Chilling & Dating Community Server with Exciting Giveaways , Events , Emotes , Dating , GifLand & Many More
Ujjwal's magical world Icon
Just Chatting | Community
🌟 Welcome to "Ujjwal Ki Mayavi Duniya"! 🌈 Dive into the mystical embrace of our Discord server, where ancient India comes alive with magical wonders! ✨ In this enchanting realm, knowledge is your superpower—learn about anything in mere seconds! 📚✨ 🔮 **Magical Creations:** Citizens here possess the extraordinary ability to weave vivid images with just a thought! 🎨✨ 🌏 **Multilingual Oasis:** Our official language is Hindi, but fear not, wanderers of all tongues are welcome to explore this mesmerizing world! 🌐🗣️ 💖 **Kindred Spirits:** Immerse yourself in the warmth of our community, where honesty and kindness reign supreme! 🤝🌟 Join us on an extraordinary journey where friendship, knowledge, and creativity collide! 🚀✨ Ujjwal Ki Mayavi Duniya is not just a server; it's an adventure waiting to unfold. 🔮🌟 Embark on the odyssey—click join and let the magic begin! 🌈🔗 #MayaviMagic ✨
Community | Entertainment
Crossroads is the best server to chill and hang out with if you are seeking a nontoxic and safe environment then join Midnight Vibes - Where Night Owls and Good Vibes Unite!
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Hello and a warm welcome to all of our new members! 👋 We're thrilled to have you join our community ❤️
Community | Social
Join us to meet like-minded people who want to escape the daily grind, chill out, and make new friends.