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Welcome to Swipe Sisters! We are a girls only 18+ server set up as a safe space to talk about your online dating experiences. 🔸Location: India only 🔸Member verification required 🔸City specific channels 🔸NSFW content Share your swipe stories with your sisters. Be it Tinder, Bumble or any of the other dating apps you might be on.. we got you covered with city specific channels.
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Indian Empire Roleplay has Serious Roleplay environment,where we strive for all of our members to stay professional. - We have a Well Modified Server & we have given it our Best to make our Server Different From Others. If you love doing Quality/Serious RP then our server is a perfect Platform for you to Show your RP skills. - We also have Active Staffs and Admins to help you and uphold the server rules to be equal for all and ensure that the Server is Toxicity/RR FREE ,No Powergaming or Fail RP of any kind will be Tolerated By Any Staff/Admin And Even Owners, so we Guarantee you will have a great experience on our Server - If you are a Beginners in RP, we will also help you and guide you towards a Quality Roleplay and our Server is also* STREAMERS FRIENDLY* so Streamers are most Welcome for Quality Content ! For now Server is Blacklisted
Community | Entertainment
I just created this server and right now i need active people who can chat kinda almost always 1. Early Bird Role - Don't worry joinin the server when it was created is a big thing and we wont forget and you will be given the Early Bird role The first 100 people to join get the role 2. Mod Application - Since i just created this server, i need chat moderators who are active and can mod the server with ease . If you do have the skill , join and help make this server a better place.
Social | Community
Official Indian Community Server to hangout and meet with new people. It is a non - toxic , friendly , safe public server for all. Join now to explore and exchange the cultural , lingual , political views here. Tags: india indian desi south east asia hindi gaming
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Sea of thieves India (Asia) , Tucks and steals, Good vibes
Gaming | Music
It's a friendly server for k-fans, anime fans and gamer residing in India or are from India. We often play games together as well at times especially Among Us, these days. We have a zero tolerance policy for toxicity. We have fun among ourselves, playing music, watching shows, animes together. We have also got a bunch of talented people as well who are really good at singing and other stuff. And we are all kinda friends. It was created as a safe place for people who often used to face discrimination, inequality and toxicity in most servers. Everyone's equal and treated kindly over here.
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LGBT | Support
LGBTQIndiA+ is a wholesome community Discord server for all Indian queer folks, no matter where they are in their journeys, with a focus on being a supportive space first and foremost!
YouTuber | Gaming
This Discord server is the official server for Serious Guy YouTube channel. Join the community to experience one of the best Indian communities. You will also get the latest upload notifications as well as the latest channel updates.
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Discord Server for Indie artists. Best emotes, regular events, There are many Indian Artists including Anuv Jain, Punit Singh, Harish Budhwani, Ashu Shukla, Aditya Rikhari, Osho jain, Girish Nakod.
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Hi this is GEonWAR official server, here you can chat about tech and games. Also ask for aerver support which is manged by me.
Political | Social
This is a server where Indians leaning towards libertarianism can meet, hang out, have discussions.
Social | Education
Welcome to the one and only Indian Study Server. A simplistic server where we hangout and study together using forest app or flipd. Share your daily to-dos and progress with us. Listen to Lofi music while studying. Have fun with your Indian study buddies :3 Join us using the link below 👇
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NxT Is A Middle East & Asia Based Clan With Immense Recognition In The Field Of Fortnite. Total Earnings : 2300$ Fortnite Tournaments:- 1. Placed #178 - Contender Ghost Cash Cup 2. Placed #272 - FNCS Week 1 3. Placed #133 - Platform Cash Cup Solo 4. Placed #78 - Friday Hype Nite 5. Placed #108 - Squads Hype Nite 6. Placed #77 - Shadow Hype Nite+ 7. Placed #92 - Shadow Hype Nite 8. Placed #223 - Squads FNCS Week 2 9. Placed #262 - FNCS Week 2 Semis 10. Placed #143 - Celebration Cup 11. Placed #112 - Solo Platform Cash Cup 12. Placed #34 - Solo Hype Nite 13. Placed #40 - Ghost Squads Hype Nite 14. Placed #15 - Shadow Hype Nite 15. Placed #93 - FNCS Warmup
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Chaotic & exciting 25-player matches. Compete with up to 25 other players in this multiplayer Battle Royale game set in a world where animals have taken over. Do you have what it takes to be the last animal standing? Developer: Gigantic Duck Games Publisher: Gigantic Duck Games
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This is the 1st ever minecraft indian server for the Indian community to play together or if they are looking for more people
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A Valorant discord server created with the present and future needs of the Indian community in mind.
Gaming | eSports
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🙋‍♂️Velcome to Desi. 🙋‍♂️ 🤩A Urdu/hindi speaking server. 😋If you want to play with pak/Indian brothers you came to the right place. 😛we are mostly active on V.C . 😎grinding levels playing competitive or just playing for fun.join to play games in your lang.
Community | Social
An Official Discord for the /r/IndiaSpeaks subreddit. IndiaSpeaks is an effort to build a better online community for Indians. We take our pride in being the most friendly and user-focused community for Redditors and Discord users from India and across the world. The IndiaSpeaks community value their freedom of speech the most and cherish the freedom they get here. Community motto: "The True Indian Discord for India: For Indians, By Indians." Please note, you must connect your Discord with Reddit for the complete verification to take place.
Community | Entertainment
NXGEN is a non toxic active friendly server made for the DESI People (Mainly for people from Indian sub-continent, but others are also welcomed) We have active and fun members. Since you're looking for a desi server, join! It's the best of the best You'll have a great time!
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Pro Asphalt 9 team. Like and Subscribe our YouTube channel
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This is a scrim server for warzone focused on regions of Middle East ,India Pakistan etc
Anime | Community
A place for all Indian Inazuma fans to chat and rave about! We have fun channels, fastest sub notifications, memes, and much more. We want to have the community connected, so please join and make your friends join! We might as well do a fun tourney once in a while!
Community | Writing
Your Regular chill server
Community | Anime
This a server for Pakistani/Indian people to hang out or join. Nigga penis lol. Help me lol.dont be too toxic and have fun. Nigga. Dont join if you don't wanna fuck my ass penis
Community | Science
A chill Indian server
Community | Social
Kerala is focused on fostering a friendly, fun, and interesting place for everyone. Even if you've never spoken Malayalam or never been to Kerala, you're welcome here! There's also mallu bot 'Kunjappan', who is getting closer to sentience every passing day.
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Faug or FAU-G or Fearless And United: Guards is an action type game by nCore games. It aims to compete with triple-A games like Pubgm while boasting its Made by India prestige. This is the discord server, serving as a base platform for the game.
eSports | Gaming
Welcome to The Toxic Cult Gaming. TXC is started with the vision of creating amateur esport leagues and tournaments for all the gamers in Indian subcontinent under one roof. We currently organize tournaments and leagues for below games: * Valorant * Clash Royale * Call of Duty Mobile * PUBG There are hundreds for thousands of players and TXC is a place where we all come together and build it to the level we deserve. To make it more exciting, we will conduct seasoned cash prize tournaments, Leagues, Special Events and so much more. This is the call for you, lets join hands and help each other.
Gaming | Military
A place to find all warzone players in India
Anime | Gaming
This server has a lot of channels each channel has its own purpose.
Anime Core is a fun place for weebs to hang out.
Community | Social
Join us for intellectually stimulating environment
Gaming | Hobbies
Gaming server for india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
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A Technical Indian Minecraft Server Where We Discuss, Study and learn Everything From Redstone ,PvP , Add-ons, Game Mechanics ,Etc
Anime | Gaming
A Tamil Otaku Extended Universe; Community For Tamil Anime fans, Gamers, Geeks, Memes & Fun etc;
Gaming | eSports
Join the huge warzone community open for everyone and enjoy the best battle royal experience with your friends
Financial | Investing
^_^ Welcome to the Indian trading Community in Discord DigiTrader, here we share our knowledge and also grow together in stock market. -We also provide awesome trading ideas -We provide free classes for beginners -We provide clear doubts of each and every members regarding the stock market. -we provide timely news updates in the market so that you can take better trades -we have experienced traders aboard!! So join us and lets grow together in the wonderful world of stock market
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❤️ A SWEET FRIENDSHIP REFRESHES THE SOUL ❤️ Join this server for unlimited fun and enjoyment. Come on let's chill and have fun. We respect each and everyone over here. sometimes internet friends hold an important place in our heart♥️
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#hindi #english haalo is a discord server made for social interactions. here we chat, listen to music, play games, and more.
Community | Gaming
YouTube Community! For Fun Stuffs..All the Action happens here!
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You fucking bluudy join the server panchod. 24/7 VC Desi Lovely qt Community Custom CurryBot™ for them desi memes and funnies and more perks eyes Daily Movie Streams Level 3 Boosted.(ye fr, the music's pretty nice) Ppshh Upcoming Event: Giveaway of 5 + Nitros for 5 different games. Join Now to participate and Win Prizes.
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Hello and Welcome to the Official Bakchod Boi Discord Server! This channel promotes a Friendly and Enlightening environment for Gaming! Follow me on YouTube and subscribe! If you have any feedback, ideas, requests, etc, my ears are open. Drop your comments/feedback in #suggestions-feedback This is a Server that is by the people, for the people. So every voice is heard and considered! If you're looking for a game, visit #lfg and drop a line Looking to just vibe or break from a long game session? Get in the #lobby and see if any one is on the VC. Have some questions about the server? Take a peek at the #faq to see if it has already been answered! Don't forget to visit #rules to look over the rules of the Server! If you need assistance with anything, take a look at the users online and check their #roles
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Join the largest Pokémon based Indian server on Discord, have fun, and enjoy!
Social | Gaming
✌Looking for a fun server? Active? Friendly people? Friends all over the world? Unique and tidy system?✌ Come over here! Everyone is welcome! <3 ✪ We are an International discord server that is based in ASEAN ✪ We are also a mature community which has our own guideline (tidy channel & system
Community | Entertainment
Education | Social
UPSC Exam discussion, general topics, tips, tricks, everything and anything related to UPSC. If you feel server is incomplete feel free to suggest.
Anime | Social
We are an International Anime Community Server •·•·•·•·•·•·•·•·•·••·•·•·•·•·•·•·•·•·••·•·•·•·•·•·• ﹒Open for all ﹒LGBT Friendly ﹒No Toxicity (Maybe) ﹒A lot of cool and entertaining events held quite often ﹒Active Members ﹒We have giveaways (rarely) ﹒We also have a Channel Specially for Japanese Learners so if you're looking to learn Japanese we have a cool bunch to help you. ﹒We have all the anime specific bots •·•·•·•·•·•·•·•·•·••·•·•·•·•·•·•·•·•·••·•·•·•·•·•·•
Music | Entertainment
"India's 1st Lyrics Lovers Community" where you can meet other Artists, Fans and participate in Events, and Giveaways for Contributors.
Community | Education
A Friendly server discuss Krishna Consciousness with devotees and learn pure bakti yoga, Kirtans, Quizzes, Readings,Videos,Music Iskcon, hinduism,India,UK,USA,
Gaming | Community
We are an Indian community of halo fans and players but also feature a variety of other games that we play.
Gaming | Streaming
Welcome to brawl stars india server, here we aim to connect indian community of brawl stars game, here we have many level up roles, reaction roles, various text channels and vc channels to offer that you can use with your friends, join us become part of brawl Stars indian community!
Gaming | Community
Welcome to indian server for the upcoming battle royale game "Annihilation", join this server to know everything about this game and releasing date!
Social | Anime
Server for Indian weebs, indieheads, and stoners. Everyone is welcome, you're free to join even if you're not interested any of the above.
Community | Bot
This is not an ordinary server, it's a kingdom where you will find different kinds of bots, different types of channels, and different events which are hosted weekly. Poké-bots, Casino bots, music bots, SCP bots, and other fun bots! We also take your suggestions and feedback to develop the server.