Join our community and get involved in our Reddit posts, memes and more!
Join our community and get involved in our Reddit posts, memes and more!
Dark humour meme server without the sensitive mods ;)
i am illiterate how do i write please help oh god sweet mary and joseph
꒰꒰ ❛ ❏ [𝙼𝚎𝚘𝚠!].mp3 ⌒⌒ ✁- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ╰──➢ ✧;── Welcome To 𝙼𝚎𝚘𝚠:kissing_cat:! : 𝙽𝚎𝚔𝚘𝚖𝚊 :volleyball: ──; ✧ ╭ ⁞ ❏. We hope you join us and have a nice time here! ┊ ⁞ ❏. This server is a fan server based off the anime called "Haikyuu!!" In this anime everything is focused on the sport volleyball! One of the volleyball teams shown is "Nekoma". They are known for their cat like playing and appearances and have a very close relationship with the main team in the anime from the school "Karasuno". ┊ ⁞ ❏. The nekoma boys are just adorable aren't they? ❍─ 𝚆𝚎 𝚘𝚏𝚏𝚎𝚛: . . . ↳ Fun Bots ↳ Haikyuu Trivia! ↳ Nekoma Cuteness! ↳ Music ↳ Haikyuu Updates! ↳ Nekoma Memes ↳ And much more If you're interested in all of this, we welcome you to the server! -. ⇉ From: ﹫Owners ⇉ To: You
we got memes, we got cool people, come pls
Weed Emoji's Nothing more nothing less just green emoji's
Bored of life? Join this server and then you will be happy again onces you invited someone else! (guaranteed effects)
Server for all fellow gamers to come together and have a great overall experience
This server is the official chatroom for the HRP YouTube channel. We discuss all sorts of things here.
At the time of writing me have 1025 members and 34 bots. We never ever take ourselves seriously and are quite relaxed we welcome you to join our server with a semi shitty community of losers and crackheads
GetTrendGaming is all about meeting new people, playing community games, listening to music, posting memes, art, and talking about games as well as self advertisement to help grow your Twitch/YouTube. I also personally help people setup their Twitch/YouTube and answer any questions my members have. Hope to see you there!
5/5 server for minecraft online survival fans!
b00zy b00ZU BOIIISS, mostly teenagers!
Welcome to Kryptified Network:tm:, just chill and listen to music or chat with other people, or do whatever. We have all kinds of fun and mature people, after many giveaways, rewards for being active in the chat, entertainment bots, a large variety behind channels and much more! Come take a look, I'm sure that you won't regret it!
Hello 👋 want to join the [-HappySadness-] server? 🎊 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🏆 YOU start with the "member" role....the more you talk and HELP the server, the more you level up. There are other roles...the "superior" roles such as "VIP", "Moderator" and "Admin".💎 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📢 You have many channels too, but you're just a "member", and the access to the channels is LIMITED, the more you level up, more channels you can access.💗 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⭐💗 Info Channels ⭐💗 Chat Channels ⭐💗ADVERTISING Channels ⭐💗 MiniGames Channels ⭐💗 Game Chats Channels ⭐💗 NSFW Channel 😏 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🤗 MAKE SURE YOU READ THE "RULES" AND THE "ABOUT" CHANNELS⭐
This is a nice server guys ok so join XDDDD
We are a discord server that is super active and is very active! We have a support team to answer your questions! Lot's of active admins.
Its time to join the cheesiest cult you ever seen...
Hello everyone and welcome. This is a server for talent contests and youtube/twitch content. we will take on any recommendations for the server so be sure to join and have a goooooood time
We're pretty much a bunch of people who are chill... tbh most just server mute and let the server die therefore I am putting up this server on this site, I want more members and would like to get to more people. Server is also used just for Youtube/social media promotions.
A chill meme discord from @shronky on IG not many serious rules beside bullying and hate speech and spamming have fun lol :)
Snek's Den United is a place for people to make new friends, to have fun, to hang out and play games with them.
A place to chill, Hangout and talk!
A meme channel Have fun be cool
A meme channel Have fun be cool
World's End is a public discord server that focuses on gaming and so much more!
Overwatch Server For Boosting Smurffs and having fun
Super active fun community. Small amount of people but definitely active. We play a lot of minecraft and roblox.
Bryceisanerd's official Discord server!
-Gaming -Memes -Music -Trash talking And a lot more
The official discord server for Mobomu Gaming Network, creators of Haphazard Heroes.
Here you can find and make friends with whom you can play together!🤗🔥 Aici puteti gasi si face prieteni cu care va puteti juca impreuna!🤗🔥
Bro. Mau voice di channel orang takut grogi? Bingung milih tempat voice dimana? Di Discord Viiouss Aja Bro!. •Fitur• -Server Stats -React For Roles -Giveaway -Texture Pack Minecraft -ADV -Channel Talk -Lonely Channel -Music Bot -Roles -Akrab = Roles -Memes -NSFW Mau tunggu apa lagi bro?!. JOIN BROO!!!.....
List of all text channels: Rules, Links, Welcome, Chating, Meme Chat, Game chat, Pokemon, Duel, Trading, Ads, Rules for pokemon, Music. List of all voice channels: Music chat, Chill chat, Game chat, Memes. Have fun!
Discord do Sikz. Youtube:
mk2 4 life
Great Server for memes and is also my twitch server! Great place to make new friends and I host lots of giveaways! Join The Memes!