Crypto | Business
Sterlingcoin. The cryptocurrency of and from the UK for the world. No banks. No VAT. No hassle.
eSports | Streaming
Discord for
Gaming | Community
A Minecraft server based in the UK. With a focus on factions, pvp and pve. Plugins such as Mythic Mobs and MMO Items add great depth to the end game, introducing some unique weapons!
Gaming | Streaming
A Discord Server for the people of my stream to hang out with and play games :)
Gaming | Hobbies
KOBK Clan for Escape From Tarkov (EFT)
Gaming | Social
A new Warzone server aimed specifically at UK and ROI players only.
Community | Meme
Just some bored europeans and brits messing about, feel free to post memes, talk about trending stuff and so on. If you want to play a game (such as one of our favourites, rainbow six siege) then one of us will hop in!
Community | Social
UPCOMING SERVER Chill community Debate Events Gaming
This server is for gaming and talking about other things.
eSports | Gaming
UK Valorant LFG
Community | eSports
uk mandem join e girls join girls join
Education | Social
Are you an A-Level or university student? Are you interested in attending university in the UK? Are you looking for a huge bank of learning resources? (textbooks, papers, videos etc.) Do you want to improve your grades? Do you like chilled laid back servers? THEN this is the place for you! Includes subject help channels!
Political | Community
UK Politics is the epicenter of politics in the United Kingdom, on Discord. We encourage political debates and have several channels to facilitate for this.
Gaming | Entertainment
UK Community for PS4 Players for all games with supported games and channels for the main ones. Feel free to jump on and say Hi.
Political | Social
A server focused on taking a more relaxed approach to UK politics, with a tight-knit community that wishes to expand.
Community | Entertainment
Based in England however our empire spans across the globe, all are welcome. Talk, chat, share, laugh and be part of our family. A server that allows freedom and rewards loyalty.
Gaming | Social
5400:1 girl to boy ratio how insane is that i can literally take any suggestion you have and do it neo-marxism welcome
Community | Meme
we have no rules, so join. Also because alpacas are cool.
Anime | Programming
An old community from Chatango. Average age is around 25. Mix of European and American mainly. Friendly banter. This chat has been going for around 10 years. Anime, Programming, Music. Feel free to come chill here if you're bored.
Entertainment | Hobbies
UK&I based server but we have more than a few people from Europe and around the world so feel free to join us. Not an English learning server but we do have English learners who practice their skills by chatting to us. Most of the regulars are degenerates so be advised we do not take ourselves seriously and will not take you seriously either.
Gaming | Social
An open Discord community mainly focused on gaming! Includes fun bots, opportunity for promotion, a casino and much more!
Community | Social
Welcome to The Oasis! The Oasis is a community server which provides a fun, friendly and safe environment for people of all ages and backgrounds. You can find new friends in The Oasis, chill out and chat, play games, listen to music and so much more. # Ages 13+ # LGBT+ Friendly # Self Assigned Roles # Custom Bot with Casino/Music/Levelling System # Chilled & Relaxed Vibes # Super Friendly Members & Staff Join us today, we look forward to meeting you!
YouTuber | Gaming
Ummm. Well. It's a server where you can meet friends. Uhhh, you can play games in chat :D You can, well. Hmm, enter giveaways, and events. :P Join to find out more!
Social | Entertainment
We got people on road, be ready to violate ppl
Community | Meme
We're a pretty laid back community. we have a little bit of everything, gamers, nerds, geeks, you name it, we got it. EU & US members, We occasionally do movie and trivia nights. Colors and roles are individual, just ask
Meme | Entertainment
Here at The Sanctuary we are able to provide a vast majority of different things, these include: .A welcoming community .Memes .Game Nights .And a place to find your smile If this sounds interesting why don't you join us? Hahaha
Community | Gaming
GTA 6 Online Community Game news Release news And much more...
Entertainment | Community
mature place ig
Community | Gaming
UK Based Gaming Community , Safe for all users and ages , growing community with ability to expand to any game. Server consists of: - Member area for active players. - VIP Area - In-Server Games - Give away's (In server and In Game) (Community is looking to expand into Star Citizen with a Crew and dedicated Server Channel for Roles)
Community | Gaming
Community gaming server were you can meet new freinds!
Community | Gaming
A fun little hangout themed around a mental asylum.
Social | Community
Friendly British LGBTQIA server that welcomes international folks and promotes a chill space for people to make friends. 16+ ages only, click for details!
Gaming | Entertainment
Microwave TV Join your local UK server and find like-minded people -Nitro Giveaways -Active server filled with lads and gyals alike -Gaming encouraged -Verified selfies to prevent JailBaiting, self-assigned roles -Tons of top-tier emotes to use in and around the server -Chilled moderation with relaxed rules -Banter & roasting allowed, just don't be a knob -Plus sooo much more to find
Community | Gaming
Just banter to be honest: - UK based but everyone is welcome - Best colours of any discord server, will add more on request. - We play league if you're into that.
Political | Community
A server where you can discuss and debate politics with other members and have your opinions and beliefs challenged.
Community | Mature
A relaxed server, based in the United Kingdom. UK. England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. All international members welcome