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Welcome to Delaware! This is a Discord server dedicated to the first state, and the home of no sales tax. Talk about Delaware current events, politics, and communicate with fellow Delawareans from all throughout the state. Non-Delawareans are welcome, but understand that this is a Delaware-dedicated Discord server.
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Hello we are a group of fishermen who fish Michigan anyone is welcomed even outside of Michigan but is focused on Michigan fishing
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UPCOMING SERVER Chill community Debate Events Gaming
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This server is made just for the great state of Wisconsin WHAT DOES THIS SERVER HAVE? 1. Gaming chat 2. Counting 3. Chat about everything Wisconsin 4. All sports teams that are located in Wisconsin 5. Chat for each part of the state 6. Music chat 7. More to come
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Just a chill server for making new friends (new created server) please read the rules after joining. Thank you!
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We are a Pubg Official clan. and we want to open our doors, and our hearts to see who has potential for pro gaming. We play with a specific purpose, join us and we hope to see you soon.
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MASSIVE PUBG Community. Endgame Pro play from a tactical driven community. Accepting ALL countries. Be prepared to login and immediately network and play with players that will blow your mind. Want to learn how to PUBG? Want to learn advanced tactics? We coach for free. Join us now Squad!
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we're a fun, chill, and fairly active community server with no specific topic whatsoever. we voice and text everyday!! theres a wide variety of people here, so we all still game and stuff too
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Since it's best we all stay inside, we still have to find some way to be social and find something to do! Also, when are new friends not a good idea? Exactly. Making new friends is always fun! Here you can game together with your friends, make new friends, just chat, listen to music; whatever you'd like to do. (:
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♛ This server emulates U.K. politics. Yes, it's a constitutional-monarchy, which believe it or not, you can still actively participate in. You can also participate in general elections and be elected MP. Or maybe you want to govern Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland? Maybe you want to become a moderator and protect our server? It's *all* possible here! (This server is NOT an RP server. Real people, real elections, real fun.)
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URESAD 天使たち - Musicians squad
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A US politics server for discussion and memes. Now featuring a trivia bot and weekly game giveaways. Join the politics jam at JamPol!
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Discord server for Come join us and hang out during stream and off stream! Everyone is welcome :)
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Job Corp Community server. Come here to ask questions, talk about JC. We're a growing community. This server is not made or managed by JC staff. WIP Jobcorp is in the USA.
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Welcome, this is the unofficial Florida Discord server.
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MAGA Official Server supporting the 45th President.
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USA Simulation game for those who dare try
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≿━━━━━━༺𝐋𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐡™༻━━━━━━≾ > ✗: UK/US based but everyone is welcome > ✗: daily beef > ✗: funny verbalists > ✗: low mod > ✗: semi-toxic > ✗: simple layout > ✗: designer theme > ✗: new server growing rapidly > ✗: weekly events **DONT JOIN IF YOU CANT TAKE A JOKE**
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WJEB Radio is a Discord bot powered FM radio station. We broadcast our playlist, classic country, tropical rock, and your requests on 87.9FM and on Discord.
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GunPVPMC is the official Discord server for the GunPVPMC MineHut Server! It includes many things such as: Custom Skripted guns Unique gangs Active players Cool items Helpful staff Easy to understand and start off No p2w (pay to win) Over 3k total Minecraft joins And more!
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The top Michigan community Discord - Welcoming all that love our beautiful state!
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Are you into everything Western culture? WestChat is a fun hangout community with members from all over the West. Be a part of our wholesome community and make new connections! We're the perfect mix of fun sh*tposting and serious intellectual debate.
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Chill server for those who want to make friends and have a bonza time! Read more for info.
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Welcome to Maryland. We are a growing community hoping to reach 500 members and create a cozy place for people from Maryland to chat! We welcome anyone from Maryland to join our Discord.