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Welcome to Delaware! This is a Discord server dedicated to the first state, and the home of no sales tax. Talk about Delaware current events, politics, and communicate with fellow Delawareans from all throughout the state. Non-Delawareans are welcome, but understand that this is a Delaware-dedicated Discord server.
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Hello we are a group of fishermen who fish Michigan anyone is welcomed even outside of Michigan but is focused on Michigan fishing
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Teens who live in NYC or America
Gaming | Role-Playing
Suomalainen roolipeli serveri!
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This channel is for everyone Please join القناة للجميع الرجاء الانضمام
Community | Role-Playing
FFRP is a community that started on (GTA V for PS3 & PS4) and has recently transitioned over to (FIVE M for PC) Along with a lot of other community's that are now making the switch so what makes us special? Well nothing makes any community special but i can list a few pros for you 1. Several of our members have a vast knowledge base and experience of roleplaying. 2. We are a Schedule based community although the server is up most of the time. 3. We have a custom made cad specifically for our community. 4. We have things in game 95% of any other community's you come across wont have. 5. We are organized respectful and have contact with several other community's. 6. The Benefits of becoming a Member in FFRP have it's appeal Departments: Federal Aviation Administration Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Pasco County Fire Rescue Florida Highway Patrol Florida National Guard US Coast Guard 911 Communications Florida Fish & Wildlife
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UPCOMING SERVER Chill community Debate Events Gaming
Community | eSports
We are a Pubg Official clan. and we want to open our doors, and our hearts to see who has potential for pro gaming. We play with a specific purpose, join us and we hope to see you soon.
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Hello everyone are you ready to join this server all the way from the best place to enjoy anime and manga. Our time is for you. Enjoy meeting new people and and fun games daily and weekly updates of anime and a team of amazing admins who can help you with everything else you need. Weekly fun games. This is all brought you from @animemadnessworld Join us in this journey to discover the true meaning of anime
Community | Political
We wish for our community to grow and you look like someone who can do that! If you are someone that is into anime, gaming, memes, politics, shit-posting, socialism/communism, and just love talking then this might be the server for you! Everyone is welcome and hope to see you there!
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MASSIVE PUBG Community. Endgame Pro play from a tactical driven community. Accepting ALL countries. Be prepared to login and immediately network and play with players that will blow your mind. Want to learn how to PUBG? Want to learn advanced tactics? We coach for free. Join us now Squad!
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we're a fun, chill, and fairly active community server with no specific topic whatsoever. we voice and text everyday!! theres a wide variety of people here, so we all still game and stuff too
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Since it's best we all stay inside, we still have to find some way to be social and find something to do! Also, when are new friends not a good idea? Exactly. Making new friends is always fun! Here you can game together with your friends, make new friends, just chat, listen to music; whatever you'd like to do. (:
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♛ This server emulates U.K. politics. Yes, it's a constitutional-monarchy, which believe it or not, you can still actively participate in. You can also participate in general elections and be elected MP. Or maybe you want to govern Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland? Maybe you want to become a moderator and protect our server? It's *all* possible here! (This server is NOT an RP server. Real people, real elections, real fun.)
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Servidor de Minecraft! Nosso servidor está online, acesse agora: IP: Port: 19132 Compre Vip em: Para não ser banido do servidor ou Discord, não desrespeite essas regras: É proibido: • Discriminar jogadores com relação ao seu gênero, orientação sexual, raça ou qualquer outra característica pessoal; • Realizar flood; • Utilizar nicknames ou skins ofensivos; • Compartilhar informações pessoais de outros jogadores; • Denunciar jogadores com informações falsas. • Ofender o servidor ou um membro da equipe. • Abusar de Bugs ou Erros no servidor (se achar algum relate a um staff). • Divulgar qualquer site que não seja o oficial de nossa rede; • Divulgar qualquer outro servidor; • Enviar qualquer link externo que não seja proveniente de um de nossos domínios oficiais. Exceto caso você seja um de nossos Youtubers oficiais (aqueles que possuem a tag e deseje divulgar seu próprio canal.
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House of Allah is a shitposting server, that fills the roles of a community for memeing, gaming and meeting new "Interesting people"
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Talk politics or hang out
Role-Playing | Community
Medieval World | RP is a discord server where you start a country and RP with that, you can conquer, forge alliances, trade, explore, invent and much more!
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The Life of America is a RP server were you take the life of a normal American, you can work, go to school, get in a relationship, socialize and use social media!
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Friendly British LGBTQIA server that welcomes international folks and promotes a chill space for people to make friends. 16+ ages only, click for details!
Political | Entertainment
Welcome to Capital Republic! - you can run for President - you can run for house or senate - create and pass bills Mock America! (help my secret goal of getting 10,000 members!)
Political | Community
A server where you can discuss and debate politics with other members and have your opinions and beliefs challenged.
Music | Community
URESAD 天使たち - Musicians squad
Anime | Community
Hi! Maybe you are looking for server with interesting community? Or you want to talk with someone interesting? Anime Lovers This is server for you! We have: -Forgiving administration -Interesting community -A lot of discord games -Development as far as we can I hope you will visit us!
Community | Education
Do you wanna get updated about things that are going on around the world? If so join the discord! We will be posting updates of events that happen across the world From American all the way to North Korea. Learn education facts about different countries and what's going on in their country that might not be going on in yours!
Political | Meme | Beliefs
A US politics server for discussion and memes. Now featuring a trivia bot and weekly game giveaways. Join the politics jam at JamPol!
Role-Playing | Political
The American Dream is a US Gov RP server where you take the role of an American Politician. Begin your journey as a congressman and climb the ladder, one day we might see just you as the leader of a party, maybe a member of the presidential cabinet or maybe the President of the United States! If you don't want to be a politician maybe become a news anchor or any other profession that would be useful and helpful for a great community! God Bless America!
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Discord server for Come join us and hang out during stream and off stream! Everyone is welcome :)
Feeling lonely and ready to chat with other people? This is the place for you! * Non-Toxic * Friendly * Staff is active * English Only! * USA Based, but we are cool with anyone around the rock
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anime, emotes,
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The top Michigan community Discord - Welcoming all that love our beautiful state!
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WJEB Radio is a Discord bot powered FM radio station. We broadcast our playlist, classic country, tropical rock, and your requests on 87.9FM and on Discord.
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The president of the United States of America has just invited you to join his exclusive server.
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Welcome to Star Citizen community. We have active players and if you're looking for a group that covers all the game factions you are at the right place. Welcome to Blackout Squad!
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Damned lefties still think Russia is same as Soviet Union but Russia doesn't even give 2 bucks about US Politics anymore. Nor is a Communist/Socialist Country. Cause The Silent Majority is a thing. You're just minority. They won. BLM won. Expel yourself from America. We did. Welcome!