Political | Community
YFDR aka Youth For Democratic Reform is a non-partisan Canadian youth advocacy and action group focused on youth issues.
Pakistan Community Icon
Social | Community
Our server is for everyone. It doesn't matter what your ethnicity is. You can join to have some fun with our friendly members and staff.
HubCityGaming Icon
Gaming | Hobbies
Small Gaming community. Based out of the East coast of Canada. Chill overall, play a variety of games
Switch Hunters Icon
Gaming | Community
We are a group of people on the hunt for Nintendo Switches - in stock - in Canada only. A lot of us have found, ordered, and received our switch with the help of this growing community! We are friendly and welcome everyone. We are slowly evolving into a gaming server but for now our main priority is to help those in need of a switch that do not have one! Come join this great community of people and happy hunting!
Genesis (T.DOT) Icon
Gaming | Anime
A North American Based discord focused on fostering a mature but fun environment for all people across the world. We play games but we also sometimes have proper discussions (18+ Safe for work)
Peridot Server Icon
Community | Gaming
- Self Promotion 🤝 - Roles To Achieve 💪 - Mini Games 🤟 - Companionship 👋 - Community 🙌 - And More 🤌
r/canada Icon
Community | Social
Serveur francophone regroupant la communauté canadienne dans tout son ensemble, vous pourrez y trouver des discussion entre membres, participez a des concours, faites vous des amis, recevez de l'aide si vous en avez besoin ;) le serveur compte réunir toute une communauté quelle soit canadienne ou autre, le principe du serveur est simple : réunir, partager, s'amuser, et créer des liens d'amitié
Windsor Ontario Icon
Social | Community
Server for users from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, or who may be visiting or thinking of moving there. Talk about anything, hang out and have some fun with 519 friends.
Gaming | Role-Playing
This discord server is build around a gta in minecraft server!
Let's Talk Canada! Icon
Community | Role-Playing
Welcome to Let's Talk Canada! Here, you can discuss Canadian politics and elections, or participate in our Canadian-based Mock Government Simulator with a functioning Parliament, Monarchy, and Cabinet!
party Icon
Community | Gaming
we're a fun, chill, and fairly active community server with no specific topic whatsoever. we voice and text everyday!! theres a wide variety of people here, so we all still game and stuff too
Liberals of Canada Icon
Political | Community
A server to discuss politics with Liberals and others. Moderated by reddit.com/r/lpc mods.
La cabane à Buck Icon
La cabane à Buck est une communauté québécoise de Rainbow Six Siege. Venez nous rencontrer !
🍁 Canada eh? 🍁 Icon
Social | Community
This is for all the Canadian's and people who love Canada. I created this server so that i could connect all people of the world alike. Obviously Canada was the main country in mind based on the fact that its hard for Canadians to properly connect with one another on the internet in their own atmosphere. Hopefully this will bring many people into a bond of friendship(or more) with one another. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day.
9CAT Icon
Community | Technology
"9cat" is a Vancouver tech startup community. 9CAT是一个去中心化的创业社区
Canada Icon
Community | Social
Server for Canadians and non-Canadians, Gamers and Non-Gamers alike! 😄. Come on in and say hi! 🍁 People of all backgrounds welcome.
Canada Gouvernement Simulation Icon
Political | Entertainment
- Become an MP - Become a Justice - Rise up to become PM - Write and vote on bills - Pick out of the 10+ parties (aswell as make your own)
LandedKing's server Icon
YouTuber | Political
A Community Of "Landed Kings" In Canada. Constitution, Entrepreneurialism, News & Civil Disobedience To Unlawful Orders
Bug Simp Zone Icon
Gaming | Art
Chill friends in a chill server. Valorant, League, Tabletop Sim, and Genshin are our main games atm Occasionally hold events/tournaments (not in this server yet but WHEN WE GROW WE WILL!!)
Libertarians of Canada Icon
Political | Beliefs
Libertarian Canadian discord server for libertarian discussions. Friendly server for people to debate different aspects of Canadian politics.
Idolm@ster Canada Icon
Anime | Community
A server for [email protected] fan across Canada however we also welcome those who are not located in Canada as we want to grow the [email protected] fan base.
Ottawa Chat Icon
Community | Social
Bridged with Telegram and Element/Matrix. We have this server for discussion, I feel like this could really be useful for Ottawa! Looking for help to start this initiative up! :)
Canada Icon
Social | Entertainment
A fun server for Canadians and people who would like to live in Canada! Un serveur amusant pour les Canadiens et les personnes qui aimeraient vivre au Canada!
Metro Vancouver Icon
Community | Language
Metro Vancouver Discord Server Welcome - 欢迎 - Bienvenue - Maligayang pagdating
Toronto & gta Discord Icon
Community | Anime
Greater Toronto area, ontario Community Server. Welcome - 欢迎 - Bienvenue - Maligayang pagdating
Vancouver & Fraser Valley Icon
Anime | Gaming
We created this server April 13, 2021 for the Metro Vancouver Area. We seek to support local events, businesses, and general communications. If you wish to support our discord community by incorporating this discord community, please contact ziphous#5142
Ottawa Icon
Community | Gaming
An Ottawa discord to bring together people who would otherwise not get the chance to talk. We strive to be open to anyone!
Northeastern Ontario Icon
Community | LGBT
Hello one and all! This is a server meant for Northeast Ontario - but anyone is welcome (including the Northwest!). We're LGBT+ friendly and have a variety of channels and roles - feel free to suggest more of either. :hearts: It's pretty lax here, feel free to do as you please, but be sure to read the guidelines and respect others as you go around. We have channels for hobbies, gaming (you can post gamertags and ask for people too!) and so on - including the local areas where you can post local news, local stuff going on and etc.
❄ Maple Lounge ❄ Icon
Community | LGBT
Are you a Canadian young adult(18+) searching for a place where you can just be yourself and make new friends? Do you want to be in a lgbt-friendly environment? Do you want to talk about anime and post edgy memes all day, you should join the Maple Lounge!
Canadian furs Icon
Furry | Community
This server is designed for Canadian Furries! But anyone is welcome, just non-Canadians cannot get access to location specific chats.