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An Ottawa discord to bring together people who would otherwise not get the chance to talk. We strive to be open to anyone!
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Welcome to the Ottawa Gaming Weebz, Please join and hopefully make our place your home. Do not have to be living in Ottawa to join the channel. A brand new community, looking for weeb members. Extremely friendly community for everyone and anyone. More than handful of channels for text and voice chat. Created for all kinds of psychos or sane people to hang out and chat about GAMING, ANIME , MEMES, ENTERTAINMENT and any other topics you want.
Community | Social
Server for Canadians and non-Canadians, Gamers and Non-Gamers alike! 😄. Come on in and say hi! 🍁 People of all backgrounds welcome.
Community | Social
Bridged with Telegram and Element/Matrix. We have this server for discussion, I feel like this could really be useful for Ottawa! Looking for help to start this initiative up! :)
Social | Community
A new server for people in Ontario to meet others. This server is SFW, friendly and for people ages 18+. Come check it out if you want. If you don't like it and want to leave then that's fine and if you choose to stay then we appreciate your support. :)