RUST SCRIPTS || zCheats Icon
Gaming | Community
We sell very cheap rust scripts. 100% undetected and safe. This Rust Script works all weapons and all attachments. Join our discord server for more information regarding our program. TAGS: rust, hack, cheat, script, no recoil, cheap, undetected, undetectable, rust scripts, rust script, rust hack
RUST HACK || zCheats Icon
Gaming | Community
We sell very a cheap and reliable rust hack. 100% undetected and safe. This Rust Hack has a lot of features: aimbot, esp, speed, radar and much more. TAGS: rust, hack, cheat, aimbot, aim, no recoil, cheap, undetected, undetectable, rust hack, fly, speed, god, raid, rust cheat
PUBG HACK || zCheats Icon
Gaming | Community
We sell a great PUBG Hack. 100% undetected and safe. This PUBGHack has a lot of features: aimbot, esp, radar, speed and much more. Join our discord for more info. TAGS: PLAYERS UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS, pubg, pubg lite, cheat, hack, aimbot, aim, softaim, undetected, undetatable, wall hack, esp
VALORANT HACK || zCheats Icon
Community | Gaming
We sell very cheap Valorant Hack. 100% undetected and safe. This hack has a lot of features including esp, aimbot and radar. Join the Discord server for more information about the cheat. TAGS: valorant, hack, cheat, aimbot, aim, softaim, radar, wall hack, speed, undetected, undetectable, cheap,
CS:GO HACK || zCheats Icon
Community | Gaming
We sell the best CS:GO Hack. 100% undetected and safe. This hack has a lot of features including esp, aimbot, skin changer and radar. Join the Discord server for more information about the cheat. TAGS: CS GO, CS:GO, CSGO, counter strike, hack, cheat, wallhack, aimbot, spinbot, aim, softaim, silent
COD Warzone || zCheats Icon
Gaming | Community
We sell the most reliable COD Hack. 100% undetected and safe. This COD hack has a lot of features including esp, aimbot, and radar. Join the Discord server for more information about the cheat. TAGS: COD, Call of duty warzone, warzone, call of duty, COD WARZONE, COD WZ, aimbot, esp, undetected,
FORTNITE HACK || zCheats Icon
Gaming | Community
We sell the best Fortnite Hack. 100% undetected and safe. This Fortnite cheat has a lot of features including esp, aimbot, and much more. Join the Discord server for more information about the cheat. TAGS: fortnite, fortnite hack, fortnite cheat, hack, cheat, softaim, aimbot, aim, aim assist, esp,
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Programming | Education
A Discord server for discussing the GNU Emacs software.
IT Bulgaria Icon
Technology | Programming
В случай, че имате интерес към програмиране / операционни системи / софтуер / хардуер / мрежи / мобили устройства и от рода заповядайте в discord-a на IT Bulgaria, с над 500 колеги от към момента!
zAfLu Icon
Community | Gaming
zAfLu community discord
Magyar programozók közössége Icon
Programming | Community
Magyar programozók szövetsége. Ha érdekel a programozás és az IT világa, esetleg kérdésed van, vagy segítségre szorulsz, akkor csatlakozz a szerverünkhöz!
The Architect Icon
Design | Art
This group was created for us all to help each-other out. I am a senior in college for Architecture and I want to share resources and information that I have found useful along my way. I also want to create a place for architects to talk and ask each-other questions, I find myself as a senior asking more questions than ever, and with a group of us all working together we can get through the brutal college years and adulthood ahead of us.
Software Icon
Community | Technology
Under construction...
Free Cracked software Icon
Community | Social
Free cracked software
Built By Builders Icon
Programming | Technology
🚧 Built By Builders 👷‍♀️ 👷 is a tech community dedicated to connecting underserved Builders 👷‍♀️ 👷. Type of Builders 👷‍♀️ 👷 in our community: Software Builder 💾 Hardware Builder 🛠️ Cloud Builder ☁️ Design Builder 🎨 🖌️ Project Manager Builder 📈 Content Builder 📸 Startup Builder 💰 Career Builder 🏢
AppleDataHoarding Icon
Discord for Datahoarders, that only use Apple devices. We daily use MacOS, the new iPadOS or iOS and we love to hoard data too.
BetaMacApps Icon
Beta Mac Apps for MacOS. Discover new features or new MacApp. Share you experiences to other beta testers
ChromiumBrowsers Icon
Chromium-based browsers Discord Server. Share new extensions, browsers, workflows to others. Doesn't matter if you use Google Chrome / Canary / Devs / Beta / Enterprise / Enterprise Beta, Chromium, Brave / Nightly / Beta / Dev, Vivaldi, Edge / Dev / Beta / Canary, Opera / GX / Developer / Next / Beta, Avast / Beta or other Chromium based browser
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Best Mac App Deals available on the web. Enjoy more Mac Apps for less money! Boost your MacOS with new apps.
Software Bunker Icon
Gaming | Anime
Hey wir beim Software Bunker suchen noch korrekte Leute mit denen man entspannt labbern und zocken kann. Wir sind auch erfahren im gebiet Software und können bei Problemen weiterhelfen.
ganhuaking Icon
Programming | Technology
台灣開發者的綜合型 Discord Server
Defunct Lizard Icon
Technology | YouTuber
This is a server for my youtube channel, but anyone is welcome to come and talk about tech. Icon
Community | Technology
Join us for direct support on Mi Products or when you have any Problems with ur Mi Product. We are happy to help you with it.
PiMP OS Mining Community Icon
Crypto | Technology
Support: Welcome to your 24/7 Real time mining community: Invite your friends to talk about all things mining, in addition to getting more hash with PiMP OS and!
Perkedel Technologies DSCD Icon
Programming | Gaming
Share and Serve for Gratis, Open Source, and FULL VERSION!!!
VirtualDJ Icon
Music | Technology
The unofficial VirtualDJ Discord server for chatting, help and fun for DJs!
ur-Hackr Icon
Technology | Community
This discord is used for those that are new to ethical hacking, penetration testing, cyber security and more! Want a group to learn and grow with? This is the proper place for you. We have missions, CTFs, and more that we do together. We have opportunities for giveaways, growing your resume, having a community to help you through your journey, great resources, and more!
Cracks4You Icon
Gaming | Community
Cracks4You is a new server that sells cracked games and cracked software for very cheap prices. They help you with the installation and configuration process. They want to grow so they would love you to visit their server.
German Tech-Talk 🖥 Icon
Programming | Gaming
Du hast großes Interesse an Computern, Games und am Programmieren? Dann bist du auf unserem Discord-Server genau richtig! Auf unserem Server stehen dir viele Channel rund um die Themen "Computer-Hardware", "Gaming" und "Programmieren" bereit. Du kannst dich Täglich mit den Usern unseres Discord-Servers über neue Games, neu erschienene Computer Hardware und über deinen Programmierten Code reden. Außerdem verfügt unser Discord-Server über ein eigenes Ränge-System mit den Rängen zum Programmieren und Zocken! //Funktioniert aktuell nicht: /Der "News"-Bot hält dich immer am laufenden, wenn es um "Computer- /Hardware", "F2P Games" und das "Programmieren" geht. Auch stehen dir zwei Voice-Channel mit Musik-Bots, die 24/7 online sind zur verfügung. Komm doch einfach mal selber auf den Server und mach dir einen eigenen Eindruck! Viel Spaß!
PC Management Icon
Support | Technology
Come here for support with anything technical. We can help with PCs, game problems, and much more. We are always looking for people who know their way around stuff like this. We have support for nearly 24 hours. Come and join us for help and maybe even stick around!
Code Workshop Icon
Programming | Technology | Social
Code Workshop is a community of people learning and talking about programming. From web development to machine learning and robotics. A community for learning to code, or for experienced programmers developing new skills.
Code Buddies Icon
Programming | Technology
Programação tecnologia código suporte hardware software sistemas C python JavaScript github git
Astrologic's Coding Server Icon
Programming | Technology
Come hang out. This server is for programmers of all languages, or people who just want to hang out. Come join us.
Technology | Bot
Welcome to PRIME, we are a little new discord, that offers you some addons for software or in gernal free software. We hope you have a nice time here ;)
softwareovercoffee Icon
Programming | Technology
We're a community focused on the pursuit of learning and quality in the craft of software engineering
NoBrains Harbor Icon
Technology | Programming
Selling quick, cheap, and permanent licenses for every JetBrains IDE (supporting 20.04) and an auto-cleanup and reset program that wipes and recreates your license each month in the background without affecting your work
HardwareTreff Icon
Technology | Support
Hardware Treff... ...das Netzwerk wenn du problemme mit Hardware oder Software hast. Hier kannst du dir professionelle Hilfe geben lassen. natürlich gibt es auch viele andere Tolle Futures wie: Levelingsystem, Ticketsystem,memes und noch viel mehr :)
KixKan Icon
Technology | Community
KixKan is an upcoming project of multiple things. A better and safer environment.
Tech Jobs Icon
Programming | Technology
Welcome to Tech Jobs, a hangout for software engineers! Post jobs, let others know you're looking for work, or chat about your profession. Employers and recruiters welcome.
HyperWare Icon
Community | Programming
HyperWare is a game and software publishing studio. We are currently working on our own game store program (Think of it as Epic Games Launcher / Steam) called HyperWare Launcher. We are also planning to publish our own games in the future.
Ubuntu Hideout Icon
Technology | Programming
A friendly place to meet other Ubuntu, Linux and technology enthusiasts for chatting or getting help.
TurboHW Icon
Technology | Gaming
- Unete a la comunidad de amantes del Hardware - Presupuestos, Guias de compra y recomendaciones - Compra-Venta de Hardware - Software para tu PC, Windows 10 Pro 64bits, Office Plus, Photoshop, Adobe Premier - Asesoramiento gratis - PC Master Race, comparte tus fotos y videos
Tech4Life Icon
Technology | Programming
This server is for all the Techies around. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, everyone is welcome! Also, we have FREE BOOKS & SOFTWARE!!
Rabbit İnternational Icon
Design | Technology
Professional consultancy for your website or graphic design works! If you are an employee, join us, exchange ideas and chat!
Open Source Icon
Community | Business
Open source is VERY important for society and humanity. Which is why we want to get as many people who believe the same thing together in one place. We hope you guys can collaborate with each other and within the Futurist Foundation network. Come share your projects, look for founders, and talk about everything open source!
PteroBilling Icon
Technology | Support
An open-source Laravel 8 online store, client area, and billing software specially made for Pterodactyl panel
[💻] WAAL Informatique Icon
Technology | Programming
WAAL : serveur d'Aide Informatique (software, hardware, programmation...)
Velynn Icon
Business | Design
Looking for custom & quality digital work ? Feel free to join our server !
Dimini Icon
Community | Programming
The official Dimini Inc. Discord channel. Server for conversation with Dimini administration, as well as other people who like Dimini.
BytesToBits | Coding Icon
Programming | Technology
BytesToBits is the right place for people who have a passion for coding or for new-comers who want to learn the basics!