Community | Technology
Tech Support Server - Free tech support - Free pc assembly help support - Free Build Help support - Free Overclock support - Bot is coded by the owner with most helpful tips for computer problems - A server where you can talk to people about new tech in the market and more. - There's a channel only for off topic stuff and meme related, no NSFW tho - There's a channel just for advertising your discord servers and or other social media's(No NSFW allowed). - Special Build Showcase Channel. - Chill Community - Contains channels for other stuff such as gaming, linux, MAC related channels. - Contains Colour Reaction Role to pick whatever colour you want.
Community | Programming
Get tech help with anything you may need!
Gaming | Social
Monthly LAN and time hacking convention
Technology | Gaming
Retro Computers, Commodore, C64, Amiga, Apple
Technology | Social
Tandy and TRS-80 Series Computer support Group! From the Model 1 to the Tandy 3000 and more in between Support for all TANDY TRS-80 computers discussion, ressources, help,
Business | Technology
Byte I.T. is a computer and network support company. We are also gamers!
Technology | YouTuber
MMS is a Server about Vintage Apple Computers and other tech-related stuff.
Community | Technology
Under construction...
eSports | Gaming
Quieres participar en una liga de Valorant? Unete a nosotros! No importa que no tengas equipo, aqui podras encontrar gente con la que jugar, nuestra intencion es hacer que algunos de los equipos sean conocidos y que todos os lo podais pasar bien jugando y mejorando poco a poco.
A server for the channel VboxVMS
Gaming | Community
Moin! Du möchtest ganz ganz viel Spaß haben? Dann joine doch meinem Discord Server! Dort haben alle was zu lachen :) ! Von Gaming Spaß bis zu coolen Geschichten von Usern ist alles mit dabei! Wir haben auch extra einen Witze und Memes Channel, damit alle sofort wissen, wo es den besten Spaß gibt! Viel Spaß und Freude auf meinem Discord Server!
Technology | Gaming
Place for computer and other related technology talk, memes, music, and random other things. Of course gaming in voice usually happens multiple times a week.
Technology | YouTuber
This is a server for my youtube channel, but anyone is welcome to come and talk about tech.
Anime | Gaming
Come and join for appreciation of waifus near and far! We also have a small waifu DnD, tiny tech talk, giveaways, and more!
Education | Programming
A friendly server for coders. We produce bots, applications and give assistance with coding.
Technology | Education
A Tech Server with Lots of Latest Tech News And Help!
Programming | Gaming
This server focuses on providing a quick and friendly chat based community for people with interests in ComputerCraft and/or OpenComputers. Talk is not limited to Minecraft, anything programming or computer related is welcome here.
Technology | Support
An IT Tech support discord for hardware/software issues, we also help build PCs.
YouTuber | Support | Technology
Official ZERF!CKER Discord - Join our friendly budget PC gaming server for tech advice or just hang out with the crowd!
Gaming | Community
Auf diesem Server könnt ihr Freunde zum Spielen finden. Zu beginn gebt ihr nur an welche Spiele ihr besitzt (es werden immer mehr) und dir wird automatisch Zugang zu den jeweiligen Channeln gegeben. Komm auf den Server, damit immer mehr Leute der Community beitreten und du immer Jemanden zum spielen hast.
Technology | Programming
The community is mainly for competitive programmers or people who want to become competitive programmers.
Community | Technology
A server for PC lovers to meet and hang out with fellow PC users!
Technology | Community
DSI is an online community that includes anyone with a shared technical interest. Members here share a wide rage of technical-related knowledge such as networking, databases, IT, software, security, programming, DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering, Infrastructure, System Administration and much more. With a community, we are able to share the knowledge to others who have a desire to learn about their specific technical interests or even wanting that next fix to the project they are working on. If you have a passion in technology, this is the place to be.
Art | Hobbies
Come and join the Creative Corner server! We are an art server that is growing to fit people's needs. There are many places to share your work, have conversations about creative mediums, and promote your social media with others! You can even host your own events if you so, please. Just ask me if you want to set up one! -=+Features+=- High Moderation and Strong Antiraid Bot Events/Contests Based on Your Opinions Memes Galore Including a me_irl Bot Self Promotion Section for Your Social Media Art Livestreams From Me and Members Suggestion Channel to Suggest Any Changes to The Server Writing Corner for Any Writers Out There Art Sharing and Critique Sections to Talk About and Share Art Partnerships Minecraft Server -=+=-
Entertainment | Technology
Join now! :heavy_plus_sign: Self-Assignable Roles A server which constantly improves. :bust_in_silhouette: Active Staff :busts_in_silhouette: Quick Support :speaking_head: A community that is just a ping away. Bots that we have: Dyno,, Servermate and Simple poll ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Technology | Programming
Interested in tech or pc building? Maybe you like programming? Want the latest tech news and discuss it with fellow tech nerds? Join this server for the latest tech news and join the best of the best tech people!
Gaming | eSports
Increase your fortnite skills while meeting new people and making new friends!!
Gaming | Technology
PC GAMING SHOP, PURCHASE THE BEST AT IT'S BEST PRICE We offer the best products for the lowest price possible. 25% of OFFICIAL PRICE ⭐Prebuilt Gaming PCs⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⭐Graphic Cards⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⭐CPU⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⭐Motherboards⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⭐RAM⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⭐Monitors⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ #pcgaming #pc #gaming #marketplace #market
Community | Growth
Casual chill server to spend your time in. 🤜AltF4🤛
Gaming | Technology
Hallo! Wir sind ein Paar Menschen die einen Discord server für Gaming und Computer support gemacht haben. Wäre nett wenn ihr joint. Wir freuen uns auf euch. Hello! We are a couple of people who made a Discord server for gaming and computer support. Would be nice if your joint. We look forward to seeing you.
Support | Technology
A very good server if you have questions about tech or your PC
Furry | Gaming
Welcome to Gaming Furries! This is a server where you can find other furries to game with and talk to. We have suggestion boxes so you can help Improve our server! Come join our server! NSFW: We have an ID verification system for anyone who is over the age of 18 years old that wants access to NSFW
Gaming | Community
- Game focused community server, but always open to whatever comes into your mind - Meet & Talk to a friendly and welcoming group - Stage for content creators and game developers to promote themselves - Karaoke zone for talking or grouping up - Community focused when it comes to
Community | Gaming
A fun server for users who want to stream or play games with other users, make memes, and share fun activities and music. With over 40 custom emotes, and several self-assignable roles.
Technology | Hobbies
A community built for IT (Information Technology) geeks and nerds. Server includes discussions on PC building, tech, and the IT field.
Gaming | Programming
-= EliteZ =- Gaming Community , Computer Science , Computer Security and General Chat.