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Gaming | Art | Anime
GAMES ⭐ ART ⭐ KPOP ⭐ ANIME ⭐ TECH ~~ Most non-toxic, positive, friendly & chill place about forging friendships. Tight-knit & wholesome/chill atmosphere. Events & Giveaways!
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Gaming | Art | Anime
GAMES ⭐ ART ⭐ KPOP ⭐ ANIME ⭐ TECH ~~ Most non-toxic, positive, friendly & chill place about forging friendships. Tight-knit & wholesome/chill atmosphere. Events & Giveaways!
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Gaming | Art | Anime
GAMES ⭐ ART ⭐ KPOP ⭐ ANIME ⭐ TECH ~~ Most non-toxic, positive, friendly & chill place about forging friendships. Tight-knit & wholesome/chill atmosphere. Events & Giveaways!
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Technology | Community
↯ Welcome to Silicon Valley! 💻 ‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ If you're looking for a community of like minded tech enthusiasts, Silicon Valley is the perfect place for you. We are a community that welcomes both beginners and professionals alike and we strive to create an atmosphere of sharing knowledge while creating a warm, welcoming community. ‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ Some of our server features include: ➣ Unique level roles which increase based on your server activity, go from HP to Apple! ➣ From networking to content creation, there is a wide range of dedicated discussion channels to accommodate everyone. ➣ A server currency which you can spend on fancy color roles.
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Technology | Gaming
A small server community for chatting anything tech-related. We welcome those of all knowledge and are run by no other than the competent Skirmish OS devs.
Swift Elite™ Icon
Gaming | Community
Recent Milestone: Use of embeds for an organized, clean environment! Welcome to Swift Elite, a place for gaming, tech, news, memes, and fun with various bots and roles. We'd love to chat it up and see you there! We run Swift News, your one time stop for Gaming, Tech, and even YouTube news. Check out what we have! Hope to see you there! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Some of the things we have to your disposal: 『💬』Chatting It Up 『⭐』advertising『📻』groovy 『🤖』bot-cmds 『🎮』free-games 『🔔』swift-news『😂』Memes 『📺』videos 『🔫』destiny 『❓』polls 『📻』rythm 『📱』Pokémon 『📖』rules ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Although we strive for maximum comfort for those in the Swift Elite server, we want to be as professional as possible! Hopefully you can meet someone who has the same interests and spark up a conversation!
Cyber Forest Icon
New cyber server trying to start up to raise a community for people of all ages interested in cyber and anything related to get together
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Technology | Gaming
Just a very small discord server for all kind of stuff like tech, gaming ect. Community are mostly personal friends ;)
ITZ's Misc Projects Icon
Programming | Technology
a simple discord server for ITZVGcGPmO's not-so-simple projects
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Community | Gaming
zAfLu community discord
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Technology | Gaming
Tom's Hardware is a website dedicated to all things PC and this is the official Discord server dedicated to it. Here we talk about everything geek, from gaming to PC building to server hardware. Feel free to join our growing community of tech enthusiasts. All levels welcome!
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Community | LGBT
Looking for a place to stay and to socialize with people? Contruxt Community is a upcoming and small community. With game night, fun, vibes and a LGBTQ+ friendly community. We also have a wide variety of topics to discuss from games, music, anime and more. You will know that we are a place to stay! What we have: - Brand new server! - Custom roles - Variety of channels - Events - AND MORE!
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Community | YouTuber
The official Essence Of Zen Server
Sapphire Icon
Technology | Business
Community for technology, business, programming, and Sapphire Praxical company related discussions. Official Discord server for and its branching projects (,,,, and more). The Sapphire community is mainly made up of tech enthusiasts, business minded individuals, programmers, and hobbyists (gaming, anime, crypto, etc).
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Technology | YouTuber
Tech Chat Now is a place for journalists, content creators, influencers, and people interested in technology in general can come hang out, chat, game, get advice, and just have fun.
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GameVortex resmi Discord sunucusudur.
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Gaming | Community
We are a Custom PC and Modding Business! When we are not hard at work coming up with creative rigs for the PC community we are Enjoying Movies, Games, and Karaoke nights on this server! Join The Retrac PC Fam and stay tuned for upcoming giveaways and events!
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👋👋👋 Amis de la tech bonjour 👋👋👋 Aujourd'hui je vous présente le serveur Discord les Techos, qui est un serveur qui de qualité. Le principe est simple : ✅ Réunir des passionnés de la tech ✅ S'entraider quand on a un problème ✅ Avec une équipe d'administration au top Alors qu'est ce que vous attendez ? Rejoignez nous !
Technology | Programming
VULNIX is a friendly server with good, trusty friends. People here are filled with knowledge and enthusiasm. We are looking for people who are interested in "The World of Binary and Bytes" i.e, the world of technology. We are currently a small server trying our best to grow, and make friends online.
pcgaming1998 Icon
Technology | Gaming
Gaming , Community
Pi-Hole Icon
Technology | Programming
This is a server for users and fans of Pi-hole.
Gaming | Technology
The ELEKTRONIKLUB is a public club community for general, gaming, and tech discussion, online gaming community events, music lobbies, sharing and uploading, and more! Chill, welcoming, and inclusive. Mental-health-friendly.
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Gaming | Technology
We're a friendly and welcoming community for Gaming, PC Hardware and general nerdy discussions... with a LOT of banter, so come prepared!
C/C++ Help Icon
Programming | Technology
New and friendly C/C++ help discord server!
AdaptOS Icon
Technology | LGBT
For coders that have wrote for over 20 years Or only wrote 20 lines the official AdaptOS server Need help email [email protected]
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Community | Technology
Hello everyone I am Nick a future content creator! I have a server I would like you to join and hang out I am needing Staff and Members do please help! For more info please DM me on Discord or join the server!
Tech and Play Icon
Programming | Gaming
Der OFFIZIELLE Tech and Play Server Auf diesem Server findet ihr Infos zu unserem Kanal und exklusiven Content und Infos zur JacNik GMBH, unserem Truckers MP Team.
Stadianer Icon
Gaming | Community
Die aktivste deutschsprachige Stadia Community. Trete noch heute bei und werde teil davon! wir freuen uns auf dich.
The tech news/tech talk room Icon
Technology | Programming
This is a server for posting links to and discussing tech news. This is also home to APK Clan which is a community for discussing android modding
Syspoint Icon
Programming | Technology
Syspoint is a friendly community with people interested in technology & ethical hacking (We will not hack someone for you). We love to learn and share our experience with newcomers This Discord is mainly focused on hacking & programming, but we often just have chill conversations with each other.
Uncrowned Addiction Icon
Technology | Entertainment
Uncrowned Addiction provides free, community driven, online resources for advancement, development, growth and improvement of our user's technology focused activities.​
Gaming World Icon
Gaming | Technology
This is a gaming server and this tells you how to get free games and stuff, you can also find friends here....
Wizardry Icon
Gaming | Technology
Gaming focused (english-speaking) server welcomes every reasonable human being! If you share interests in gaming, technology, music & tv, feel free to join us! See ya!
Lionel's Discord Icon
Technology | Gaming
Hello! We are a friendly Tech community, which likes to help! It's not important, if you are new, or an experienced developer. Feel free to ask! Why don't you join us?
LT | Icon
Technology | Community
Team de seguridad y programación, una comunidad divertida para aprender más sobre tecnología, Y recibir soporte de nuestros proyectos, contamos con nuestra página, Entra y Aprende!
Technology | YouTuber
high tech youtube
Devast Icon
Technology | Programming
A small hacking team looking for more members. everyone's welcome
Masked Up Trades Icon
Crypto | Technology
A crypto and forex free and paid signals group. We deal with anything crypto or forex. Stop by for a friendly educational trading atmosphere.
JHTech Discord Icon
Technology | YouTuber
Hi, JHTech Discord is a discord server oriented around everything tech! In JHTech discord, we have: - Lots of amazing bots (w/ one designed around tech-related features) - Amazing and friendly staff - Tech support if you need help with anything tech related - Lots of amazing emotes - A great non-toxic community - Lots more! So yeah, see you there!
Defunct Lizard Icon
Technology | YouTuber
This is a server for my youtube channel, but anyone is welcome to come and talk about tech.
Helogando Icon
Gaming | Anime
Bem vindo ao servidor da página Helogando! Leia as regras e se comporte! Servidor dedicado para gamers, otakus e outros. Converse, Interaja, Jogue! Siga a gente nas redes sociais! (Opcional) Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
Future Vision Icon
Community | Technology
A community server for people interested in the future.
Technology Icon
Technology | Community
This server was created to form a community of technology minded people, who are interested in all aspects of technology from programming to space travel. The aim is to form a place where like minded people can come and talk and share ideas about all areas of science and technology.
CryptoCurrrency Land Icon
Crypto | Financial
a Nice and friendly crypto currency related server, we talk here about cryptocurrency, tech, smartphones, gaming, bitcoin, etc. We like to play games and trade cryptocurrency and even mine too! We have partners like Bobeli and advertising is allowed on #advertising. Soon we will have a NSFW channel. Join us today!
Stock Emulator Support Icon
Support | Technology
Learn how to master the stock market game without spending a dime! Trade real stocks with fake money! Improve your stock trading skills!
Technology | Programming
Tech news, fun bots, happy community
Radia Linux Icon
Technology | Community
Radia Linux Official Discord server.
Service Center Icon
Hobbies | Support
This server contains popular services for a variety of categories, including an advice center, Anime center, A "Deals" section, music section, RP section, tech support section, And a database section; And we can still add more services if needed~
The Mockup Server Icon
Design | Technology
A Discord server about mockups of fictional products such as operating systems, company logos and video games! The best place to post your mockups and comment on other people's mockups.
KamilDev Icon
Programming | Technology
KamilDev is a community for all programmers, developers, technology enthusiasts, and everyone else!
ReviewTechUSA Icon
Gaming | Technology
This is ReviewTechUSA. Tackling gaming news, tech reviews, and sometimes random discussion just for fun.
Tuxedo Gang Icon
Technology | Programming
Tuxedo Gang is a Discord server for Linux enthusiasts, but also for general tech and programming help to! [EN/DE]
Even Hangout Icon
Gaming | Technology
Hangout, talk about tech, talk to our members or squad up in the vcs. We hope you have a fun time here!
ViiZiiX Icon
YouTuber | Technology
Un serveur communautaire Hardware basé sur la chaîne de ViiZiiX, un YouTubeur tenant une série "Une config pour un abonné", un concept où ses abonnés demande une config (PC) ou un setup et qui sera fait pour une prochaine vidéo ! Ce serveur à été créé par un abonné pour les abonné(e)s demandant une config, un salon est d’ailleurs spécialement conçu pour les demandes de cette série ! Vous n'êtes cependant pas obligé de connaitre le personnage pour rejoindre le serveur celui-ci à aussi été adapté pour parler d'Hardware en général !
Mustang Marketplace Icon
Community | Technology
A place to sell, buy, trade and hangout with people. We have many channels and more to come, we regularly update the server to keep the members happy and safe. All staff have gone through vigorous testing and training to make them perfect for keeping the community safe and happy.
Discardian Icon
Community | Social
We are a up and coming server that is community-based with topics ranging from gaming and tech to politics and news. All kinds of stuff, hope you guys can hop on in and participate in the growth of the server :)
Game-unism Icon
Gaming | Streaming
Nintendo Focused, but open to all types of gaming discussion. Share cute things, media, and get updated about streamer's schedules.
Botcord Icon
Bot | Technology
It's a server with a shit ton of bots. Join if you want to use my collection of bots.
Hackintosh Association Icon
Technology | Gaming
Technology server about the community
Linux Café Icon
Programming | Technology
This is a Linux & Tech focused server with friendly users and is a calm and relaxing place to chat, we have game and music nights.
⌬ OrangNitro ⌬ Icon
Community | Gaming
OrangNitro is a CHILL Social Community for everyone, | Chill People | Server Economy/Casino | Music Channels | Game Servers | And More |
Triple OG's Icon
Gaming | Social
The Good Place Icon
Community | Technology
We are a friendly and laid back community of people who love to chat about technology, anime, gaming, science, movies and TV shows, or whatever else we're interested in. Everyone is welcomed!
Technosocialist Republic Icon
Political | Technology
We are a discord server for technosocialism, the idea that socialism should come about through automation and technology to free the working class from unnecessary labor.
Y3R Icon
Gaming | Social
We are a new server focused on gaming but we have multiple channels for things from graphic designing, screenshots and clips, memes, reddit feed, talking, voice chat and many others. We are looking for new members to liven it up, come join and help grow the server!
Tech & Dev Icon
Programming | Technology
Serveur fait pour vous les fans de tech, d'hardware et de dev ! Icon
LGBT | Social
A server to socialize with the LGBTQ+ community about topics that are important to you. is a collection of social groups and blogs, allowing you to connect with others.
Blind Code/ers Icon
Programming | Technology
A great place for coders and ones want to learn code!
TechVerse Icon
Technology | Programming
This is a server with a great community, a ton of really smart people, and a good amount of moderation. This server is aimed mostly at people that are interested in technology, programming and/or ethical hacking, but also for people who are interested in gaming. We hope to see you here!
Lost Arc x Demon Eaters Icon
Anime | Gaming
Gaming | Art | Anime KPOP/GAMES /ANIME/Music/Manga/Games We are a new server hoping to grow and make some noise , so please feel free to join (:heart:ω:heart:)
Tortoise - Python Beginners Icon
Programming | Technology
We are a discord Python Community
25+ Nerds Icon
Community | Social
We are an older group of nerds who enjoy to shitpost, chat about anything, and discuss our favorite interests! We discuss tech, games, sex, family, and everything in between.
ur-Hackr Icon
Technology | Community
This discord is used for those that are new to ethical hacking, penetration testing, cyber security and more! Want a group to learn and grow with? This is the proper place for you. We have missions, CTFs, and more that we do together. We have opportunities for giveaways, growing your resume, having a community to help you through your journey, great resources, and more!
Tech Ponies Icon
Technology | Entertainment
A server for fans of my little pony and technology