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Tech Support Server: - Free tech support - Free pc assembly help support - Free Build Help support - Free Overclock support - Owner coded bots in discord.js with the most helpful PC tips
Official Community Discord Server for the Tech Support Hotline
Technology | Community
Netlify is the fastest way to build, test, and deploy globally with our all-in-one platform for modern web projects.
Technology | Programming
Welcome to TechWay! - Fast Tech Support - Tech Discussions - Tech Guides - Gaming - Setups
Technology | YouTuber
Hi, JHTech Discord is a discord server oriented around everything tech! In JHTech discord, we have: - Lots of amazing bots (w/ one designed around tech-related features) - Amazing and friendly staff - Tech support if you need help with anything tech related - Lots of amazing emotes - A great non-toxic community - Lots more! So yeah, see you there!
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Free Tech Support and paid Tech Support.
Technology | Community
Welcome to the largest Android discord server! We are big with over 15800 members, active and tightly knit community for Google's Android as well as Android-related areas. We offer discussion, purchase advice, tech support as well as fun and interesting server events.
Gaming | Military
VET-DETTA We have members across the globe, who are willing to play a variety of games, as well as competent admins. If you ever want to play a game, just message, and someone will join you. We play realism and shooter games like - BFV - Tarkov - Siege - Arma 3 - Post Scriptum - Hearts of Iron IV - Squad - War Thunder - DayZ - GTA We are creating a GTA RP and LSPDFR expansion to the server to play FIVEPD and host Los Santos RP.
Programming | Support
CyTube tech support
Technology | Programming
A server for all you tech enthusiasts!
Technology | Social
Join our server if you are interested in any aspects of technology. Programming, gaming, electronics, linux; you can talk about it all. We promote discussions and moderation will always be active.
Gaming | Technology
We are trying to unite gamers around the world to find friends for them to play various multiplayer games and share opinion, critique about games and techs and we also provide tech support.
Gaming | Technology
We need moderators In this server you can find memes, gaming, cool bot commands and much more. Join the damix discord server.
Technology | Gaming
Hey, welcome to tech warehouse we are a community centered around tech/gaming we also have > Live tech support > A marketplace for buying/selling > A channel to show off your setups
Support | Technology
Free tech support specialists and community. Final Tech is the ultimate solution to your problems. Let your first stop be the last!
Education | Technology
We are a friendly community with people from all over the world. We have people who are working into the IT Industry and they can help with advice and a lot of students. We offer resources for free and help students with their issues. The main topic of the server is Cyber Security, but we also talk
Technology | Community
DiscordTech is a highly engaged tech community that has a lot to offer, including frequent giveaways!